Nice begets nice

When you have a WordPress blog you can find out which search terms people use to discover your clever, amazing writing. It’s a great litmus test for the quality of your work and the quality of your readers. By examining the terms that people use to find your blog you can also get great insight into the ideas, thoughts, and concepts that stimulate your audience.

So I was honored (yet again) to review the search terms used to find “Cycling in the South Bay” over the last seven days, search terms like:

sam warford pictures
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And my favorite …

coach fucks cyclist in lycra videos

But it’s not all bad news

Aside from the rather depressing realization that the very best creative writing I have to offer attracts the lowest gutter-scum of the Internet, I continue to be buoyed by the things I witness while riding my bike. For example, I saw something really cool this morning on the NPR.

I’m now deep into the off season, which means that for the next ten days I’m only riding nine of them. My regular services at the Church of the New Pier Ride were curtailed this morning. Rather than trying to hammer for four laps I decided to suck wheel at the very back for two, after which I’d quit and pedal into work.

As I sat on the back I noticed one big ol’ wanker huffing and puffing to stay on the with the group. He’s a new NPR rider and has never made it the four full laps, typically getting shelled with the first hard surge up the Parkway. We were halfway done with the second lap and he was still there.

As the group accelerated up the modest rise to the bridge, he started to come off. That’s when I heard a somewhat stern voice say “Push harder!” It was Rider X, one of the bosses of the peloton.

Struggling Sam grunted his way back onto a wheel. “Good job,” said Rider X. “Now keep your damned head up. Don’t drop your head when you get tired or you’ll crash.”

Struggling Sam jerked his head up. “Okay,” he wheezed. The pace had slowed and he was firmly latched onto the back.

Another couple of minutes went by as Rider X, the dude who’s stonily silent most of the time and who strikes terror into the hearts of his enemies, gave helpful and friendly tips to Struggling Sam, which was just enough encouragement for him to hang on. “Never made it this far!” said Sam with an elated grin as the group hit the turnaround and I glided on alone, heading to the office, my day started with search terms like “happy.”

35 thoughts on “Nice begets nice”

  1. Rider X was helping out a few of us Struggling yesterday. He gave me a tow when I started to fade, and a track shove to another. Chapeau, sir!

  2. Cycling is a great argument against evolution. We try to rip the legs off the strong and encourage the week.

  3. Yep! HAPPY! Thank you Wanky, and all of you wonderful wankers who ALWAYS say an encouraging word, give a push, and let us (“new riders”) ride your wheel. 🙂

  4. jacobfromtheinternet

    When I first started riding regularly, I spent about 6 months getting mercilessly shelled from the weekly hammerfest. One night at the end of the summer I was clinging to the back, hanging on for grim death, and, like always, slowly losing contact. One of the strong guys drifted back, towed me back on, then looked me in the eye, and calmly said, “C’mon dude, DIG. You got this.” And he was right. I dug in and hung on, and made it back to the shop with the group for the first time ever. I’ll never forget that. It was a transformational moment that made me believe I could hang, and I will always be grateful.

  5. Searching pictures of Sam Warford is about as close as most gutter scum will get to his rear end and this Racer X fellow, what a nice chap.

  6. What you clearly meant to write is the following: The huffing and puffing guy was so gosh awful worthy of pity that there were no ego points to be earned by speeding his death whirl. So, he took the same attitude as he does toward kids on big wheels in an effort to gain the approval of a Sundialer.

  7. Gotta love a guy who gets shelled but always comes back for more. That’s a true passion for cycling.

  8. Here’s a view from the back of a helping hand provided by a white-caped super hero on wheels. Go to 7:17.

    I think this was on September 11, 2013.

    1. jacobfromtheinternet

      That was cool, although must have sucked to be the guy with a flat at 7:35 as 80 people rode by without stopping…

  9. And since you didn’t stick around for the finish, you didn’t see that “Struggling Sam” (with the too-bright rear flasher) went to the front and then off the front after the last u-turn and it took the pack all of about a minute to shell him off the back again (at 1:25).

  10. Kindness- G$ did that for me on a my virgin ride to Malibu 7 years ago. Got dropped, he hung back and pulled me along to cross creek. I was a total stranger to him. You never forget an act of kindness.

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