A 15-minute video is worth an hour of excusifying

May 28, 2012 § 15 Comments

It’s hard to explain to people what it’s like riding with the leaders up the climb on the Holiday Ride. “Um, it’s hard,” or “Well, you see I was gassed and then Billy Boozles made a sweep up the right-side gutter while Arnie Aspartame swung off and then…”

Thanks to my new GoPro helmet cam, I got the chance to video the thing and let you see for yourself. Click here to watch the Mandeville Canyon climb all the way to the top with the leaders. Don’t tell me that it’s “blurry” or “fuzzy” or “dogshit quality video, dude.”

It seems that I stuck my finger on the lens cover and smudged it. Still, remind me again, how much did you pay for this? Exactly.

My ride commentary, with video documentation, is below.

#1. The video don’t lie

It’s amazing how much people lie about what they did during a ride. By the time they get done, they’ve fabricated a narrative that is so distorted that you wonder if the dude telling you the story was in the same century as you, much less in the same breakaway.

This video quickly punctures some of the biggest whoppers that bubbled up immediately after the climb. G3 complained, after getting caught and dropped, that his teammates had chased him down.

They all denied it. Vehemently. “We wuz riding tempo so you could stay away!” “I’d never chase down a teammate!” “Some dudes from another team reeled you in, dude, I swear!”


G3 was brought back by a well-oiled machine consisting exclusively of his own teammates. I know it won’t make you feel any better, Greg, but this is exactly how I feel when you chase me down on the Wheatgrass Ride, or when you chase me down at TELO, or when you drop me going up to the Domes. The only difference is that we’re not teammates. On the other hand, I know you’d do it to me even if we were.

Plus, there was no way in hell you were going to solo the canyon vee. Unless, of course, your teammates hadn’t chased you down, in which case, well, who knows?

#2. The dude taking the video is a wheelsuck deluxe

Yep. I sat on the whole way. Never took a pull. You’ll see Surfer Dan look back a couple of times and invite me to take a turn. You’ll see me refuse.

“Wow,” you’re thinking. “This is the guy who’s always telling everyone to take a pull? What a douche.”

As I like to say, “If the nozzle fits…”

I was gassed and too afraid of Surfer Dan to do anything other than suck wheel and pray that no one attacked hard enough to drop me, which is what usually happens. That’s how it is when you’re a wanker.

#3 The dude who won the hill is an even bigger wanker

Yeah. Sitting on your teammate for the entire canyon climb and then blasting by him with totally fresh legs after assisting with the earlier chase, catch, and drop of G3, who is also your teammate? What’s up with that?

Answer, and I quote: “That’s MY wall.”

Those who don’t know Tree well will know this much after watching this video: It’s all about Strava. He will sit, chill, and torch anyone, teammates included, if it gets him closer to a Strava record. In this case, he didn’t get the KOM, but he moved up the leaderboard to fourth. And he got the KOM for something called “Westridge to White Picket Fence.” So there’s that.

Attacking and dropping your teammate who tows you all the way to the end and being labeled a wanker is a small price to pay for an incremental gain on Strava.

Those of you who think this is just sour grapes because he blasted by me so fast and hard I couldn’t have hung on with a tow rope…you’re right! Of course, if I have to get my ass handed to me on a plate, Tree’s my first choice as server, because even after I called out his wankage he smiled back and said, “Good effort out there, Wanky!” Some people are nice no matter what. Go figure.

#4. Dave Jaeger is a total badass

The dude is 51 years old. Remembers Armistice Day. Helped Caesar cross the Rubicon. Was one of the first users of the new invention, dirt. Nonetheless, he attacks the breakaway. Gets reeled in by Surfer Dan. Attacks again and dusts off the remaining hangers-on. Gets reeled in.

Still finishes with the break for fifth. Tells me after the ride, “You rode smart for once.”

Me: “I wasn’t riding. I was holding on for dear life.”

#5. The real artillery was either home getting oiled or out doing a real race at CBR

Kalashnikov and G$ started the ride, which was about 150 strong, but parted company in Marina del Rey to go and do a real bike race instead of a kit parade w/15-minute hillclimb effort + frappucino at CotKU. Roadchamp was home, resting after a hard weekend of riding and putting the finishing touches on his afterburners for the state road race next weekend in Bakersfield. King Harold, Launch, Vapor, Critchamp, et al. were racing, placing, or winning.

#6. Tink is amazing

Check out the first part of the video where she winds up the pace and keeps the gas on. You can’t see the wreckage in the rear because I’m too busy sucking wheel to look back and catch it with my helmet cam, but she’s causing mayhem and destruction behind her. She sheared three minutes off her Mandeville PR and finished just after the first chase group. She now holds the QOM for Mandeville and sits 20th on the men’s leaderboard. This girl is simply incredible.

#7. The camera makes your butt look fat

It’s a 170-degree wide angle, and my nose is pretty much stuffed up your rear end, further magnifying the ginormousness of your hindquarters. Trust me, in real life your derriere is svelte, lean, muscled, and the stuff of magazine covers. It’s the fault of the camera that we all look like candidates for a bovine butt porn shoot.

#8. Surfer Dan is a total badass

Yesterday he went up to NorCal and got 8th in the state road race. This morning he turned on the jets going up San Vicente and kicked most of the holidayers out the back. On Mandeville he ramped it up, led the vicious chase to reel in his teammate, chased down Jaeger twice, shrugged his shoulders when Wankmeister cowered in the rear, and drilled it all the way to the top. He was gracious and not in the least bit miffed by Tree’s finish line antics or by my wheelsuckage, proving that the really good guys just go do their ride and never bitch about the result, while we wankers run home to our keyboard, uncork and savor a vintage 1876 whine.

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§ 15 Responses to A 15-minute video is worth an hour of excusifying

  • Sandbox says:

    Fukin’ A… My heart rate climbed to 200 and snot was running down my cheek just watching this. Whew!!

    • Wankmeister says:

      I was hanging on for dear fuckin’ life! Only a fellow nutjob cyclist would get it! Surfer Dan was in beast mode…thanks for watching!!!!!!!

  • Usta Befit says:

    I was waiting for your attack…nice podium! While you were hammering I was @ Krispy Kreme with Kev & Ryder.

    Now for the real question…..did Big Bowles defeat Keegan?

    • Wankmeister says:

      MY attack? Dude, I never attack. I’m too weak. Just watching Jaeger’s attacks took the sting out of my legs. If you want to know the results of Bowles v. Sunshine, you’re gonna have to check page one of the LA Times sports section tomorrow.

  • Albert Lagunas says:

    An impartial observer.

    Surfer Dan, 6 min at the front. Damn.

    Brian Perkins, loves the KOMs. My Strava idol..haha.

    Wankmeister, great vid and great podium. The last bit made my HR shoot up to threshold.

  • drbeachbum says:

    That’ll teach me to go off the front!

    • Wankmeister says:

      It was your punishment for having Elron say to Tink, “Follow G3’s wheel,” and she said “I’ll follow Wanky,” and he said, “That would be a big mistake.”

  • Norman Nipnoile says:

    Nice vid Wanky but I ain’t buying it..How the hell us east coasters gonna know what “hard” is without some pertinent #’s, as in avg watts?..Surely one of you climb studs and studettes wouldn’t mind posting some starting from the bottom to the top of that canyon or whatever you ride up out there..What you say?..No one wants to give them up?..I knew it..Helmet cam, schmelmet sham..

    • Wankmeister says:

      It was actually downhill. You caught me!!! Dang!!

    • Wankmeister says:

      You might check out Mandeville Canyon on Strava and look up Brian Perkins for 5/28/2012. He’s the guy that took it yesterday, two wheels ahead of me. Surfer Dan was the dude in the orange shorts. Really easy ride, as you figured out.

      Now then, since you’re such a skeptical and therefore obviously badass climber type yourself who knows how to ask the hard questions, perhaps you’ll be so kind as to share some of your own data for our curious reader? Give us a li’l Strava link to your profile, perhaps? Or maybe that shoe doesn’t fit quite as well when it’s on the other foot?

      • Dick Fitzenceider says:

        [link to video production software censored by Wankmeister]

        • Wankmeister says:

          We don’t need to improve our videos so that we can tell how fast we were going. We are wankers, and wankers always go lots faster in their heads than they do on the road. Or in videos. But thanks.

  • Sir Real says:

    from the sound of all that wheezing I’d guess that you were suffering up that last hill almost as hard as i do the whole way. good to know~! I can’t believe I just watched 10 minutes of nothing but dan the manimal’s ass too. (and your video is truly dogshit quality!)

    • Wankmeister says:

      Ha! Everyone suffers!!!!

      Dan’s ass was watched by many that day, and today at TELO, for that matter.

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