Working the ether

I don’t believe in god, necromancy, faith, spirituality,  acupuncture, alchemy, ancient astronauts, applied kinesiology, astrology, Ayurvedic medicine, biorhythms, cellular memory, cold fusion, craniometry, creation science, scientology, enneagrams, esoteric healing, eugenics, ESP,facilitated communication, graphology, homeopathy, intelligent design, iridology, kundalini, Lysenkoism, metoposcopy, N-rays, naturopathy, orgone energy, paranormal plant perception, phrenology, physiognomy, polygraph, qi, rebirthing therapy, feng shui, zen, reflexology, remote viewing, neuro-linguistic programming, reiki, Rolfing, therapeutic touch, the revised history of the solar system proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky, higher powers, or Internet coaching.

I especially don’t believe in Internet coaching.

However, two days ago my son had gotten home from work and was getting a late dinner started and he had an unopened bottle of beer on the table. I had eaten earlier and was keeping him company as he sat down to eat. I noticed that he didn’t have anything on his salad.

“Want me to get you some dressing for that?”

“Sure,” he said. As I returned to the table I noticed the unopened bottle.

“You want me to open that and put it in a pint glass for you?”

“Sure, Dad,” he said. “That would be great.”

It was a bottle of Green Flash West Coast IPA, one of my favorites. I cracked it open and started filling up the glass. It smelled so good, you have no idea. As it poured, filling the glass with its beautiful amber color, I realized that I should really have a sip. I wafted the glass under my nose after emptying the bottle.

“One sip isn’t going to hurt,” I told myself. Every cell in my body was screaming in happy anticipation. “I haven’t had a drink in months,” I told myself firmly. “I can do this.”

Just before I took the sip, I felt a gentle slap upside the back of my head. “Don’t do it,” a voice said.

I looked around but there was no one there. My son was looking at me. “You okay, Dad?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, handing him the untouched beer and trembling ever so slightly.

He ate dinner and we had a very nice conversation, mostly about beer. An hour later I checked my email before getting into bed. There was an email from a friend, time stamped at almost exactly the time I’d been teetering on the edge. Here’s what it said:

On May 26, 2015, at 9:07 PM, XXX <> wrote:

You may not count the days but I do.
Congratulations on six months of no hangovers and kicking butt on the bike.

Like I said, I don’t believe in spirits or pseudoscience, but, well, the timing sure was funny.



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50 thoughts on “Working the ether”

  1. Awesome on many levels. I recommend “Innumeracy” by Paulos. I have it if you want to borrow.

    1. Yes please, I’ve wanted to read that since it came out 20 some-odd years ago. Thanks.

      1. Cool. Its a great read. My old man was a math teacher and turned me on to it roughly when it came out (I was a wee lad). Now can you just schedule a coffee ride to Seabucks at 4AM?

  2. Congrats on 6 Months Seth. You have nothing to worry about, Things happening by coincidence fall easily into the normal category when you know a little math.

  3. We don’t need to have proof sometimes to be guided in the right direction. It’s more delicious than that beer I tell you.

    Waking up today knowing you didn’t take a sip must of been a grand feeling.

    Congrats Seth on listening to something that didn’t require you to prove.

  4. Doug Reichardt

    Truly amazing story ! What is your address ? I want to subscribe .

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  5. You are like Lennon in your beliefs…you believe in something…maybe just yourself and your family…maybe more…but there is something for you outside.

  6. I don’t believe either, except for all those coincidences in my own life.
    Um, excuse me: “Keep steppin'”.

  7. Me neither, but I do believe that George Costanza is a real person, and like him I’m confused by the on/off the wagon thing, as to which is which.

    Either way, congrats! Good thing it was ‘t chocolate chip cookies.

  8. Good stuff. Makes me happy to see you persevering.

    Bummed I was unable to FLOG this AM.

  9. No headaches. No drooling. No blood shot eyes. No crazy look in those blood shot eyes because you’re angry drunk and making no sense. No icky old alcohol smell in the morning. No wondering why you do this to yourself and others around you, or to strangers on the internet. Real smiles, not drunk stupid smiles. No more pain.
    No more questioning your sexuality because you’re drunk. No fungus on your penis or mold between your toes.
    Oh wait…you probably still have those.

  10. I recently commented (to some food addicts, like myself 🙂 that if only we listened to that little Slave Driver voice in our head. It’s always there, but it’s so easy to listen to the Devil voice that gives the excuses of why what we want to do is ok. I remind myself that the Slave Driver is ALWAYS right, so stop thinking about it and just follow instructions.

    As for the timing of the email, I don’t think it’s “supernormal”, I think it’s normal stuff that we don’t understand yet. Like “intuition”, is just someone paying attention to details that other people don’t notice.

    Good job on 6 months! The journey of 100 miles starts with one step. It’s great that your ON the journey!

  11. You looked so good when I saw you a few weeks ago; lean and trim, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Very proud of you, WM. I know it isn’t easy. It just — is.

  12. Not Superman. Didn’t stop a bullet. Maybe the Flash. You dodged a bullet.
    And you will continue to. For this next 60 seconds.
    Just Don’t It

  13. Exactly i get it. This type of experience happens to just about everyone who gets sober. I dont know if its a miracle or a higher power goving us the push we need, or if were finally aware with eyes wide open. Maybe these little nudges of optimism and positive juju were happening all along and we were just to busy drinking to notice. Either way its working for you and im glad to hear it. Just stop fukin with your head. Otherwise you are gonna break down and have several beers and post one crazy ass blog post.

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