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I hope you’ll put these two races on your calendar:

Why? Because it’s your last chance in 2015 to win some good money in a SoCal crit. I’m donating $2,000 in cash primes for the 8/23 race, and an additional $2,000 in cash primes for the 8/30 race.

For the 8/23 race’s P/1/2/3 event I’m donating eight $100 primes and one $200 prime on the next to last lap. Same for the 40+ masters men’s race. Good luck prying those dollars out of Surf City’s mouth!

For the 8/30 race, $1,000 in primes will be up for grabs in the P/1/2/3 event, and ditto for the women’s P/1/2/3 race, with the elite women getting exactly the same prime payout as the elite men.

The cash primes, which will be cash, will all be paid out in cash.

I support Chris and Vera’s efforts because year in, year out, they put on quality races that are easy to get to, that are run on safe courses, and that respect the efforts of the participants. Everyone doesn’t get a medal but everyone gets treated with respect, at least if you consider getting called a “cupcake” respect.

As just one example of the way Chris listens to his customers, this year he gave the 50+ racers one hour races for virtually the entire year. As far as I know, that’s the best in the country for our age category.

There is so much that is messed up about amateur bike racing that it’s incredibly important to support the quality events that we do have. I wish I knew how to make bike racing more popular and more inclusive, but I don’t.

What I do know is that beefy primes thrown in every few laps can up the ante, change the riders’ calculations at varying points in the race, encourage attacking, and give a lot more riders the chance to win even though they may not win the race.

See you there!



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31 thoughts on “Show you the money”

    1. Breaking news: Local liquor stores in Torrance report a rash of late-night robberies.

  1. Jack from Illnois (not my real name)

    There is also a great crit in edwardsville Illinois on August 15. It’s a really easy 26 hour drive from the South Bay.

  2. Seth makin it rain!!!

    Though, I question giving Masters anything other than 30 minutes before they (me too) gotta pee.

    Race with your platform pedals.

  3. So did you play drug mule on the way back from the free world?

    Seriously though, nice one! Putting your hard earned where your mouth is.

  4. All that holiday money saved by slumming it in hostels and riding bikes now going to a good cause, encouraging wankers/wankettes to go hard and fast in bike racing.

    Good one Seth.

      1. Ha! Well, considering how beat up those things are, you may not be too far off 🙂

  5. Sorry, the extra money didn’t get the races on my calendar. They were already there because I LOVE racing my bike! But maybe your primes will wear out the fast ladies and if I don’t fall off my bike I might be able to win! Our maybe I’ll just go home happy that I had a fun day at the races.

  6. when there are 1 hour women’s races I might consider crits again – otherwise long drives, short races mean lost fitness and not enough burned calories (more bwr races, please). very cool about the primes; glad cash is flowing your way however it flows.

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