Any questions?

Below are the interim results of my de-ostrichization program, which was specifically begun to remove the plumpy cummerbund of adipose straddling my waist.

The first picture is from the time that Jack from Illinois (not his real name) was here, about the first week of August. The second one was taken today.

No jokes about the boxer shorts, please.
Yes, those are long johns from Academy.

33 thoughts on “Any questions?”

  1. I’m waiting for the ad from “whatever brand of fat burner”.

    Good work, suffering through the same brand of hell myself. Fucking cookies are actually taunting me as I run away from the kitchen…

  2. The before and after pictures lack the same comparative believability as the RIPPED FUEL EXTREME CUT® commercials. Different camera angles, change in arm position, different clothes, no glasses/glasses. Shit, is that even Seth in the second picture???

    1. Photoshop your problems away! Okay, you caught me. The second photo is my sister, Tess.

  3. sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland; visions of food items chasing you……”drink me…. eat me!”

    1. Only in cycling do you get congratulated for falling into a spiral of mental illness and physical collapse.


      1. you’re going to have to mount the GoPro on the seat-post at Bakersfield next year. Then we’ll see who’s mental!

        1. One thing I’ve learned over 30 years is that better training and lighter body weight don’t change the basic calculus, which is that I suck at bike racing. So, no big plans to do anything at Bako next year other than flail.

  4. Dude!!! Your ripped! Congrats on your incredible, unflinching determination to lose that ‘stubborn belly fat’! I wouldn’t want to be a starving lipid on that body!

    1. I don’t shower anymore. The moisture is absorbed by my skin and adds weight. A thick coating of sweat and oil provides a base layer against hypothermia and is very light.

  5. I remember reading an article,cycling,the sport,you read it.
    Looking good wanky,have a look at sovdal’s book on cycling anatomy.
    and I’ve just got biju’s feedzone cookbook (the first time velonews is useful?).anyway.well done.
    I’m 181.5cm and 63kg.eurothin in eurospeak.lost 5kg in 6months.
    I think I enjoy feeling hungry.Makes me think of those films,where they have to escape,across 200km,with 8 sugar cubes each..makes me think riding 6hs with a banana is a bit of a luxury.(the film grande illusion,Renoir.1937-looked it up)
    climbing def improves,as does recovery I think,but you have to be more careful of colds,bugs and that stuff.

    might as well lose a few more!

    take care.

  6. Oh, my – such great posts – Wanker, you look ripped! That is not just starving on your coffee diet – look at your abs and arms – you really have a personal trainer at the gym, right? = I have been working at this starving thing because your loyal readers (like myself) are as sick as you are! I could cheat and have these stupid post-mastectomy implants removed – but I am not willing to take time off the bike to heal from surgery – and that’s the only reason 😉
    Okay, so share how many crunches are you doing for those abs? – So I suppose I am having strong coffee for dinner –
    Looking good WM!

    1. No personal trainer. Not many crunches. Cut the calories, lift with light weights, a little exercise ball stuff, every day…

      Get it!

  7. Oh my dog! Your diet made all your hair fall out! (And apparently ruined your eyesight!)

  8. WM, is this some diabolical scheme to divert suspicion from EPO usage? Have you done a grand fondo recently?

    1. I’ve been rubbing skin bleachener on the covered parts to heighten the contrast. Good seeing you today, wanker!

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