Let’s support Confederate flag-loving race promoters who live in Texas!

If you don’t know Brad House, you should. He’s a long-time former California resident and bike racer who operates Back on Track Promotions. Back on Track puts on a couple of races each year, notably the LAX Circuit Race and the upcoming Hotter ‘n Hell Hill Climb at Mt. Baldy.

I support everyone’s right to voice their opinion. Even people who are racist or homophobic have a constitutional right to voice their opinions. Fortunately, Brad is not letting his free speech right wither on the vine, because on Facebook he voices his support for the Confederate flag as “heritage” and shares messages that disparage homosexual equality under “Christian” principles.

Although Brad has the right to voice these opinions, I think it’s healthy for the riders that race, the clubs and volunteers that support the event, and the governmental entities that grant his permits to ask whether or not this is the kind of promoter who reflects their values. And although Confederate flag-loving, anti-gay opinions are constitutional, do they represent you? Do you want to contribute money to people who support these ideas?

Brad has the right to support a flag associated with the Confederacy. The Confederacy was an illegal rebellion that tried to destroy the United States of America through violence. The rebels’ war killed over 600,000 people, and the its aim was to preserve slavery. Slavery was a system in which white people bought and sold black people for money and legally used them as property. Under this system, blacks had no human rights of any kind. Many people believe that the racial problems we have in America today are a direct result of slavery.

If you like the Confederacy and you believe in its principles, if you think that our nation would be better today split in half, part free and part slave, and if you think that the Confederate flag represents your values, I encourage you to support Brad and his races.

But if you think that the flag is a symbol of hate and that it represents a failed, violent, terrorist attempt to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and government in order to maintain slavery — if you associate the flag with the Ku Klux Klan, the lynching of blacks, and as a symbol of our ongoing racial divide — then I suggest you stay away from Brad’s races.

More than that, I hope you share with other people how you feel, as well as the fact that Brad cross-posts anti-gay “Christian” messages while seeking support from California racers and clubs. Did I mention that Brad lives most of the year in Texas?

Many of us in the SoCal racing community are gay, all of us have gay friends and family members. Do we like Brad’s brand of race promotion, a brand underlain by homophobia and promotion of the Confederate racial hate flag?

I don’t think we do–I certainly don’t.

So rather than voting on Facebook and engaging in meaningless arguments, where Brad enjoys taunting California bike racers who are either gay, black, supporters of gun control, atheist, Democrat, or liberals, vote with your race registrations and let him know that while you support his right to freedom of speech, you won’t subsidize it through bicycle racing.

Brad can develop a successful business model for bike racing here in SoCal, where he is the go-to guy for racers who are anti-gay, anti-black, pro-KKK, and who want to wear a Stars-and-Bars champion’s jersey. Brad could even make that his business emblem so people know exactly what they’re getting.

His next race on the calendar is August 15. There’s plenty of time to make sure people know that when they give money to Brad, they’re supporting his beliefs with their money.

Pass the word on, and if you’re feeling especially energetic send a letter or two to the entities that permit Brad’s races. Who knows? They may have a black person or (gasp!) a gay one on their board. But I’m sure they’ll understand.



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83 thoughts on “Let’s support Confederate flag-loving race promoters who live in Texas!”

  1. Really dude?

    That makes no sense.

    By that logic I shouldn’t by my wife’s favorite ice cream at Chic-fil-a.

    What happened to supporting racing?

    Shoukd we only support race promoters we agree with ideologically?

    I’ve never done his races, but if the product is good who cares?

    What the heck is government doing in the religion business anyway?

    By the way, THE BEST PART OF YOUR BLOG is that the text expands when I rotate my phone. I mean the writing is great and thought provoking, but that text expansion oolala…

    1. No, I don’t think you should buy ice cream at Chic-fil-a, because they use some of the profits from your sales to promote their brand of bigotry. We have two kinds of votes here in the start spangled 50: one at the polls, and many with our wallets. But that’s my opinion, and thankfully, you’re free to express yours the way you like.

      The tolerant left are not only tolerant of those that believe in their ways, but tolerant of any ways. We just don’t have to agree or (and shouldn’t IMO) patronize their businesses. That is VERY different from restricting what one can do in their lives.

      Kudos you Wankmeister. And I mean the best kind of Kudos Strava can dish 😉

    2. People who don’t care should support his races. People who do care should know the causes he champions.

      The ring alarm thing is funny!

    3. Also need to study history a little, not necessary what you were taught in school. The Civil War was fought over the rights of individual states and the federal government’s control and taxation of them.

      Oh and by the way, the Bible DOES condemn homosexuality.

      1. Here we go … Don’t cut your hair nor shave. (Leviticus 19:27) Any person who curseth his mother or father, must be killed. (Leviticus 20:9). If a man cheats on his wife, or vise versa, both the man and the woman must die. (Leviticus 20:10).

        The Bible is a silly concatenation of goatherd myths. It is not a guide to moral or political behavior, unless you are a goatherd living in the desert thousands of years ago.

        I wouldn’t say I studied history, but I was forced to read a shit-ton of books as a history major who specialized in the Civil War. And yes, I’ve read “Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men,” the seminal work that looks at the complexity of issues underlying the causes of the Civil War.

        Have you?

      2. The bible also condemns sex outside of marriage, does that impact how you treat other people? Or do you just let that one slide by?

      3. East Coast baby seal

        Ummm… No.


        Yes, it is long. Yes it is worth reading. No no it is not pleasant.

        From one of the quoted sources:

        A Declaration of the Causes which Impel the State of Texas to Secede from the Federal Union.

        That in this free government *all white men are and of right ought to be entitled to equal civil and political rights* [emphasis in the original]; that the servitude of the African race, as existing in these States, is mutually beneficial to both bond and free, and is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the Almighty Creator, as recognized by all Christian nations; while the destruction of the existing relations between the two races, as advocated by our sectional enemies, would bring inevitable calamities upon both and desolation upon the fifteen slave-holding states.

        1. Now, then. Can’t we just make up history so that our acts of racism and aggression and murder were simply heritage and pride? CAN’T WE????

  2. I don’t support the confederate flag and could care less about blocking gay people from marrying who they wish but I still believe people in this fine country of our have the freedom to be idiots. I find it amusing that the “tolerant” left are really only tolerant of those who agree with them. I’m sure you and I would disagree on many, many issues but, I still support your blog because you’re funny as hell.

    1. I’m tolerant of different views. People post differing views here constantly. But tolerance doesn’t mean agreement, and it certainly doesn’t mean financial support.

      Thanks for the props, btw!

  3. Let’s come up with a competing ride for August 15. Something fun with no Confederate flags or concealed firearms.

  4. His views comport nicely with his genuine love of buggery which he has been known to candidly detail to strangers on rides. True story.

    1. Not just on rides! I believe this was the centerpiece of his 2013 Wanker of the Year acceptance speech.

  5. Not so sure that the South breaking off into a separate country is a bad idea. It could become a South American country.

    1. Speaking of asses, anyone who ever had the misfortune of getting on Brad’s wheel (however briefly) in the Telo hey days of ~2005 gave up on him long ago. I’ve been gone from the Southbay for many years. Do his nasty ass and testicles still shine right through his worn bibs?

      1. I was born in North Carolina…and definitely feel condemned.
        but…I am confused. I just re-read your post of 12/2/14 regarding House. I think the bloom has left the rose.

        1. My great-great grandfather John Turner was from Wilmington and surrendered with Lee at Appomattox. He rode home on a mule named Betsy who lived to be 27. So, yes, having deep Confederate roots implies condemnation. That’s why I resent it when people like House suggest that it’s just “culture.” It wasn’t my family’s “culture and heritage.” They fought for slavery, and lost.

          House was a fierce advocate here for cyclists’ rights, and a fierce advocate for lots of other crazy shit. His latest round of talk about the Confederate flag, the “treasonous” Supreme Court, and the uber-crazy open-open-open carry stuff exceeded even my ability to live with batshit nutso.

  6. While I agree with nothing the Confederate flag represents, the flag itself or memorabilia featuring it should not be banned, as they do us a great service in identifying the worst possible human beings.

    1. I agree. People should be allowed to purchase and display them along with swastikas so that the rest of us can spend our money accordingly.

  7. I could comment but I’m afraid I might be retaliated against.


    For speech to be truly free, judgement must be based on one’s actions.

    (Disclaimer: this is meant as an abstract argument only and shall not be construed as standing in defense of House)

  8. I think instead I will boycott promoters who espouse socialist/collectivist ideologies. Lotts & CBR come to mind.
    Ask some residents of Venezuela, Cuba, or Argentina how that’s working out for them …

    1. Then by all means do so. Let your financial support go to the entities who you are aligned with. Racist, homophobic promoters are clearly your bent, so support them. The point is that people should not be able to attack others in one venue, and solicit their patronage in another without repercussions.

      1. Yeah, but you have to be careful. For sure, riders who feel strongly against his views can/should not spend. But the government can’t be the morality legislator and deny an unpopular viewpoint from getting permits.

        Since this is cycling, how many will show up anyway? I’m thinking it’s about 4 less.

    2. Awesome! You had better stop eating most manufactured food from grocery stores because most of it comes from collectives. Damn American grain farmers and their collectivist ideologies.

      I actually fully support your decision to not support Lotts & CBR. It makes perfect sense.

      Next on your list would be USA Cycling. So, you gotta stop racing USAC altogether too because government interference granting monopolies is as socialist as it gets in America.

      See you on the bike path. Oh, wait, no you can’t do that either. Evil collectivist government or something? I get kind of lost in all that ideologizing.

      No time or place to ride a bike anyway! You got work to do busting down those collectivist ideologies! That means not using the Internet too. You go anti-collectivist warrior!

    3. You are awfully selective in your examples. How about we ask France, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium how it is working for them? Pretty damn well. All countries with a fairly good recent history of fair and democratic elections, and not the countries you have chosen which have had long and
      /or recent bouts of dictator/supreme leader issues.

      There is right and there is wrong, and in too many cases The Right is so incredibly and non-arguably wrong. There is a simple, lack of supportive evidence for anything The Right stands for, which simply leaves them with “making shit up”. We on the left usually have a lot of precedence and facts to back us up, and when it comes to people who are bat-shit crazy and want our money? We don’t, and won’t support them. There are always other places to spend our money until we learn that those people are also not worth spending our money at.

  9. “I think it’s healthy for the riders that race, the clubs and volunteers that support the event, and the governmental entities that grant his permits to ask whether or not this is the kind of promoter who reflects their values.”

    Agree with this up to the “government entities” portion. If I personally believe and champion that 1+1=3, the government should take that into account when deciding if it will grant me a race permit? Individuals, sure. The government, no.

    1. You’re right, ideology shouldn’t be a litmus test for approving a permit. But communities often have competing events applying for permits on the same day, and every community has the right to ask whether or not one event over another represents its values when trying to resolve that type of conflict.

      Also, communities can issue permits but can refuse to put local resources into assisting the event.

  10. Brad moved to Texas what, 2 years ago? Already he’s claiming southern rights of bigotry? What a carpet bagger!

  11. You know, you hear the same rhetoric from both sides; they each claim the higher morale ground.

    Just shut up and ride your bike!

    I’ll enter any bike race no matter who puts it on, Hitler, Mother Theresa, anyone. Isn’t this what its all about?

    As to the comment above; yeah Wanky is funny, but always at the expense of others.

    1. That you would enter a bike race put on by Hitler kind of makes the point.

      Right. Never, ever, ever make any jokes about myself. Ever.

      1. Ever hear of Jesse Owens or Louis Zamperini?

        Wanky remains what most talk about at the races, the dumbest educated guy we know.

      2. That one is harsh. One of my most intelligent friends always says it is better to be the smartest dumb motherfucker rather than the dumbest smart motherfucker.

  12. Wish I could live by your moral code and boycott all entities I disagreed with. Unfortunately, the IRS would throw me in the pokey if I didn’t pay my 39.6% and I certainly disagree with all three branches of our government at the moment.

    1. It’s not a moral code, it’s transparency. If the causes endorsed by people asking for your financial support are unimportant to you, then support them.

      If you are concerned about that, then it’s fair for you to know what those causes are.

      There is a difference between being subject to civil and criminal penalties for disobeying laws, and voluntarily spending your money to support people’s businesses.

      Transparency helps everyone. The people who don’t care about it are unaffected by it, the people who do care about it can decide accordingly.

      This is why food, for example, is labeled “organic.” Some people care, others don’t.

      This issue of transparency is what brought down apartheid in South Africa; investors who cared about it stopped investing in funds that bought SA stocks. Turns out a lot of people cared.

      I think if Brad’s races are identified with his strongly held and vituperatively voiced opinions, some people will be put off and decide to support other races or elect not to race. Others won’t care, which is also fine.

      1. Sad thing is, I started riding to get away from the stress and politics of life. There needs to be a separation of cycling and state.

  13. So apparently some guy named Joey would pay $45 to race a crit put on by Hitler. So we learned that today.

    That’s good.

  14. Yeah, that FB post with the flags was kind of depressing. It’s painful because I like Brad. He likes me. We got along really well on the Big Orange rides and I enjoyed his company. I’d unfriended once in the past and then came back but this time, I just had to shake my head and let him go. I’ve lost a few “friends” in the past over alp this hoo hah.
    Religion sucks and haters need to go the fuck away.

  15. Wanker, you are only the second person in my whole life who has used ignominious successfully in a sentence. Forget the message when cool words sound cooler

    1. Why bother with meaning when there are all these cool words available for free?

  16. I love that whole “heritage” argument. Gassing Jews was part of Germany’s heritage under the Nazis. Funny I don’t see them celebrating that ever. Friend of mine in Arkansas is trying to drum up support for a state bill abolishing Robert E. Lee Day in Arkansas. Which, ironically, falls on MLK Day. All those “heritage” types are threatening to burn his house down and hurt his family. Some heritage they have there…

    1. You might as well show a carbon-dated dinosaur fossil to a biblical fundamentalist. “The earth is 5,000 years old. Dog said it, I believe it, and that settles it.”

      1. You raise a good point, however, I feel like people are free to believe any kind of idiotic BS they want to. However, when those same people get into positions of power, and start making policy decisions based on that BS, then I feel like we have good reason to call them on their BS, and to be intolerant to them projecting their BS onto us and if we can, we should rub their damn noses in it.

  17. One of your best columns. Do you really have to explain that the Montgomery Bus Boycott would not have amounted to anything if the black citizens had continued to ride the busses because of respect for the traditions of slavery and Jim Crow. Bike racing is entertainment-stoopid entertainment but nevertheless. Oh, people were also free to go to Lester Maddox’s restaurant, if white, because freedom means ax handles, and of course, guns, lots of guns.

  18. Great post but tearing me up with my own hypocrisy having paid for and riding the BWR. That race is so clearly anti-women and I am, or thought I was, a feminist. Of course it is much easier for men, especially white men, to see racism and homophobia. Insulting, degrading shit against women – no problem. It was a great race, I wear the jersey but not without feeling a sense of guilt from my past, more radical self, who would never have supported the race. I only hope that mmx cleans up his misogynist act next year.

    Thanks for pointing out the fact that we can think about and choose where to spend our dollars.

    1. Yep. The things that you disagree with need to be pointed out, and if they can’t be resolved to your satisfaction you should speak with your pocketbook.

      Maybe a good starting point isn’t the conclusion — that you think it’s misogynistic — but rather laying out the specific things about it that bothered you and how you’d like to see it changed.

      On the other hand, sometimes an issue or an experience is so troubling that it defies dialogue and the only way we can realistically deal with it is to walk away.

      In any event, I wish more people would align their values with their purchases, me included.

      1. I wrote about the specific poo re bwr – as did others. Can’t bring myself to rehash them. The backlash was far more intense than what you’re getting here – though it’s bad enough here. I’m just glad you’re outspoken about these particular issues and reminding people about their monetary choices.

        1. Gotcha. Keep voicing what you stand for. Backlashing is the price of taking a stand! Plus, the occasional whipping every now and then … !

  19. For those who believe that “The Civil War was fought over states’ rights”, those “states’ rights” includes the right to buy, sell, and own slaves as chattel. Ironically, the Bible also supported slavery.

    But, now that we are a “civilized society”, be know that slavery is wrong. The South was wrong. And, the Bible is wrong. Dead fucking wrong.

    So, What Would Jesus Do? Well, I don’t think he’d be condoning slavery, hatred, bigotry, or gay-bashing. He’d be on the right side of history, as he was 2,000 years ago when he preached “Love Thy Neighbor”. More importantly, he would want us to be on the right side of history, too, and not be fucking assholes.

    1. Thanks, Kelly!!

      And there’s no way Jesus would do Brad’s race on August 15.

  20. The biggest racist’s were always Dem’s. – ie-George Wallace, etc. Thank God for great Republicans, like Lincoln, and the Rev. Martin Luther King. Not all Republicans share Brad’s view thank GOD, he really is in the minority, as far as I am concerned.

  21. I love voting with my wallet. Everyone should do it…regardless of the side they’re on. In a world where corporations are people and have
    inestimable power and reach, it’s one of the best weapons we have.

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