Time for a breather

Taking a break, folks.

See you on the road.

28 thoughts on “Time for a breather”

  1. overtrained syndrome finally hit your fingers. come back stronger than ever.

  2. I know it ain’t the off season. Enjoy. No one deserves it more than you. But, you will be missed.

  3. boo! Why? Fox news after your liberal butt? hang tough and see you around someday.

  4. Wat tha hell am I supposed to read over coffee?….haha…enjoy the break. Cya out there.

  5. I’ve never known anything that sucked and blew as hard as this! You have rocked my foundation profoundly. Please come back soon. I’m terrified to take my morning dump without your blog 🙁
    But you do deserve a rest…..blah blah blah. Just make it quick.

  6. Well, you’ve earned it – that’s for sure. Hope you make a comeback though!

  7. Have been watching for a new blog post… this wasn’t the one I wanted to see, though. Sniff… Best blog in the cycling universe, you know. Hope to see you back at it again soon!

  8. I can see taking a break but wiping the whole site clean? I enjoyed going back and reading some of the older posts. What happened? Did the hollywood types follow through on getting script ideas? Are you angling for another speaking engagement with a bar group? Sad to see one press of the delete key rendering some really nice writing to vague memories.

    1. It’s all there and will be reactivated once I’m back online. Thanks for reading!

  9. Your cycling insights and witty humor will be sorely missed, hurry back! I need the motivation to complete the Cal Triple Double….

  10. Perhaps you could entertain posts from wanker wanabees while you are on safari

  11. Running Cyclist

    Seth –

    You will be missed. I can’t imagine the effort it took to produce the amount of quality content in this blog, so I’m not surprised that a break is needed. I hope you find a way to continue to share your unique perspective in the same irreverent tone and I hope to at least find a compilation book for sale one day.

    Good luck man!

    Steve DeMoss

  12. I stumbled across this blog recently. First time in years I’ve read more than 3 sentences in a row. Actually caught myself laughing out Loud ! Hope you’re back soon-

  13. Wankmeister, just a note from W.A.S.A
    (Wankmeister Appreciation Society Australia) we all hope for a speedy return to your true calling, the cycling world is a poorer place without the blinding light of truth you shine upon the dark recesses of our fears, am I a wheel sucker, should I use socks in the front my nicks so I look more like Sagan, do my calves really look as good as I think they do as I power past those on the front! Please come back soon we all miss you here at the Whispering Gums Home for the Criminally Insane & Terminally Incontinent.

  14. I have really taken a day or two to think about what you would say to someone who takes the time to write, bar none, some of the most insightful, humourous and entertaining tales and advice about cycling ever written.

    Your blog has given many of us a window into the so cal race scene that we can relate to (we’re wankers at heart) while several of us realize that your humorous and self-depricating style hide the fact that you are in fact much faster than us.

    I am in awe of how you were able to put to text the amount that you did and hope that ( for my own selfish enjoyment ) you decide to continue after whatever sabbatical you deem necessary.

    Enjoy the rides and we all hope to live vicariously through your adventures another day.

    Cheers and clear roads,


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