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  1. SPY-Giant-RIDE p/b MRI brought home two impressive victories in the state team time trial. Winners of the 4-man elite division were Logan Fiedler, Anthony Vasilas, Chris Waggoner, and Leroy Walters. A composite SPY team comprised of Brett Clare, Michael Marckx, Todd Parks, and Thurlow Rogers scorched the field in the 180+ Category to win the coveted state championship jersey.
  2. One of the most beloved fixtures of the SoCal cycling scene passed away yesterday. Zeke Yule, the chocolate lab who always had a sniff and a lick for anyone willing to give him a pat, passed away at the age of eleven. His loving disposition, his peaceful and good nature will be missed by us all.
  3. A raging cager attempted to kill an Orange County cyclist by running him off the road. Watch the video link and see if you can help identify the criminals who did this.
  4. SoCal cyclist David Worthington, half the team of the musical group Dos Gatos, announced the release of the band’s first CD. Local support has pushed them to #3 on the indie Reverbnation charts! Give them a listen and add your voice to those of other listeners. Cycling in the South Bay is pleased to report that neither David nor Eric is delusional, and neither would quit his day job if he had one. And what music release would be complete without a promo video by lokalmotors Charon Smith and Kayle Leogrande?
  5. Ride safe if you can, but if you can’t, ride anyway.



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