Wave of shame

You know how your mom taught you that cheating is wrong?

Well, nothing’s changed since then.

Webster’s Third International Dictionary defines cheating as “Any activity regularly engaged in by cyclists.”

The Oxford English Dictionary is more succinct: “Cheating: A form of cycling.”

Though cycling is nothing more than cheating on wheels, it takes a special event to really bring out every cyclist’s uncontrollable urge to cheat his mates. An event, like, say, the BWR.

Name, address, and category, please

Riders doing the BWR had to fill out an application. One of the questions was “Yo, wanker, what USCF category are you, if any?”

Maybe they thought no one would read their entry application. Maybe they thought they could fake out the BWR…”Who’s gonna know if I’m a Cat 1 or a Cat 5? Shoot, I had that fake license made for Tour of Tucson so I could start in the front and that went off without a hitch.”

Or, maybe they mistakenly thought that the risk of detection was low and therefore worth the lie, as low-ranking or unlicensed riders were going to be relegated to the second wave of starters.

Drumroll, wankers! Below is the fully published list of flailers and liars who’ve hilariously listed themselves as Cat 2 and yes, even Cat 1! Wankers who get dropped going out of the parking lot! Wankers who wouldn’t know the front of a peloton if you gave them a motorcycle and a push from Bahati!

[Kidding. I would never publish that list. But it exists, so you can go ahead and squirm anyway. You know who you are, and more importantly, so do I!]

Being relegated to the second wave is apparently a mark of undistinction. Certain unnamed riders have gone out of their way to grovel, plead, and make guest appearances to ensure they leave in the first wave. You know, that’s the wave with the guys who are going to drop you forever at about Mile Six.

My advice? Lobby for Wave Two. It’s the golf cart crew. It’s where the fun will be. It’s where the only pressure will the the PSI in your tires. It’s where you can admit that you don’t have a chance in hell of winning a jersey, and you could care less! You’re here to do a tough ride, acquit yourself honorably, eat some waffles and drink some beer.

I begged to be sent off in Wave Two, but my request was denied with two words: “Sorry, no.”

Do I care? Nope. I’ll get shelled and enjoy my day regardless.

PS: The big cheat

If anything about the propensity to lie about one’s lame USA Cycling category is serious (and I’m pretty sure nothing is), it’s this: People who lie on entry forms are kinfolk to people who cheat on the course by cutting it. Last year the big story was that only a handful of riders actually did the entire route. When faced with the unpleasantry of Country Club Lane at Mile Zillion, they somehow missed the turn that had been marked with bright orange paint.

Not this year! Everyone who wants to be deemed a finisher has to join Strava and upload their ride data. No data, no jersey. Worst of all, no commemorative ale. So just do like your mother taught you: Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. And eat your vegetables. You’ll need ’em.

19 thoughts on “Wave of shame”

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a card with a place for a stamping like in the Euro fondos? Some people may not have a computer or a Strava phone. Most of us do, but some may not. Also, the stamped card is a great souvenir. I still have mine from 2001 Flanders and it reminds me of how far from ready I am for BWR, and why I’m not doing it. Good luck.

    1. That was done last year, but the cheaters just skipped the hard parts. There may also be card signings this year as well, not sure. In any event, as long as there’s controversy, it’s good and fits with the tradition of competitive cycling.

  2. Last year I passed people that I dropped 45 miles earlier. Where did they come from? “What the F>>> are thy doin’ up here?” I’d wonder… I soon found out. As I was approaching the finish (within 25 miles or so) a handful of worthless bastards split off from the small group I was in. Their leader said with a sly smile on his face “hey let’s go this way…” (a short cut). Finishing the ride, after turning myself inside out, I arrived at SPY HQ to find those same bastards already enjoying their “Finisher” beer and wearing their “Finisher” tee. Hardly finishers. Fully cheaters.

    I know who you are and I’m watching. Do the same thing this year and I’ll paint you purple.

  3. Call the cheaters to the podium to publicly accept the “Rosie Ruiz Trophy for ingenuity” and an Unlimited Ride MetroCard for the NY subway… 2nd and 3rd place trophies would be just a big as 1st. place… USA cycling could start a new sub cat; “(c)”… “Dood! I just upgraded to Cat 5c!” ..I digress…

  4. The “creative type” give everyone something to talk about all year long.We should be thankful for thei contribution to BWR lore.

    1. Yep, without their innovative interpretation of the rules and the route, it would be danged bland.

  5. Isn’t BWR really just about exposing the honest from the dishonest?
    The good from the bad?
    The legit from the non legit?
    The mighty from the flighty?
    or to sum it up, pretty much exposing the rotten, cheating, slimy, no good, creatures the human ‘race’ really is?

    P.s. Is there any last minute no shows? I really feel I fit in here.

    keep writing and we’ll keep reading Wanky 😉

    1. It’s a howler! But the perpetrators deserve pity and mercy…unless they cut the course on Sunday!

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