We want your two cents, they want your fifty

The most telling part of the SCNCA web site is its section on financials.

You go to the “About” navigation on the home page, select “Financials” from the drop-down menu, click on the link and get nothing at all. It’s succinct, and brevity is the soul of wit!

The financial opacity is fitting because SCNCA taxes the race promoters and racers fifty cents every race (if you do two crits in one day, you pay twice) and then does something with the money. Something that helps us all, doubtless.

SCNCA gets the rest of its budget (How big is the budget? How is it spent? Who spends it?) as a kickback from USA Cycling for each in-district license registration. SCNCA isn’t funded according to results, meeting stated goals, customer satisfcation, or even for wearing nicely coordinated belts and socks. Talk about incentives to improve!

So when we asked the Internet for some data about why racers race, and why licensed racers don’t, no one held their breath for help from SCNCA. Instead, Cameron Scott, Joe Camacho, and Robert Efthimos immediately stepped in and designed a survey.

Here it is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3R5KGQZ

Please take a minute to fill it out; the survey will stay open for four weeks. We’ll tabulate the results and share it with the Internet, race promoters and, of course with SCNCA. I’m sure they will put the data to excellent use in their round file or in their ongoing quest to increase race turnout while they also practice learning to walk and chew gum, but not at the same time. Baby steps.



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28 thoughts on “We want your two cents, they want your fifty”

  1. Well, that wasn’t very “anonymous” when I had to say that I race road/track and I’m a woman over 50. I think I’m the only one out there. 🙂 It would have been nice if one could write comments.

    The questions about what the club does to promote racing is really interesting. I know our club has ebbed and flowed in that regard. We talk about racing a lot, post club results weekly, but a lot of the events we’ve done in the past to develop new racers have faded away. Although, there are people getting motivated to bring it back. We’ll see what happens.

    Don’t get me started on USA Cycling (which includes SCNCA). I’ve said for YEARS the biggest problem is that no one within the organization knows how to do a business plan (or marketing plan) including a five year strategic plan. They run by the seat of their pants, changing direction constantly. And then wonder why they get no results. Duh!! I wonder. I hear the new top dog at USA Cycling is different, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. They don’t need to do a business plan because USA Cycling is not a business. They are a monopoly funded by the USOC. They could have zero license holders and USOC will still fund them.

      USA Cycling is just an officiating shell at this point. Thom moved all the money and power to USACDF. Thom controls USA Cycling through assigning a majority of the board members at USAC. USAC “pays” for the privilege of being managed/advised by USACDF.

      USACDF also does not have to comply with USOC rules.

      It was a brilliant way to privatize an old-fashioned non-profit with lots of difficult accountability rules most board members ignored anyway.

      I cannot imagine a better gig than getting paid by a local association.

    2. The SCNCA is at least trying to reach out to women riders; they have a whole menu on their website dedicated to the words “Women’s Resources” and “Women’s Teams”…

  2. Thank you and awesome job all, just went though it. Shall I socialize/solicit in NorCal? Pretty sure SurveyMonkey analysis tool will let you split data North/South (not 100% sure, or, you could add one question about residence…not to add to the great work already done).

  3. Thanks for the heads up, although the survey should probably be segmented between Road/MTB. The vast majority of MTB race(r)s are unlicensed/unsanctioned by USAC/SCNCA, and those events see bigger #’s because of it…that may skew some of the responses. Even so, well done Cameron Scott, Joe Camacho, and Robert Efthimo for doing what the organizing body should be doing to help make the sport better. Oh, and you too Seth.

  4. Another interesting set of financials would be WADA. Noting that they have HQ in Canada and Geneva, not to mention whatever there is in the US, one wonders about all the airfare (First Class I should hope!) and fine dining (no Big Macs for the Big Cheeses). As it is partially supported by taxpayers all over the globe, perhaps a FOI request might bring forth some truth. But, after watching the FIFA fiasco, one may doubt it.

    1. Actually their financials are in their Annual Report. They’ve been a little slow getting any reporting out for 2014.

      Remember that WADA is run by the sports federations. It’s not independent and has no authority on its own to sanction anyone. It acts at the direction of others.

      For example, USADA’s recommendation for an Armstrong lifetime ban was approved, reluctantly, by the UCI. USADA did not directly ban Armstrong and could never do so.

      1. I did take a look and while I realize that the Wank wasn’t really talking about this, the finances of these bodies has troubled me. WADA in 2012 spent $9.7 million on salaries (gotta see how many people that was) and a wonderful $3.6 million on travel and accommodations. Switzerland is expensive….

        You take a sanctimonious jerk like Taggart lording it over the cycle world (Lance is still not a nice guy!) and then you imagine him at the front of the plane with his (legal) drugs in a crystal glass and, yes, the boys in the back of the peleton shouldn’t be pumping EPO (but a guy has to make a living!), and hey, it IS just a bike race. Enuf…Thanks for listening.

      2. Show me the local numbers, then I’ll worry about the intergalactic ones. Maybe.

      1. My great-grandma married a Civil War Vet (yes, from the South, where real men lived) with one leg…the other got shot off by a union cannonball… they had one son, who was my gramps….never met him…but my dad was the last of six kids (five girls and him) that were his (Robert English Winemaker) progeny. and Dad was born in 1911….so I don’t think anyone but me in my famdamily is going to be answering this survey! Dad, however, raced vets in Italy and Germany post WWII. (I think they were really a bunch of ‘fun’ rides with drinking and smoking going on). Maybe I can seance him up from the ether to fill out the survey.

        1. That is beyond cool, Dean. Racing vets in Italy and Germany post-WWII? Wow and wow and more wow.

  5. The whole second page is dumb. I’m not in a club and it doesn’t have an option to indicate this.

    1. “Only $50,000.” Ha, ha! I’d never bend over to pick up 50 grand if I saw it lying on the sidewalk!

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