Book of Revelation

As I was pedaling questions
This morning in the mist
A striking scene revealed itself
And struck me like a fist.

The sun, already risen
Seared the hanging clouds away,
Blazing blue the sky
As if re-ringing in the day.

Back home I ran a cloth
Along the links I’d stretched and strained
And noted, of the questions
Only answers clear remained.

6 thoughts on “Book of Revelation”

  1. I think you inhaled a little too much of your embrocation. (Actually is is quite good, well done sir, thanks)

    1. I didn’t know you were supposed to inhale it. I usually put it on my toast.

      Thanks for the props, coming from a good writer it always puffs up the already swollen ego just a little more.

  2. Each day I look forward to your posted lines,
    They make me think, they make me laugh,
    and now they even rhyme!

    Your thoughts you share, your soul you bare,
    Your life at the point of your pen.
    While the bike, at first,
    Is the common thread,
    What matters is our look within!

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