Sagan notches second Tour of California stage win, calls team boss Tinkov a “complete asswipe”

May 18, 2015 § 30 Comments

After smashing the field in the 10.6-km time trial at Magic Mountain in the Amgen Tour of California, then winning the overall event, Slovakian ballbuster Peter Sagan thanked his team for their support and referred to team owner Oleg Tinkov as a “complete asswipe.” Cycling in the South Bay sat down with the Green Monster to discuss.

CitSB: You must be feeling pretty good. Two wins in a Pro Tour race after being called out by your boss, Oleg Tinkov.

Peter Sagan: Yep.

CitSB: And you called him a “complete asswipe”?

PS: Yep.

CitSB: Because?

PS: Because he is. Oleg Tinkov is the pro rider’s worst nightmare.

CitSB: How so?

PS: Oh, come on. You know the type. Total wanker masters racer, buys the best stuff, wears the most expensive kit, shows up at the private training ride uninvited, and he’s off the back before the pace even picks up. Then, because he can’t keep up, he sponsors the local race club so he can be part of the team, hang out at the races, do the training rides. And everyone hates his fucking guts.

CitSB: Well, money talks.

PS: Yep, and Oleg’s is paying my bills. But imagine having said masters wanker telling you how to race your bike.

CitSB: Must be pretty annoying.

PS: You have no idea. Dude texts me a hundred times a day, I’m not kidding. “Spin more on the climbs, Peter.” “You opened up your sprint too early, Peter.” “Take on more electrolytes, Peter.” This from a guy who, ten years ago, couldn’t have picked an electrolyte from an electric car.

CitSB: You’ll admit that your results this year have been disappointing.

PS: Yes, they have.

CitSB: And Oleg’s paying you some pretty solid coin.

PS: Look, no disrespect intended, but pro racing isn’t like buying gas at the pump where you stick in your credit card and out gush six monuments and a green jersey at the Tour. It’s fucking hard and it comes down to fitness, smarts, teamwork, and luck. Tinkov has never won a bike race, any bike race. Dude’s a fuggin’ fanboy who thinks that when you’re on the rivet, your teeth filled with mud, it’s 45 degrees and raining sleet, and you’re still a hundred k’s from the velodrome in Roubaix that you need to “dig deeper.” He’s the one who needs to dig deeper, to dig his way out of that pile of fantasy shit his head is buried in.

CitSB: He seems to think he’s better at managing the team than Riis was.

PS: You know something about Riis? He was a true motivator. Riis earned his stripes at the head of the peloton, not ripping off stupid Russian consumers with payday loans and giving head to Vladimir Putin. Riis believed in you and he showed you how to focus on what you were good at while improving your weaknesses. Tinkov is Vino without the race smarts or the race legs. Rotten to the core, dumb as a box of rusty derailleurs, and as much fun to be around as a bag of cold, wet dicks.

CitSB: Bag of cold, wet dicks?

PS: Well, when they’re cold and wet they shrivel up.

CitSB: Got it. Has Tinkov’s outspokenness created tension in the team?

PS: No. Everyone hates his guts, especially Alberto, and we all call him Dickov behind his back. Did you see that shit about the Giro, where he said that all of Alberto’s rivals fear him, and that Alberto is a shoo-in?

CitSB: That didn’t go over well?

PS: Oh, it did. We laughed our asses off. Dickov thinks that riders perform best when you belittle them or make outrageous brags in the media.

CitSB: And they don’t?

PS: Riders perform best when they’re internally driven to win, they’re fit, they have a good team, they ride smart, and they get lucky. And when they use the right juice [winks]. Marginal gains, as Dave Brailsford would say.

CitSB: Right-o. Thanks, Peter.

PS: Any time.



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§ 30 Responses to Sagan notches second Tour of California stage win, calls team boss Tinkov a “complete asswipe”

  • 900aero says:

    Interview of the year. Fantastic how you can get these scoops when everyone else just gets grunts. Thanks man.

  • Winemaker says:

    Reminds me of the DS who screamed from the car, “They’re right there!” (waving wildly at the remnants of the group going up the road), when I finally blew up and ‘sploded out the back, in the rain and mud, in Spain…as if I had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting back on.

  • Bart says:

    Time will tell whether any amount of money is worth riding for a limelight seeking dicksmoke.

  • dangerstu says:

    Have former members of the KGB shown up at your door yet?

  • sibex9591 says:

    Better than I ever expected. We don’t need to talk to Dikov himself, let’s get it straight from one of his well paid minions on the road. Well done sir!

    • fsethd says:

      Thank you!

      • sibex9591 says:

        Was reading a CN article and a picture of DIckov came up, and I needed to read this post again. I sure hope this guy tires of pro cycling and fades to black soon. With the devaluation of his team, maybe Riis can buy it back for nothing.

  • Tamar T. says:

    Nailed it. Peter Sagan is the kind of rider that comes once in a generation. Gifted, fun, cute, fast, and knows how to put on a good show. Tinkov is a rich thug who thinks his money makes him smart. (Then again, if I had enough money to buy a professional cycling race team, I would! How cool is that? Maybe give Cavendish some sprinting tips?)

  • Waldo says:

    Wanky, nice smiting two Russian (Vino is only Kazakh because his money is Kazakh — he is as Russian as they come) DSes with one blow, but you neglected to wack Katusha. Please fix that.

    Your Ukrainian friend.


    • fsethd says:

      I’m waiting until they use the collapse of the rouble as their pretext for invading the rest of Ukraine.

  • Brian in VA says:

    Epic interview. Tinkov is a jerkov.

  • dan martin says:

    Brian in VA…just made me LMAO.
    Nice exclusive dish Wanky!

  • Joe Papp says:

    Is this interview legit?

    If so, best ever…

  • PedalRon says:

    Wasn’t Sagan completely not answering the questions put to him about Tinkov in at least two Tour of CA post-race interviews the equivalent of calling him this?

    I saw two where he was asked if this would make Tinkov happy. Both times he said, “My team rode well today.”

    • fsethd says:

      Bad politics to slam the guy who signs your paycheck!

      • kevin says:

        Why not, who cares it’s riding a bike and it’s only money. I’m confident he could go to a team that will pay and not give him a load of crap each day.

  • triallaw2393 says:

    Peter has a point but needs to remember that without sponsorship and support from people like Tinkov, he would just be riding his bike for free!

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