December 24, 2012 § 12 Comments

Oh! The lives we led
Though now we’re bent
And curled at the edges like old leaves.

Oh! The cuts we bled
When joy ran rampant
And we wore our hearts upon our sleeves.

And, oh! The mercies that we pled!
From deaf unseeing gods
In whom today only the luckiest believes.

All bound together
Uniting under tender tether
Braving cold, inclement weather
Sheltered under Christmas eaves.

§ 12 Responses to Benediction

  • Chris Gregory says:

    Beautiful Seth. Thank you.

  • Jeff Haas says:

    Nice. Seth thanks for sharing your life through your
    writing. It has entertained me, been thought provoking and a couple
    of times brought tears to my eyes. I’m glad I found your blog. Just
    can’t embrace the diet though 🙂 Merry Christmas I even came out of
    the closet with my real name…

  • Look, man…aw, the hell with it.
    Anything, anytime, anywhere.

    Power strokes in the teens, my dawg.


  • Sedona says:

    I hope you have to pay for this site because you are the worst writer I have ever read. You suck. Your writing is laughable. You are a JOKE!!!!

    • Admin says:

      Have you ever read the musings of a guy who goes by the handle “Sedona”? He’s even worse than I am; a true doorknob, devoid of anything but bile and ALL CAPS followed by triple exclamation marks!!!

    • Admin says:

      Also, Tardstick, one day you’ll figure out what IP Address mapping is and realize that the only person you’re fooling is yourself. D’oh!

      • Good lord, I thought it was taking to me! Nice save, Wanker!

        • Admin says:

          Tardstick is my pet troll; he’s Canadian. It’s very cold there right now and he can’t ride his trike, so he pores over my blog and spends months plotting out his “stealth” comments. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know that his IP address is recorded when he posts here, so it’s very easy to trace his ugly comments back to him. I keep inviting him down to LA for a ride so he can show us his stuff, but oddly enough he’s not taken me up on the offer.

  • Running Cyclist says:

    Jeff Haas said it perfect. Finding this blog has been one of the the best gifts of the year for me. May the next year bring inspiration to both your writing and riding. And, though it disturbs me to say this, I look forward to following the progress of the hunger diet. By framing up weight loss as another form of suffering, I’m on my way to finally getting back to race weight. Whatever that may be. What the hell is wrong with us?

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