Anatomy of a flailfest

It’s all about the shirk.

The thing about racing or hard club rides or the regular weekly training flailfest is that everything happens so quickly you can’t possibly register or remember all of it. What really happened? Who really did what? Who in the world knows?

With my new helmet cam, though, I don’t have to try and remember who did what, or who was where, or what last-second crisis sprang up to terrify my bowels. It’s all on the 32-gig memory card.

The link below takes you to a condensed version of the New Pier Ride from last Thursday. There’s lots of action, which is to say, lots of people avoiding the front.

Are you following a wheel? Are you sitting at the back? Are you waiting for the sprint? Then perhaps it’s time you Go To The Front.


This video cannot be viewed on mobile devices…

4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a flailfest”

    1. Send me a screen shot. I’ll add it to the collection–although it’s getting hard to top the USAF, BOA, and the Hilton Conference Network.

  1. That is a goddamn masterpiece. But next time keep the subtitles up longer, sometimes I was laughing too hard to read all the way through…

    1. There were a couple of typos, too. My assistant is going to catch hell tomorrow.

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