Froome vrooms, sputters, goes kaput

Chrissy Froome showed up for the Red Zinger – Coors Classic – USA Pro Challenge thingy in the form of his life, or at least that’s what it should have been. Historically, the month following the TdF was the time that the stars went and raced their balls off in the local French, Belgian, Dutch, and Italian crits; these races were far more profitable than the actual Tour, and they had the fitness to romp, stomp, and of course give the lokalmotor a few glory laps before earning their appearance money.

In 1986, when Hinault came to the Coors Classic after losing the Tour to Greg LeMond, he won the overall and rode roughshod over the peloton. In short, the top finishers in Paris were almost always fit, fast, and raring to go for several weeks following the Tour.

Enter Chris Froome, the admitted volcano doper who, like Brad “Bone Idle” Wiggins before him, prepared for and won the Tour under the tutelage of Dave “Marginal Gains On A Volcano” Brailsford. Chrissy showed up for the USA Pro Challenge and performed miserably, 

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