How to BWR, Part 1

The 2014 Belgian Waffle Ride is upon us. The date has been irrevocably carved in stone as April 20, or April 27, or some other date that won’t offend the Catholics.

In between now and then, I thought I would explain how to BWR for all the people who are thinking about doing it, including those like Prez who did it but still don’t quite “get it.”

Rule One

There is only one rule, affectionately known as The Rule. It goes like this: Don’t cut the course.

“But I didn’t cut the course! I’d never cut the course!” you wail and moan.

Right. We learned in 2012, the first year of the BWR, that people actually would cut the course, and did. So in 2013 riders were asked to create a Strava account and upload their ride upon completion. Predictably, most did, but many conspicuously did not.

That’s okay, to the extent that this is a free country (sort of), and to the extent that once you pay your entry fee you can do whatever you want. However, by not uploading your data you are surrendering all credibility and, what is more important, bragging rights. You cannot brag that you “did the BWR in 2013” without ride data, or rather you can brag that you did it, but after checking Strava everyone will roll their eyes.

It’s the same with Paris-Roubaix. You have to finish the race within the time cutoff to be able to claim that you finished it. No hard feelings, but you either did it the right way or you didn’t.

So as you develop your plan for 2014, be sure to include your Strava file, if that’s what’s used, or a timing chip, if that’s the method. If you’re afraid that your iPhone battery won’t last, borrow a pal’s Garmin and use that. Otherwise, you are just another flailer drowning his sorrows in the delicious beer at ride’s end. Which, you know, isn’t actually a bad thing.

12 thoughts on “How to BWR, Part 1”

  1. No hard feeling taken Wanky. I had the pleasure of riding with Leibert and MM that last 30 miles and that in itself was enought to brag about. The only hard feelings that I could recall happened right before the BWR kicked off when I had to purposely hit the ground to score some lovely road rash. That was EPIC!

    1. I’m glad you don’t have hard feelings about dropping me like an over-ripe dingleberry and riding off into the sunset. I, however, am still nursing that grudge, because I’m delicate that way.

  2. I don’t know how I’m going to survive another 24 weeks of mmx doom filled hype… let alone the day itself!

  3. I want to go do this even though it far exceeds my abilities. I will be completely destroyed. I got 24 weeks…all I have left to lose is my dignity…which is already gone.

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