1. Bicycle; Giant TCX. Thank you, SPY-Giant-RIDE.
  2. New tires; Hutchinson Intensive @ 90 psi. Thank you, Rahsaan Bahati.
  3. New Squadra bicycle rider outfit.
  4. New Giro helmet. Okay, it was new last year.
  5. Wheels; Mavic Open Pro, 32-hole aluminum box rim clinchers. Brand new 25,000 miles ago.
  6. Gears; Shimano 105, 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-25.
  7. Chain rings; SRAM 36-46.
  8. Shoes; Sidi Genius Carbon 5.5. Very old but still the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.
  9. One water bottle.
  10. 12 Medjool dates.
  11. iPhone with Strava app.
  12. $25 for gasoline.
  13. Jeans, t-shirt, shoes, socks, underwear for post-ride.
  14. Suitcase; for courage.
  15. SPY Quanta Rx sunglasses; for screening out the awfulness.
  16. SPY Braden Rx horn-rimmed spectacles; for apres-beatdown lounging.
  17. Sunscreen.
  18. Wallet.
  19. Five extra pounds, just in case.
  20. Six-pack of Optimistic Expectation.
  21. 32-gallon drum of Dismal Reality.
  22. Pedals; for dancing on.
  23. Teeth; for gritting.
  24. Vocal cords; for groaning.
  25. Lungs; for bursting.
  26. 130+ miles; for hurting.
  27. 11,000+ feet of elevation; for bragging.
  28. Mind; for the centrally focused beam of nirvana that, beginning here, will spread to every cell in my body at the end of the day.

*No baby seals were clubbed in the making of this checklist.

** But they will be tomorrow.

***Total elapsed time for composition, proofing, and hitting the “Send” button: 19 minutes and 40 seconds.

7 thoughts on “Checklist”

  1. craig b. hummer

    Good luck to all who dare take on the BWR tomorrow…can’t wait for the recap/postmortem…

  2. Todd Schoenbaum

    Wish I could be there, but I’ve already got such a good excuse. #workingsundayssucks #deadbabyseal

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