Sucking with a purpose

People hate admitting that they suck. Fortunately, I don’t have to admit it all that much. I can just post my race results and let the sucking do the talking.

Racing cyclocross for the first time last year was a whole new chapter, a volume even, in humiliation. Whatever middle-aged mediocrity I’ve achieved as a road racer was, compared to my ‘cross skills, the ability of a world champion. Just take me a little bit outside my very narrow comfort zone, and all hell fell apart.

The easiest way to describe it is this: “Bike handling skills.” In cyclocross, they are different from road racing. And each race last year was a 45-minute, detailed reminder of just how different racing a crit is from stumbling over barriers while running up sandy staircases and speeding over tree roots.

Practice doesn’t make anywhere near perfect

Every bike racer knows that a new season means new equipment, so this year I made the switch and put tubulars on my Giant TCX. Then I went and practiced on a course near where I live.

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