3rd Annual South Bay Cycling Awards announces special guest Steve Tilford

The 3rd Annual South Bay Cycling Awards will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Strand Brewing Co.’s new facility in Torrance. The event begins at 5:00 PM. Mark your calendars now. Award presenters Sherri, Steph, Lisa, and Chris are already getting their stiletto heels and high-slit dresses ready.

In addition to the usual nonsense, self-congratulatory platitudes, and having the chance to play “Who’s that cyclist I ride with all the time but can’t identify unless my face is four feet from their ass?” the following activities are on the calendar.

1. Receive tremendous swag offerings from SPY Optic, our sponsor. SPY’s CEO Michael Marckx has supported this blog and grass roots cycling from the day he took over as boss in Carlsbad. Those of you who attended last year will recall the SPY glasses that were given to category winners (not to mention the ones that were stolen by drunken attendees), the SPY t-shirts, and all of the other support that Michael & Co. personally delivered on the day of the event. This year I’m leaning on SPY again to bring the HAPPY, and they have already delivered.

2. I won’t be drunk at the mic. The down side is that I probably won’t have much to say. The up side is that since we’ll be at LA’s best brewery, no one will notice or care.

3. This year I’m flying in a special guest, the legendary Steve Tilford. I can’t do a better job of introducing Steve than by sending you over to his blog, www.SteveTilford.com. But I can tell you this: Steve is one of the greatest cyclists this country has ever produced, and he still races with the intensity today that he brought to the sport as a junior more than thirty years ago. Steve is a fitting keynote speaker for the event because he has been an advocate of clean racing for decades, and has paid the price for refusing to cheat. Yet the reward he has reaped–a career marked by integrity and amazing palmares–shows that some things are worth fighting for. Steve will also join the Saturday morning Donut Ride, where you can try to follow his wheel. Good luck with that!

4. In 2015 we’re introducing a South Bay Cycling Hall of Fame. The first inductees are people you will recognize for their advocacy, their skill as cyclists, or for their contribution to the unique culture that makes LA one of the best places in the world to ride a bike.

5. Award categories this year will be posted soon. You’ll get a chance to vote, and like any good authoritarian regime, votes will only be counted to the extent that the comport with a pre-ordained outcome.



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10 thoughts on “3rd Annual South Bay Cycling Awards announces special guest Steve Tilford”

  1. This truly makes me sad to be an East Coaster….perhaps I can arrange a business trip to the Left Coast on the aforementioned date. We have nothing like this around here and I’d love to see a role model to emulate, Wanky!

  2. This is going to be a special night not to be missed. Everyone who is anyone will be there. Even the no one’s who quietly kick the everyone’s asses will be in attendence.
    Dress up and have a great time.
    October 17…Don’t make any other plans!

  3. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no! It’s TilfordMan! In retrospect, that’s pretty goofy. If some clean-cut Republican came flying up in a blue suit and a red cape I doubt that I, even drunk at the mic, would mistake him for a bird or a plane. Say Jeb Bush took off his eyeglasses…then inexplicably ran into a phone booth (remember those?) (I do) and then changed into blue tights and a cape (this really is goofy) then just flew off; well, birds and planes wouldn’t begin to describe what would be happening in my brain.

    Faster than a speeding train? Well. yeah, if you’re Steve Tilford. Jeb Bush? Not so much. Where was I? Oh yeah…

  4. Oh S#IT! So my wife rides and is very competent on the bike but we don’t ride much together, so I asked her if she wanted to do the Santa Barbara Century, kind of knowing that it’s a lot of climbing for her. Of course, she initially said yes to call my bluff, so before she could renegotiate, I countered and signed us both up.

    Guess when the SB century is, why its October 17 of course!

    How do I get out of this? ????

  5. The Donut Ride with special guest Steve Tilford is going to be epic. People you’ve never seen, people returning for the event will double the ride.

    There’s going to be some glorious flaming-outery on that ride.

    I look forward to a very detailed post.

    1. Maybe a better way to say it: how many, “yeah, I stayed with Steve Tilford”, forgetting the fact it was to the first stop sign, stories will there be?

      I’m thinking greater than 10 and less than 30. Half of which come from riders you’ve never seen before.

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