Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 levers may soon control Garmin computers

Shimano Corp. revealed at Interbike today in Las Vegas that it is teaming up with Garmin to create the world’s first integrated computer-bike control system.

“We have the technology to put the computer controls directly into the levers,” said chief engineer Shin Hayata, “and Garmin is the perfect partner. This allows them to reduce the size of the onboard computer as well.”

In addition to data control, the next-generation Shimano Di-3 Unilever will also incorporate a power meter as part of the bottom bracket. According to assistant lead engineer Haruo Nakajima, “More and more, cycling is a data-driven activity at all levels. Instead of having different components by different manufacturers that have to be synched, the Di-3 Unilever will be a truly all-in-one experience with a continuous wireless Strava or Garmin Connect upload that lets you read your KOM’s, PR’s, and more importantly, the data of other riders in realtime, as you ride.”

Perhaps most revolutionary for the average cyclist, the Di-3 will also include on-board controls that allow riders to instantly access email, bank accounts, and social media networks such as Facebag, Tinder, Grinder, and Slither. Marketing and technical outreach director Akiko Fuji explains: “Cycling is quickly becoming an extension of our daily life, and research shows that people become anxious when they are away from home on long bike rides, most of which last an average of 35 minutes. Our Fully Integrated Technology System [FITS] lets customers work, answer emails, balance their checkbook, and check the kids’ homework while they’re riding. It really redefines the word ‘fun.'”

Not everyone at Interbike was thrilled with the new Di-3 Unilever. “What’s next, an automatic tampon changer?” snarled Road Bike Action Guns and Lance Magazine technical editor Smithy Wesson. “Bikes were made for pedaling and for defending one’s home against abortion providers. This takes away from the essence of cycling although we expect massive ad buys as a result, which is a good thing.”

Fuji disagreed. “Cycling has become too difficult for most Americans,” she said. “With our FITS system, which will eventually utilize electronic hub-assist so that riders don’t have to pedal too hard, more people will be exposed to the wonderful world of bicycling. With direct downloads to Netflix and drone robots to do the actual pedaling in the Di-4 model, people can enjoy cycling on the couch, which is much safer than actually riding in traffic.”

Noted philosopher and bicycle maker Richard Sachs rolled his eyes when asked about the latest technical improvements. Speaking from a cave filled with hammers and other crude Paleolithic tools in the Massachusetts woods, Sachs claimed that “Bikes is bikes, stupid,” and asserted that “It is doubtful that having someone else ride for you can be considered ‘cycling.'”



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20 thoughts on “Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 levers may soon control Garmin computers”

  1. Hello fsethd-san,

    Yeah, you had me going for a minute there in the beginning because I think the DI-3 cadence driven automatic transmission with manual over ride and Mind Bender telepathic control is just the next product development announcement away ….. I will let you know what I find at Las Vegas next week.

    Actually I will be a bit disappointed if there is not something new.

    My complaint is that the maintenance time consumed with updates, failed uploads, and general time wasting overhead sucks time I could better spend on the bike ….. and while I do like the data (I think it helps motivate me to go faster) i am always wondering if I dumped my electronics and would ‘Just Do It’ if I might be better off.



    +1 mph Faster

  2. and more importantly, the data of other riders in realtime, as you ride.

    Haha!!! Yes. the ones that are riding away from you and the ones you drop is so important to track!!! A Sachs quote needs an ATMO!!!

    You needed a Chris Froome quote being happy that he’ll be able to stare at his stem longer and train others to stare at their stems.

    Excellent work.

    1. Thank you, sir. It is a proven fact that fun = ts, where t= time and s=staring at your stem.

  3. Sigh…really? What I need is a wiper to keep the sweat of my glasses. I suppose that would be a separate upload, no?

    1. Real tip: Clean your glasses with dry newspaper. (It is a thing made of paper with “news” on it, unrelated to the Internet.)

      1. The visor will really help when strong wind blows sand in your face and when the guy in front kicks gravel and glass up into your eyes. It will also do a great job blocking glare from the roadway. Make sure the visor is about 12 inches long, too.

      2. I guess you are referring to the new V. Stiviano full face visor. That will look cool anywhere. Right?

      3. Well…. with the damned paparazzi flashes blinding us the V. Stiviano full face visor is the functional solution and is almost as cool as SPY glasses since it lets everyone know that you are a real celebrity ….. who is that?? Are they anyone??

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  5. I scoffed until finding out about the advanced butt-plug control capability, but now I can control yaw, pitch, speed AND intensity with a single lever? I’m sold!

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