2013 Year in Preview

December 30, 2013 § 13 Comments

Looking ahead to 2013, I foresee a lot of really cool stuff, and today I’m going to make some bold predictions, all of which are guaranteed to come true.

  1. I will start drinking beer again. Specifically, this will happen at the conclusion of the Belgian Waffle Ride, where I predict that I will be ground up like mashed potatos.
  2. Chris Froome will win the Tour de France.
  3. Chris Horner will win the Vuelta a Aburrido, and become the oldest mutant to ever win a grand tour.
  4. I will publish a book about cycling in the South Bay.
  5. Tim Roach will coach Tara Unversagt to multiple world masters titles on the track.
  6. Julie Cutts will win world masters titles in the time trial and on the road.
  7. Robert Efthimos will become an expectant father.
  8. SBBaby Seal and Manslaughter will give me a birthday gift card for the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and it will actually have money left on it.
  9. Charon Smith will end the year with 1,582 Facebook friends, only 1,580 of whom are insanely jealous of his success.
  10. Sherri Foxworthy will teach me some very cool new expressions, none of which use the word “fuck.”
  11. Chris Lotts will put on a bunch of good bike races and only anger half the participants with his pre-race announcements.
  12. Mike Hecker will put on a lights-out race series in Santa Barbara County.
  13. Neil Shirley will win the BWR.
  14. SPY Optic will enjoy another year of uninterrupted growth, and CEO Michael Marckx will get promoted to the board of directors.
  15. While American debates Duck Dynasty, Congress will fast-track legislation that further curtails freedom and fundamental human rights.
  16. Kevin Phillips will set an hour record.
  17. I will crash and hit my head at 40 mph and walk away from it with only moderate brain damage, which will be undetectable from my previous state.
  18. The kimchi South Bay Biker Diet will come to an ignominious end and all the lost weight will be rediscovered.
  19. I will ride more than 14,000 miles on my bike.
  20. It will be a wonderful year.

§ 13 Responses to 2013 Year in Preview

  • brad bailey says:

    Wiki says “Hindsight bias, also known as the knew-it-all-along effect or creeping determinism, is the inclination to see events that have already occurred as being more predictable than they were before they took place.It is a multifaceted phenomenon that can affect different stages of designs, processes, contexts, and situations.[3] Hindsight bias may cause memory distortion, where the recollection and reconstruction of content can lead to false theoretical outcomes. It has been suggested that the effect can cause extreme methodological problems while trying to analyze, understand, and interpret results in experimental studies. A basic example of the hindsight bias is when, after viewing the outcome of a potentially unforeseeable event, a person believes he or she “knew it all along”. Such examples are present in the writings of historians describing outcomes of battles, physicians recalling clinical trials, and in judicial systems trying to attribute responsibility and predictability of accidents.

  • renagade69 says:

    14? Danm Son….get a life.

  • Tom Paterson says:

    Full speed ahead!

  • jacobfromtheinternet says:

    You forgot:
    – A(nother) Masters douchebag will get popped for doping.
    – Several hundred cyclists will be killed by criminally negligent drivers who will not face charges.
    – Some wanker will get flogged by 100 other wankers, yell at someone to hold his line, fail to hold his own line, get dropped, catch on at a red light, get dropped again, fail to properly appreciate mortality and human frailty, motorpace / skitch back on, attack the group at a stoplight, sprint, claim victory, declare it the Greatest Ride Ever.
    – etc etc ad infinitum.

    • fsethd says:

      The part that begins with “Some wanker … ” is a thing of beauty. Describes me perfectly, too. Hugs.

  • Uncle Jam's Army says:

    Since you’re looking ahead to 2013, do you mind reviewing what happened in 2014?

  • ooga-booga says:

    if you’re not already drinking beer from one of the many fantastic breweries in sd county, you’re not really alive anyway.

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