The math

Here’s what today’s math looks like:

.5 cup oatmeal 300 cal
Coffee w/2% milk 16 cal
Banana 110 cal
.25 cup Raisins 150 cal
1tbsp Brown sugar 22 cal
.5 oz half and half 20 cal
.5 oz cream 40 cal
Morning total: 658 cal

.5 oz half and half 20 cal
3 eggs 270 cal
3 corn tortillas 240 cal
2 tbsp Sour cream 62
1 oz Chorizo 276 cal
Salsa 15 cal
.5 cup black beans 114 cal
100 g ranchero sauce 50 cal
Melon chunks 25 cal
Lunch total: 1,072 cal

10 small bread slices 600 cal
2 servings tomato dip 100 cal
1 glass red wine 125 cal
4 oz mozzarella cheese 340 cal
Large salad with Gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette 435 cal
100 g Pasta with cream sauce 400 cal
1.5 cup Chocolate ice cream 330 cal
.5 oz half and half 20 cal
1cup Greek yogurt nonfat 130 cal
1 large banana 110 cal
Evening total: 2,590 cal

BMR 1,800 cal burned
Swami’s Beatdown and Bonus Ride 2,873 cal burned
Walking slowly around San Diego for 1.5 hours 200 cal burned

Calories out: 4,873
Calories in: 4,320

12 thoughts on “The math”

  1. Love the fact that you had a full cup more ice cream that oatmeal.
    Obviously you won’t know what the ice cream allotment is until you’ve assessed your calorie output for the day, but you do know you haven’t burned enough calories as you slept to justify 1.5 cups of oatmeal.
    And they call us “unhealthy”……HA!

  2. in – out = accumulation. Thats the equation. One other thing of note on losing weight. The “out” is actually in breathing. You think about it, the combustion of fuel (food or fat) makes by products of CO2 and H2O. These are gasses that are exhaled in breathing. Thats why when you exercise you breath hard, and thats where the weight goes. It does not seem like you can lose much weight with your breath, but thats really where it goes. Weird huh,

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