Win a chance to see Brooke Shields

This will only excite men over fifty, but last year Brooke made an appearance at the Brentwood Grand Prix. She walked around and chatted with folks, and even took in some of the racing.

This year, the race offers something even more exciting than the chance to mingle with former child stars: the Expo Ride. Roaring into the 19th Century full speed ahead, the Los Angeles metro is expanding its train stops so that you will one day be able to go up and down the west side without having to sit on the freeway or ride a bus. It’s a revolutionary and radical concept, and one day other major cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, and Beijing may one day follow suit. Visionaries even predict that one day the train will go from downtown to the airport.

While we’re waiting for those backwater capital cities get with the program, however, Los Angeles will be building ten new rail stops on the west side of the city, and you can sign up for the August 3 Expo Ride to take a bike tour of the planned train route. The 11-mile, leisurely paced tour starts at 9:30 AM and will show you how the new stops can be integrated with bike travel to make your west side transportation seamless and coordinated with your bicycle.

I often cringe at encouraging people to enter bike races, any bike race. This isn’t because I dislike races, it’s because sending someone off to a bike race feels like sending them off to the Battle of the Somme. But … if you’re going to do a bike race … and dog knows why you would want to … Brentwood Grand Prix is a good one.

It’s well organized, it has great prize money that most of us will never win, it’s in a fantastic location, it’s on a challenging course, and this year it’s also raising money for the Melanoma Research Alliance and for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition through the Expo Ride.

There are a couple of simple reasons to support these two organizations. The first is that MRA actually raises and donates money to research on melanoma. This is the disease that sneaked up on and almost killed west side legend Stuart Press. In a perfect world, the government would spend our tax dollars on melanoma research instead of spending $1 trillion on military aircraft that don’t work, but that’s a different rant.

LA County Bicycle Coalition is the strongest, most committed bike advocacy group in our area, and one of the best in the nation. It helps pass legislation. It helps get infrastructure implemented. It defends the legal right of cyclists to ride in the lane. It has educational programs for law enforcement and for schools. And it works to solve problems through dialogue and mediation rather than ideological broadsides. Plus, Eric Bruins is my good friend.

Some things are worth doing. The Expo Ride at Brentwood Grand Prix is one of them.

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    1. Once they get it to fly it will kick all the tearists’ butts with a big can of whupass and Saddam has nukes.

  1. I hear Ms Shields went on to be an adult actress that people under 50 may have seen. I don’t watch TV though, so its only hearsay.

  2. David Huntsman

    Why would you want a train in LA? You can get anywhere in a car in less than a day.

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  4. Los Angeles metro is expanding its train stops so that you will one day be able to go up and down the west side without having to sit on the freeway or ride a bus.

    I’m still not sure why in Los Angeles it is such a bad thing to ride a bus. But it sure is. Even though Metro counts 1 million trips a day(!)
    Social class fears? I think so:

    The plaintiffs argued that LACMTA was using disproportionately more of its federal funds on the suburban-oriented rail service and its wealthier, whiter ridership, at the same time as it was spending disproportionately less on the bus system and its much larger, lower-income ridership

    The bus in L.A. is not terrible and we have the Bus Riders Union to thank for that. They finally got very useful bike racks on them too!

    Don’t take the bus to the race. You might die!!!

    1. Try standing by a bus stop in Inglewood, transferring from downtown to make it to LAX in the late afternoon and tell me that you feel safe. My daughter and son-in-law tried it and got continually harassed by the locals.

      There are plenty of neighborhoods in LA where white/Aisan people can expect to get unwanted attention while standing around waiting for the bus. Once you’re on it, you’re golden. While you’re waiting … not so much.

      1. Have mercy
        Been waitin’ for the bus all day
        Have mercy
        Been waitin’ for the bus all day
        I got my brown paper bag and my take-home pay

  5. You know, there are women over 50 that might be excited to meet Brooke Shields. Yes, she was a the inspiration for many a male fantasy back in the day, but like all actors she’s more than just her sex appeal.

      1. Didn’t she do the Total Gym Infomercials….oh no, that was Christie Brinkley….

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