When worlds collide

June 4, 2013 § 27 Comments

Some things are so weird and bizarre and completely down my alley that you have to see them on video to believe them. Here’s what happens when a (presumably) Hispanic kid gets caught BWB (Biking While Brown) through an area of Brooklyn that is patrolled by an informal religious security force of Hasidim.

The title of the video and obvious nutjob religious whackadoodlism of the security force immediately promises to be a rich vein of humor overlaying an incredible travesty of assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and assholicism of the first degree.

They probably don’t like us very much

Or, more succinctly put in these R-rated lyrics by Puddle of Mudd

Ted Rogers’s most excellently adventurous bike blog ponders the question of why motorists hate bicycle riders. This video, all eight minutes of conflict and hostility and potential violence and racial edginess, shows why motorists hate bicycle riders. Let me deconstruct it for you.

  1. Outdated Shimano shifters. You can see as the video begins that the poor schmo on the bike is riding some ancient, non-Di2 form of what look like 9 or even 8-speed Shimano shifters. This is ghastly. What driver wouldn’t want to kill someone on that? Really.
  2. Creaky bottom bracket. The first and last part of the video reveal what is the creakiest bottom bracket in Brooklyn. This grated on me so horrifically in the first few seconds that I was hoping someone would take him out just to spare my ears that grinding sound. One time Rick Kent and I were on a long ride to Marble Falls and he had a creaky BB. I’ve still not forgiven him.
  3. Friendly greeting. Everything starts with the typical friendly Brooklyn “Howdy!” in this case when Schmo says “Fuck you, hey motherfucker!” as the minivan cuts him off. “Fuck you, hey motherfucker!” although rough on some ears, is totally normal conversation between Brooklynites meeting for the first time. It’s actually an invitation to become better acquainted, like “Can I buy you a drink, you fucking motherfucker?” or “Hey, motherfucker, get off of my fucking doorstep before I fucking blow your head off, motherfucker. Want to go bowling tonight at nine?” So far the interaction is normal, slightly weighted in favor of the minivan since Schmo is riding outdated equipment and presumably not wearing Rapha.
  4. Minivan aggression. Although the minivan appears to intentionally chop Schmo and drive him into a narrow crunch chute between the minivan and a line of parked cars, potentially maiming or killing him, New York Vehicle Code Sec. 2301(a)(ii) specifically allows each registered minivan one “free” bicycle chop per driving incident, so the initial aggression by the minivan doesn’t count. Schmo, who’s unaware of the vehicle code, is a bit miffed by the chop, so at the next stoplight there’s another friendly exchange of greetings. “Hey, motherfucker, what the fuck were you doing over there?” The rest of what he says is inaudible, but we can assume it’s something like “How’s the wife and kids?”
  5. The GoPro threat. Mr. Minivan is starting to react, and Schmo threatens him at the stoplight: “I’ve got you on camera!” he warns. Now, when you’re in a knife fight in Brooklyn, or someone’s getting ready to mow you down with a cement mixer, there is no single phrase more certain to strike fear in the heart of the aggressor than “I’ve got my GoPro, motherfucker!” You want to scare somebody? Show ’em your GoPro. Mr. Minivan is temporarily terrified, but as his shomrim buds gather, they overcome their GoProphobia and take action to defend their streets from the invasion of this deadly Puerto Rican bicycle commuter from New Jersey.
  6. Second chop and less friendly greeting. At about 1:41 in the video, Mr. Minivan takes his second chop at Schmo, in clear violation of the vehicle code, which does not allow for a second free chop. Schmo, still friendly, but a bit agitated, says, “Shut the fuck up, motherfucker,” as he passes Mr. Minivan. We can sense behind his friendly words that a conflict is brewing.
  7. Shit finally goes down. Mr. Minivan then takes his third chop and traps Schmo in an open parking space. “Hit me, man!” says Schmo, which is odd because when Mr. Minivan gets out we see he’s actually Mr. Toomanydonuts, and something less than an imposing physical specimen. Plus, he’s wearing an old baseball referee’s uniform from the 20’s and hasn’t shaved the sides of his head in a couple of years. Mr. Toomanydonuts then approaches Schmo and we’re ready for all hell to break loose, expecting a barrage of Brooklyn admonishments like “You fucking slap my car again motherfucker and I’ll kill you and your whole fucking family and feed their fucking carcasses to my pit bulls, you understand me, you stupid little two-bit cheap ass bike riding piece of Jersey shit don’t you EVER fucking touch my car, you got that motherfucker?” after which we expect Mr. Toomanydonuts to whip out his piece and shoot the spokes out of Schmo’s wheels. Instead, Toomanydonuts advises him, rather formally, “You are not allowed to drive in the middle of the street.” This completely confuses Schmo, and us, too, because in fact Schmo IS allowed to drive in the middle of the street. Like, is Toomanydonuts that stupid? As the confrontation escalates, we realize that yes, he is.
  8. The Moe Moment. There is a moment in every man’s life when he realizes that The Three Stooges were based on someone in real life. This is called the “Moe Moment.” At 2:24 in the video, Mr. Toomanydonuts tells Schmo, “Don’t be a wise guy.” I don’t know about you, but having some goofball with a stupid haircut and ill-fitting referee clothes stolen from the Goodwill dumpster telling me “Don’t be a wise guy!” can only elicit one reaction, and we steel ourselves for Schmo’s hand to shoot out, palm down, flapping up in the air as Toomanydonuts follows it, terminating with an eye poke or forehead slap or ear yank. But it never happens. This is perhaps because Schmo is now surrounded by a vigilante gang of fat people in old referee outfits and bad haircuts, and he’s actually scared.
  9. Lecture time. Toomanydonuts next readmonishes Schmo: “You don’t drive in the middle of the street. You know what that means?” Schmo apparently doesn’t, as he’s been riding in the middle of the street all day, and presumably all year, and we don’t know what it means, either. So Schmo calls 911 and says “I’m being harassed!” to the operator. Toomanydonuts laughs and says into the phone “Liar! You’re a liar!” What happens next? Will Schmo say “Am not!” and TMD respond with “Are too!”? Will tongues be stuck out? Shins be kicked? More importantly, will the operator, who’s swamped with simultaneous incoming NYC 911 calls from people being raped, stabbed, robbed, chopped into bits, and being dick pic-ed by Anthony Weiner, give a rat’s ass that Schmo is being called “liar” by the leader of an erroneous vehicle code legal advisory team in old referee outfits and bad haircuts? At some point we presume the operator is going to say, “Hey, dumbshit, turn your bike around and salmon up the sidewalk. These fat fucks haven’t chased anything faster than a donut since they were nine.”
  10. “Baloney, macaroni.” It’s not often that you get to hear someone refute another person with the phrase “Baloney, macaroni.” But at 2:52 that’s exactly what Toomanydonuts says. For that alone, he wins the contest. In fact, next time I’m in court and someone argues equitable estoppel as an affirmative defense to a civil cause of action, I’m gonna look the judge straight in the eye and say, “Baloney, macaroni.” Take that, mofo.
  11. The real reason for the confrontation. At 3:00, Mr. Toomanydonuts shines his ample tummy at the GoPro, which is trying its hardest to burst forth from the white tablecloth underneath the referee outfit, and utters these immortal words: “Don’t block my car.” All kidding aside, there you have it — the essence of conflict between cars and bicyles. Bikes block cars. Ted Rogers, are you listening? They hate us because we block them.
  12. Bike harassment. As Schmo desperately tries to get the 911 operator to quit laughing by saying “He’s harassing me! He almost ran me over several times!” Toomanydonuts disagrees. “He’s harassing me!” says TMD. This actually has a grain of truth in it. Schmo has blocked the minivan by legally using the street, whacked its side panel after almost getting killed, and is now harassing Toomanydonuts by forcing him to stop the minivan, get out, and surround Schmo with his vigilante referee suit and tablecloth gang.
  13. Tummy rub. Although Toomanydonuts and the referees seem to have the upper hand, at 3:30 TMD realizes that over five minutes have passed since the last donut stop, and he rubs his tummy. He’s getting faint, and without a quick infusion of lard and sugar and salt, he’s going to falter. Schmo’s fitness and wrist strength from those clunky shifters are paying off.
  14. Rule #2: Don’t block cars with your car. Although Toomanydonuts is wrong about Schmo’s right to ride in the lane, he’s right about one thing — blocking cars in Brooklyn by parking your minivan in the middle of the street to harass a bicycle rider will immediately gain you the attention of other motorists. At 3:32 other drivers start to honk and get pissed. Toomanydonuts is either too weak from hypoglycemia or too confused by the vehicle code, so he rubs his tummy again and ponders this predicament: Donuts or more bicyclist harassment?
  15. Tummy tuck. At 4:04, Toomanydonuts’s hunger becomes overwhelming as he reaches into his pants and stuffs his tablecloth back down into the referee pants. We see a shiny silver belt buckle and a little holster where he keeps freeze-dried donut powder for moments like this, when his system is crashing and the nearest donut shop is in Lower Manhattan and he’s stuck in traffic because some bicycle rider is blocking his minivan. Shit’s getting real.
  16. Big Puerto Rican Dude, enter Stage Left. Pretty soon another minivan pulls up, this time filled with a Puerto Rican family. They ask Schmo what’s going on, and Toomanydonuts tells them to “move along” because they “don’t know what happened.” Schmo fills them in, and out from the second minivan hops Big Puerto Rican Dude with Popeye Forearms and Even Bigger Stomach than Toomanydonuts. Big Puerto Rican Dude pushes through the referee gang and easily proves himself the match for all seven referees, who realize that they’re now dealing with a legitimate Jersey Puerto Rican badass who looks like Prez after a bad hair day + 300 burritos. Dude is ready to rumble, and the referees are now wishing they’d picked on a skinny white Baptist from Kansas instead.
  17. Enter, then exit, the Pudknocker. Not to be outdone by Big Puerto Rican Dude, the refs bring out their enforcer, a gelatinous youth with the worst haircut in a bevy of bad haircuts, who literally tries to throw his weight around. Big Puerto Rican Dude balls his fists, shoves a few referees who clear out like ten pins hit by a 16-lb. ball, and then Pudknocker, who we expect to whip out some fancy moves or a roundhouse to the chin or a pair of nunchucks or a .38 special or an old-fashioned can of Old Testament Whoop-Ass, instead begs everyone to calm down and takes out a video camera. It’s going to be his iPhone v. Schmo’s GoPro, a true Brooklyn battle royale. Big Puerto Rican Dude still hasn’t gotten the memo that everyone’s a candyass who just wants to go home and tell the old lady how tough they were, and he’s ready to start knocking heads together. At 6:44, Pudknocker the Enforcer gets so nervous that he grabs his sideburns and gives them a hard yank. We expect Goofy to show up and say “Gawrsh!” but he doesn’t.
  18. Battle of the bellies. Schmo’s GoPro has stayed fixed at tummy level the entire time, and it’s clear that Big Puerto Rican Dude’s tummy will win the day. Toomanydonuts and Pudknocker have, it is true, respectable girth, but one close look at PR Dude’s spare tire and we realize it’s a Caterpillar among Michelins.
  19. Schmo 1, Referees 0. Big PR Dude gets tired of the crap, ascertains that there’s no damage to the minivan, and bulls a passageway for Schmo, who creaks away as quickly as he can, which, frankly, isn’t very quick. Other referees appear on the side view like cockroaches, as you belatedly realize that Schmo was surrounded by about thirty yahoos, and all it took was one pissed off Puerto Rican from New Jersey to clear the whole street.

So, how do we stop the madness? What can we do to make our streets safe places for children and for stupid religious zealots in old referee outfits and tablecloths and bad haircuts and funny hats who don’t like having their minivans blocked? What, I ask?

Finding a way out from a terrible impasse

As with most things in life, the answer is not too complex. We must get rid of all minivans. It’s a proven fact that the decline of American civilization began with the minivan.

First, the minivan replaced the van, a manly vehicle that was originally used to do manly things like carry painting or plumbing tools, or, if you’re a child of the 70’s, was an awe-inspiring vehicle lined with shag carpet, a sound system, two couches, and a giant bong. Who can ever forget our 8th Grade history teacher at Jane Long Junior High, Mr. Campbell, and his rolling palace of electric blue love?

The minivan ruined this mighty warrior of the American road, but that’s not all. The “mini” in “minivan” also ruined the Mini. I’m not talking about these faux Mini Coopers that are big enough to comfortably house an XXL driver, an XXL passenger, and still have room in back to bring home a week’s worth of frozen pizza, diet Coke, and peanut butter. I’m talking the real minis, like the one Dogbait Dickson drove to Austin from Iowa, with its 15-inch wheelbase, clearance between your head and the roof that was sufficient only if you were bald or had a crew cut, and a stick shift that reduced the leg room for the driver so much that you drove with your knees whether you wanted to or not.

The minivan killed all this, and replaced it with a flabby, flaccid, generic roustabout vehicle that was too slow to go fast, too fast to drive on a bike path, and useful only for parking at Wal-Mart or Costco. As this video shows, it’s not a problem of “us” versus “them” or “car” versus “bicycle.” It’s minivan vs. referees wearing tablecloths vs. bicycle riders vs. global warming vs. the Second Amendment.

You know where I stand.

§ 27 Responses to When worlds collide

  • Alan Geiger says:

    Lessons in proper Brooklyn greeting, from a Brooklynite.

    Sent from my iPad

  • Upstate NY says:

    Hot dang! A guest post from the Bike Snob NYC?

  • Alan Geiger says:

    Sorry, was unable to paste graphic illustration of how we say hi in Brooklyn, but it goes “Fuck you, you fuckin’ fuck”. And some folks say we’re illiterate, how’s that for the use of one word in three parts of speech in a short sentence?

    Must confess that I’m unable to bring myself to watch the video so soon after seeing the light of day, knowing all too well the emotional tone of the content, having had a similar encounter with one of these schmucks last June, lost on my three-speed in the wilds of Williamsburg. I should have known better, but went over the wrong bridge on my way to meet friends in Downtown Brooklyn. Lost my roots.

    Now’s my chance to unleash my inner New Yorker, whom I’ve done such a good job (some would say otherwise) suppressing since moving to Paradise. Given my ethnicity, I can say what some can’t; that I’ve never met one single Hassid who wasn’t an asshole. The best I can say is that they are abysmal drivers, all drive old station wagons or minivans since they have at least a dozen children. I wish I could repeat my older daughter’s description of the private parts of one of their wives as she delivered her eleventh child, which she had the misfortune to see during her OB rotation at Mount Sinai. OK, I’ll give you a hint; it was like the opening of the Red Sea. And the husband pushed her away during the delivery, since he had much more practice. As testimonial (literally) they’re such assholes that even most Israelis (many assholes themselves) hate them (ok, I made that up). I love most of my people, except the schmucks, and as many who know me will attest, I know about us. No, having watched the “Rockin the Kasbah” video doesn’t qualify you as expert.

    In Mr. WM’s narration of the incident, he’s revealed himself to be a fraud, or a fraudulent, wanna be Texan. Few non-Brooklynites, or normal New Yorkers( there must be some) could know as much about how we live and interact without growing up on those mean streets. Dave Perez I’m sure will agree, despite having spent too many years in Jersey, for which I almost forgive him. That’s another story.

    I promise to watch the video later in the day, when I may be able to take it without making myself too much angrier than usual.

    • Admin says:

      Nice. Now, the coup de grace…I was born in New Jersey. Although Prez points out that Princeton isn’t Jersey. So, as Knoll would say, “there’s that.”

  • Appie says:

    Let’s celebrate “diversity” and “multi culturalism”.

  • DpCandND..FBBC says:

    WM-I was taking a break from trimming those jungle vines (of which you partooketh of the juice from their fruit), and went for a bike ride yesterday. A Minivan cut me off when I was about two miles from home.
    I called him a bunch of names, although none were as sweet as the names you used, and as I thought about the nature of minivans, I decided that their biggest issue is when they are in the hands of a male driver, who obviously has been shamed into driving that vehicle, because his wife/girlfriend took the real car/SUV/whatever. The man driving it is just so dissed that he can’t swallow the idea of a bike rider taking a lane!

    • Admin says:

      There are two ways to perform a vasectomy: Surgically or forced driving of a minivan. Both are equally effective.

  • bikinginla says:

    I hear you. Drivers pissed because we’re in front. Got it.

    Now, how do we import a couple of pissed of Puerto Rican guys of our own?

    • Admin says:

      We got Prez, 100% Organic Certified Jersey Puerto Rican. We just have to teach him not to smile and be nice.

      • Alan Geiger says:

        Next trip I’m bringing back five guys from The Bronx, all with last names ending in “Z”, to stay at Dave’s place. They’ll do the trick before you can say Cuchifritos.

  • drbeachbum says:

    Wanky, the only thing that surprises me here is that you haven’t issued a scathing retort to every retard who commented on FB that the cyclist provoked the confrontation…

    • Admin says:

      Reminds me of the time you got pulled over and harassed by the a-hole on Via del Monte and captured in your mePhone.

      Now, the idea that I would scathe anyone, let alone an intelligent commenter on FB, is a kind of defamation. Really.

  • Alan Geiger says:

    So, I got up the nerve to watch the video, and it was about what I expected, but the cyclist didn’t provoke Mr. Schmuck, just objected to being cut-off. Can’t tell you how frequently this happens back there, but somewhat less now with green-painted bike lanes. The proper response is to catch the driver and give him a taste of whatever’s in your water bottle, on the spot or when you catch him at the next light. There’s no shortage of stories about these encounters.

    I’ve seen it go much worse, when a cyclist gave the finger to a driver who just cut him off, and was then deliberately crushed against parked cars, the driver speeding off down Second Avenue. Thirty years later, and I can still hear the screams of nearby pedestrians. I regret doing nothing, uppermost in my mind was getting our five year old to school without her seeing the carnage.

  • Jonathan says:

    I’m from Queens but now I live in LA. In NY we say fuck you and mean hello and in LA we say hello and mean fuck you. I’m Jewish – reform at that (uber liberal Judaism) – as far as you can get from Mr. Not Enough Donut Rides. Man, this video is sickening for the disregard for life it shows. That being said, bologna is not usually Kosher. Schmo should be Schmuck (Yiddish slang for penis). Mr. Geiger hit the kreplach on the yarmulke. I’m a cyclist. I digress.

    But here’s the thing we don’t know (or at least I haven’t seen): What happened before t=0 on the video? Did Schmo flip him off or do other inflammatory things? Not that I’m making an iota of an excuse for using a car as a weapon as lardass (not Kosher) did – just wondering. Very little Schmo could have done on his bike could come close to justifying what we see here.

    Brooklyn has a history of shitty relations like this. In 1991 I was in high school (gasp!) when the Crown Heights riots busted out. It was a scary time for me. My high school had a big beautiful mix of ethnicities that generally got along, but I remember being nervous that fall when school resumed. For no good reason – I fit in as much as any other regular tool. We talked about it in US history class. My best buddy did a huge research project on the entire thing for his senior thesis. I can’t remember worth a shart what the conclusion was.

    Like Mr. Geiger, I was unable to watch the video until some 12 hours after I heard about it. Made me sick even before I watched it. Its sad for us first as a society and second as cyclists on so many levels.

    • Admin says:

      What an awesome comment/reflection. Thanks. The good news is that those yahoos speak only for themselves.

    • Hwy. 39 says:

      I saw what could be several acts of assault with a deadly weapon as well as false imprisonment. And to Jonathan, there is virtually nothing the cyclist could have done that would justify the driver’s conduct; certainly not flipping the bird. On the contrary, there was at least 30 seconds of video before the minivan appears for the first time and the driver’s only beef with the cyclist appears to be that the driver thinks the cyclist was riding too far to the left (in the middle of the road). But the cyclist was riding as far right as practical while avoiding the door zone.

      So what happened? Did the cyclist go to the police with the video. The cyclist was on the phone with the police. Did they ever show up? Tell me the authorities are looking into this and that there is a chance the driver will be held accountable…

      I don’t want much, just the impossible apparently.

  • Admin: The title of this post should have been “When Pussies Collide.” There is obviously a shortage of trailer parks in Brooklyn. I may be forced to bring the Redneck Racing Team up there and sort this out.

  • Gerry says:

    All cyclists understand that there are versions of this conflict in areas not patrolled by fundamentalist security forces. Deliberate blocking and stopping non-confrontational cyclists who have actually not done any blocking or slowing of the offending motorist is, in fact, an everyday occurrence almost everywhere in the U.S. It is clear that many U.S. motorists of all religious denominations and skin colors actively resist sharing the road with any cyclist. Worlds collide violently when prejudices additional to the universal motorist prejudice against cyclists exist.

  • No one of consequence says:

    Can’t add much to the whole polemic aspect, but I shit myself right around #10 on the recap! Uberfunny.

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