Notes from Aboveground

  1. Mighty Mouse gold buckled at the Leadville 100, along with Jay LaPlante. South Bay hammers Mike Hotten and Aaron Dalyrmple came in just over 8:30 for amazing performances. Mrs. Hotten and G$ won “Hand-up Bitch Buckles” for their incredible performances. Local rider Cheryl Parrish gave it her all, got ground up into little pieces, and has already made plane reservations for 2014 to have at it again! Props to all who competed.
  2. My teammate Eric Anderson pulled off an impressive 3rd place at the Torrance crit behind Aaron Wimberley and Charon Smith. Props to Josh Alverson for hard work throughout the race.
  3. Kevin Phillips got bronze at elite track nationals in the 4k pursuit. The dude’s 40, and competing against Olympians. Who’s the badass?
  4. Melanie Phillips, Renee Fenstermacher, and Tara Unverzagt pulled on stars-and-stripes jerseys at the masters nationals track championships in Indy. Tara also won best all-round racer, and national titles in several other events. Coaches Roger Young and Tim Roach deserve a big share of the credit as well.
  5. Cobra Penis, our NPR devotee and videographer extraordinaire, continues to make the South Bay famous through his videos (often in tandem with Keith Howes), his video viewing parties, and his enthusiastic attitude. If we had ten more Cobra Penises, we’d all be … pregnant?
  6. Hats off to Joy McCullough of CashCall Mortgage for her win at Torrance this past weekend, and to her teammate Deven Dunn who also stood on the top step of the Men’s Pro/1/2 race.
  7. Peninsula Cycle Club and LaGrange … thanks for putting on two fantastic back-to-back weekends of bike racing.
  8. Strand Brewing Co., thanks for making your 5,000 gallons of fresh beer available to racers and spectators alike.
  9. Francisco, get your ass back out on your bike!
  10. Jack from Illinois (not his real name), I’m still working on the kitten’s tale of “Lick Me Again, Mommy!” And thanks for coming out to CA and beating up on the locals.

9 thoughts on “Notes from Aboveground”

  1. Some Dude from Russia

    Dear “so-called” Wankmeister,

    All of zis is very well, zis talk of zee podiums, and zee jerseys vith zee stars and zee stripes, but back in zee day vee vould ride no less zan 100! kilometers per day, through zee mountainous terrain of zis place you call “Torrance,” and through zis rigorous training vee vould become very, very strong, vich allowed us to vin numerous Cat 4 state championship jerseys vrom states with vopulations less than the vopulation of this place zou call “Torrance.” Never vorget this, Mr. Wankmeister.

    PS In zee Russian version of “American Flyers,” zee Russian racer vith zee huge beard and pot belly out-climbs zee puny and skinny American racer (Kevin Costner’s brother) to vin zee Hell of the North Race. Just as zit should be!


    1. Dear Volvap,

      I am chastened, and shall never forget this lesson.

      Working on my beard and pot belly now.


    1. Now that’s just badass. But, I can relate to what those dudes went through. A few days ago I had this sore spot above my right hip and just to the left, in the area where the little fatty strip hangs near the spine. It didn’t hurt, but it almost did. I gritted my teeth and toughed it out. Almost two whole days, on and off, sometimes.

      Thanks for sharing your awesome story. All the things we take for granted, we have no business taking for granted.

  2. jack from illinois (not my real name)

    I love tuna. I love liver. meow mix cat food-please deliver.

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