Do the right thing

So, this little gem just came in over the transom, edited by me for brevity and clarity …

At the past NCNCA Board of Directors meeting, a motion was approved by the board regarding out-of-district racers taking part in NCNCA District Championship events moving forward.

For Northern Caifornial/Northern Nevada Championship events, the NCNCA will allow riders to participate who are ineligible for the championships, but the designation “Champion” and any awards/jerseys involved in that designation will be awarded only to riders who are licensed in the Northern California/Northern Nevada USAC District.

The vote was unanimous.

Not much to add, except this: Hats off to Tim Burgess, the NCNCA board, and all of the NorCal riders who supported this decision. You folks are awesome, and thank you for not firebombing my apartment.



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24 thoughts on “Do the right thing”

    1. Score another for yelling and hollering and making a stink and getting emails from BDR’s calling me a “combative dick” and butthurt readers canceling their subscription!

      And score 10 for Dean Abt, the first non-functionary to show up at an NCNCA bored meeting since 1865!

      1. People cancelled their subscriptions over that brewhaha? That seems so inane.

        Also, now you have reason to go to Pescadero next year.

  1. ahh. always good to see hell-raising work. warms the cockles of my heart whatever a cockle is

  2. Hello fsethd-san and All,

    Gotta love it whenever David slays Goliath …. well done!

    Score one for the squeaky wheel …

    Looks like incentive for SoCal to go North and race to win the best real ‘Champion’ award …. crossing the finish line first.

    1. As long as Kevin Metcalfe keeps racing the P/1 road races instead of 50+, the “leaky prostate” crowd can dream of victory 😉

      IIRC, he is 50+ TT national record holder and has won some national RR championships :-O

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