Slow down, old feller!

January 7, 2014 Comments Off on Slow down, old feller!

Your taint, knees, hips, neck, spine, and arse weren’t built for this kind of abuse at this kind of age. If you were 21 and getting pounded on your ass for hours at a time it might make sense depending on your occupation or men’s prison, but now? At fifty?

The reason you ache and throb and seize up like an old motor with and empty crankcase is because you are an old motor with an empty crankcase, no matter what the info sheet says that comes with the little blue pills. And please don’t tell me you feel better now than you did when you were twenty-five, because the only thing I’ll respond with is, “You must have felt like warmed over shit on toast when you were twenty-five.”

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