Arc of triumph

We made it in fits and starts and with various modes of conveyance, but we made it! Here are some things I learned, and re-learned along the way.

1. The son is the father is the son.

2. Love is all you need, and a valid credit card.

3. The ride is inside you.

4. It’s all true, especially the parts I made up.

5. Cake for breakfast, yes.

6. Do it while you can.

7. The tortoise beat the hare.

8. Bathing is overrated, but not by much.

9. Doing beats saying.

10. When a man and his son endure together and laugh together they are changed forever.

39 thoughts on “Arc of triumph”

  1. Once again, you have arranged several hundred words into a tight little masterpiece enhanced with the perfect selection of images and made sacred with a quote from Caddyshack. Thank you.

  2. Having completed a couple of physical adventures with my children my main conclusion, is that I didn’t do it enough. However to have done it at all was a great gift that I will treasure, and being able to still get out and adventure, and have them come along as adults is rewarding as well. Glad you got to do this, and super glad we got to share in it.

    1. Thanks and agreed! More of this category is better, but better a little than none at all.

  3. Epic Journey. I’ve really enjoyed reading about it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. My kids are all grown, one with sons of his own. I’m going to pin him down for us to do the ride around the rim of Crater Lake. This was too good, Wanky! Well done to you and Woodrow!

  5. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

    So anyone contacted you about the film rights?

  6. Does Woodrow have his own blog? Would love to read his perspective on this great adventure. Maybe a guest post?

  7. David Huntsman

    I’ve loved reading your and Woodrow’s adventure. I try to make every ride Eddy and I do a little bit like this.

  8. Simply awesome!! What a great life experience for both of you. Getting out of your element makes you grow.

    “When a man and his son endure together and laugh together they are changed forever.” Or daughter[s]!

  9. Cliff Schultz

    Not many “kids” his age will allow themselves to be photographed with their know it all old man let alone stand next to him and smile.
    Very cool, very special. Great job as always.

  10. I was a little surprised by there was as much smiling in the middle of the journey (I give credit to the ice cream), but the ending smiles were definitely as big or bigger than the beginning smiles. 🙂

    Great adventure! Never a dull moment when your around. I can’t wait to see what the next adventure will be! Hey anytime you want to ride across Alaska, I’m in! 🙂

    We missed you on your coffee ride this morning. Some of us were wondering when you’d be back. The debate was next week or the week after. I thought the week after, right? We miss you, but it’s nice to have a piece of you through the blog while you’re away.

  11. Don’t stop now, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying living vicariously through your posts and looking forward to my own epic adventurers in years to come with my own offspring.

  12. Hello fsethd-san, Woodrow, and All,

    Way to go! Lookin’ Good! Not much further! Hang in there!

    You did it!

    Of course I (almost) had no doubts …..

    Good on ya



    +1 mph Faster

  13. Pete van NUys

    You’ve shared this one with Woodrow, and with us, and we’re all better off for it. Thank Seth… way t’go!
    “And you did it YOURRRRRR Waaaaaa.”

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