You can’t say that, No. 3

December 20, 2014 § 15 Comments

Ok, jealousy plus erythropoietin.

“It’s only jealousy.” Mauro Sangambrogio before testing positive for EPO, explaining to his DS Luca Scinto why everyone suspected him of doping. Cycling News, June 3, 2013.


And while you’re at it, could you make “as soon as possible” sometime in 2020?

“I can only say that I am in disbelief about what has happened and will request the counter analysis as soon as possible.” Mauro Santambrogio, the day after testing positive for EPO, which was a few days after assuring team boss Luca Scinto that he was clean as a whistle. Ansa.IT, June 3, 2013.


Sort of like Cupid with a needle in his ass.

“I’m not a criminal … but within my environment, I felt like a little god.” Mauro Santambrogio after receiving a 2-year ban for doping, explaining why he had felt the need to cheat. La Gazzetta dello Sport, October 12, 2013.


Now, however, I have a different set of problems.

“My testosterone levels were low and I had erection problems, plus I had fertility problems. That’s why I was prescribed Andriol.” Mauro Santambrogio, facing a lifetime ban after testing positive for testosterone a few days before the expiration of his ban for testing positive for EPO, which was in turn was a couple of months before he was to resume his pro racing career. Cycling News, December 18, 2014.



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§ 15 Responses to You can’t say that, No. 3

  • DangerStu says:

    Doesn’t un-prescribed steroid use lead to erecting / fertility problems, just saying…

  • Tom Paterson says:

    Whoops! Someone forgot to check the “Best If Used By ____” label on those statements and excuses…

    Calling Dr. Kubler-Ross: There’s a new stage– call it a “Prologue”?– in the process: “Pre-Denial”.

    • Brian says:

      I’m sticking with stage 3 – bargaining, but then again have always wondered about that curious prologue stage.

    • fsethd says:

      Expired excuses! Awesome!

      • Tom Paterson says:

        Even BHT can only do so much, you know?

        • fsethd says:

          By the way, I hear that there are some good deals going around now with the DOJ if you happen to be a defendant in a whistleblower a/k/a False Claims Act lawsuit …

          • Tom Paterson says:

            Phloyd will get chicken scratch. Maybe, as I’ve read, enough to buy that double-wide on an acre or so at the edge of the desert.

            Isn’t it funny how “trailers” come up so often in these wishful-thinking scenario-imaginings of the end-ups in this doping-drama?

            • fsethd says:

              I once lived in a trailer — a double wide — outside of Tahlequah, OK, nestled in the forest. I loved it.

              • Tom Paterson says:

                My brother fsethd: mine was a 1962 Ventoura (ex. vintage), 10×55, central heat/air, full-sized potty and fridge, nestled in a forest of aluminum (a very clean and well-kept park), next to the “Southwest Passage” in a land far away to the north,
                In other words, yes, I loved it, when it was “just me”, it was all I needed.
                And it was cheap, really cheap.

                • fsethd says:

                  Mine was secluded, peaceful, far from the madding crowd.

                  • Tom Paterson says:

                    Leafy boughs, gentle zephyrs, lingering sundowns?
                    Got boring after a while, didn’t it? (but of course the meanwhile…)

                    I lived in a (shared) tepee in the Rockies for the better part of a year. “See above”.

                    For it is written: “There is a time to arrive, a time to stay, and a time to leave”.

                    • fsethd says:

                      It never got boring. But I only lived there two weeks out of every month.

                    • Tom Paterson says:

                      Sounds like a deal.
                      I had a four-day work-week for the better part of a year, once.
                      Paid enough to skate. SImilar decompression factor, I think.
                      Ah, the single life…

  • Crashgybe says:

    And all of them eventually got taken out by a Tornado. Just the way of nature.

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