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My most recent post is on the Cycling Illustrated web site at

They’re running it for five days on their web site before I port it over to my blog. I’m going to be posting two columns a month on their site. They’re doing an incredible job publicizing local and national cycling events, and I’m really pleased that they’ve included me in their efforts.

You can order a print version of their magazine from their web site. They were kind enough to ask me to do the lead-off column for their inaugural issue, and even threw in a photograph that made me look like I was semi-sort of-halfway-potentially legit on the bike. You and I, of course, know better.

8 thoughts on “New column on Cycling Illustrated web site”

    1. Thanks! It’s more like the somewhat moderately-sized time that hopes eventually to be a somewhat larger time, but these guys are my friends and they do great work and I’m glad to be part of their project.

  1. I figured something was up when you “paused” your blog a few weeks ago. This is great news, Seth. You write really well, and I love reading your work, wherever it goes. Congrats!

  2. FINE! They’ll have it their way….I’ll be spending A LOT more time on cycling illustrated.Congrats on the oppoortunity!

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