A nice sentiment

I got this email over the weekend and it made me smile.

Good morning Master Sensei Seth-san!

I was out riding this morning and after being motivated by a lady that I briefly chatted with at the Hawthorne light, I hoped to connect at some point on your Sea Beans ride and actually buy you and the others a coffee.  However, I got waylaid and detoured on my journey and never saw you.

More importantly than buying you a java, I wanted to thank you for the impact you have made to me personally and are making in the biking community, maybe even unbeknownst to you. Waiting for the light to change, a lady and her friends pulled up next to me, and after I said “Good morning!” she asked me in an almost reverent tone if I knew Seth Davidson.  I said yes, and that I loved your writing, and she said she reads your blog every morning and worries about something happening to you if you don’t write! That’s quite an impact! She will never race but she was definitely feeling the stoke of being out there.

As I rode away lost in my own thoughts, and having a Lukas Nelson song “You Were Always On my Mind” rattling around, I started thinking how you are on my mind on many of my own rides, and how many people you touch and how positive your influence has been in the biking community. I know I will never half-wheel anyone ever again, and when someone does it to me, I immediately think of your Lesson One to me years ago…and try to even up and tell them about the concept!

Sorry for the long rambling email, but I wanted to thank you for being you!  I hope to see you out on the road again soon, and buy you a cup or chat a bit, but know you are there riding with me many times when I don’t see you!



It’s true that we never know exactly who is watching, or reading, or listening, and kind emails like this remind me at least to keep the “fucks” to a minimum!

2015 South Bay Cycling Award Nominees Announced

“Everyone Wants a Wanky”

Nominees were announced on Facebag over the weekend, and the Internet, although not completely broken, was forced to limp along for a day or so. There was a fair amount of sore-assedness, but a much greater amount of enjoyment and hilarity and fun, which, as one writer noted, is the point of the whole thing. Those looking for a nomination process that is fair, balanced, apolitical, and legitimate should definitely look elsewhere. So, here they are:

Date: October 17, 2015

Location: New facilities of the Strand Brewing Co., 2201 Dominguez Street, Torrance, CA 90501

Guest of Honor: Steve Tilford (just annihilated the field at Leadville to win his division with a time that bested many of the top riders in all categories)

2015 South Bay Cycling Hall of Fame Inductees: To be announced

List of Nominees

  1. 2015 Greatest Advocate: Michael Norris, Jim Hannon, Eric Bruins, Daniel Holloway, Greg Seyranian, Phil Keoghan, Kevin Phillips, Rahsaan Bahati, Chris Lotts, Don Ward, Marilyn Sonye, Gary Cziko, Martin Howard
  2. 2015 Best Bike Shop: Safety Cycle, Helen’s, Ted’s Manhattan Beach Cycles, Peyton Cooke, Sprocket Cycles, Smith’s Cycle, Win’s Wheels, Bike Palace, Penuel Bicycles, Cynergy Cycles
  3. 2015 Best Young Rider: Diego Binatena, Jules Gilliam, Sam Warford, Summer Phillips, Makayla MacPherson, Ivy Koester, Wulfgang Lochmiller, Tyler Fradkin, Sean Burkitt, Noah Schlosser
  4. 2015 Best Old Rider: George Pommel, David Mack, Ron Malloy, William Buckley, Greg St. Johns, Tim Gillibrand, Jim Heise, Vicki Van Os Castaldi, Leo Longo, Michael Hines, Marc Spivey, Jim Bowles, Jeff Beeson, Gil Dodson, Jon Stark, Greg Leibert, John Walsh
  5. 2015 Most Improved: Dan Kroboth, Michelle Landes, Arik Kadosh, Keishawn Blackstone, Paul Foley, Hani Freudenberger, William Alique, Patrizia Richardson, James Cowan, Charity Chia, Langdon Taguiped, Tyler Fradkin, David Holland, Francis Hardiman
  6. 2015 Best Club: Big Orange, Velo Club La Grange, Beach Cities Cycling Club, Bahati Foundation, PV Bike Chicks, South Bay Wheelmen, SPY-Giant-RIDE, Long Beach Freddies, Ironfly
  7. 2015 Best Event: Belgian Waffle Ride, 805 Series, CBR Series, Brentwood Grand Prix, Manhattan Beach Grand Prix, South Bay Cycling Awards, Telo, Flog Ride, Dave Jaeger’s French Toast Ride
  8. 2015 Wanker of the Year: Brad House, Seth Davidson, James Cowan, Chris Tregillis, Stathis Sakellariadis, David Perez, Jon Budinoff, Patrick Brady, Marc Spivey, Shon Holderbaum
  9. 2015 Belgian Award: Phil Tinstman, Thurlow Rogers, James Cowan, Jon Davy, Michael Marckx, Michael Hines, Dave Jaeger, Stathis Sakellariadis, Gavin Hoover, Marcel Hoksbergen, Mark Neumann, Jonathan Paris
  10. 2015 Group Ride Champion: Stathis Sakellariadis, Aaron Wimberley, Diego Binatena, Cory Williams, Craig Leeuwenburgh, Michael Norris, Cameron Khoury, Joe Yule
  11. 2015 Best Sponsor: Strand Brewing Co., SPY Optic, Surf City Cyclery, Basso Bikes, Bahati Foundation, Hot Wheels, Bike Effect, Chevron, Samsung, StageOne, Reback McAndrews & Kjar, GQ6, RIDE Cyclery
  12. 2015 Best Male Racer: Phil Tinstman, Cory Williams, Greg Leibert, Charon Smith, Rudy Napolitano, David Miller, John Walsh, Derek Brauch, Pischon Jones, Sergio Hernandez, Kevin Phillips, Aaron Wimberley, Scott Crawford, Daniel Holloway, Rahsaan Bahati
  13. 2015 Best Female Racer: Suzanne Sonye, Emily Georgeson, Shelby Reynolds, Priscilla Savord, Kristabel Doebel-Hickock, Meagan Jones, Robin Kaminsky, Peta Takai, Marilyne Fichant, Tiffany Meyers
  14. 2015 GC Award: Daniel Holloway, Diego Binatena, Greg Leibert, Rudy Napolitano, Craig Leeuwenburgh, Justin Warfield, Aaron Wimberley, Rahsaan Bahati, Robert Efthimos, Phil Tinstman
  15. 2015 Crashtacular Fred:Jay LaPlante, Chris Gregory, Dan Kroboth, Emily Georgeson, Pischon Jones , Michael Marckx, Marc Spivey, Chris Tregillis, Jim Bowles, Keith the Cruiser Dude, Robert Efthimos, Doug Peterson
  16. 2015 Strava KOM: Stathis Sakellariadis, Chris Tregillis, Brian Perkins, Tony Manzella, Oron Kotlizky, Lane Reid, Craig Hummer, James Cowan
  17. 2015 Most Happy to Help Others:Gerald Iacono, Craig Leeuwenburgh, Bob Spalding, Michael Norris, Rahsaan Bahati, David Wehrly, Gus Bayle, Michael Marckx, Casey Maguire, Marshall Perkins, Marc Spivey, Joel Elliott, Robert Frank, Eric Rodas, William Alique, Greg Seyranian, Jim Hannon, Michael Barraclough, Pablo Maida, Greg Leibert
  18. 2015 Most Fun: Gus Bayle, Joe Yule, Dan Cobley, Jay LaPlante, Joel Elliott, Peta Takai, Marvin Campbell, Sochin Lee, Chris Gregory, Michael Barraclough, Jonathan Paris, David Miller, Suzanne Sonye, Denis Faye
  19. 2015 Best Spouse/SO:Jessica Sharratt, Laura Martin, Julie Lansing, Debbie Hoang Efthimos & her parents, Jami Brauch, Rob Unversagt, Dexter Freudenberger, Carey Downs, Hani Freudenberger, Eric Richardson, Patrizia Richardson, Lynn, Jim & Nancy Jaeger, Jeanette Seyranian
  20. 2015 Ian Davidson South Bay Rider of the Year:Tony Manzella, Carlos Ristorcelli, Michael Hines, James Cowan, Stathis Sakellariadis, Chris Lotts, Craig Leeuwenburgh, Suzanne Sonye, Rahsaan Bahati, Aaron Wimberley, Phil Tinstman

And then for historical purposes, below is the list of winners from 2013 and 2014:

2013 Comeback of the Year: Greg Leibert
2013 Club of the Year: Big Orange
2013 Sponsor of the Year: SPY Optic
2013 Champion of the NPR: Eric Anderson
2013 Telo Champion: Aaron Wimberley
2013 Wanker of the Year: Brad House
2013 South Bay Hardwoman: Suzanne Sonye
2013 QOM: Kristabel Doebel-Hickock
2013 Strava Champion: Lane Reid
2013 Crashtacular Fred: John Walsh
2013 Junior of the Year: Diego Binatena
2013 Ride Animator: Josh Alverson
2013 Spouse or S/O of the Year: Yasuko Davidson
2013 Good Samaritan: Michael Norris
2013 Best Advocate: Jim Hannon

2014 Best Advocate: Eric Bruins
2014 Best Bike Shop: Peyton Cooke
2014  Best Young Rider: Diego Binatena
2014 Person Most Transformed by Cycling: Jonathan Paris
2014 Most Improved: Peta Takai
2014 Best Cycling Club: Wonton Heavy Industries, LLC (Robert Efthimos)
2014 Best Rider in Multiple Disciplines: Marilyne Fichante
2014 Wanker of the Year: Stathis Sakellariadis
2014 Best Promoter: SPY Optic
2014 NPR Champ: Eric Anderson
2014 Donut Champ: Derek Brauch
2014 Best Male Racer: Charon Smith
2014 Best Female Racer: Suzanne Sonye
2014 Best All-Around Rider: Robert Efthimos
2014 Crashtacular Fred Award: Not awarded because some chick with a broken arm ran up and snatched it. “I’m the crastactular Fred!” she said, so we gave it to her.
2014 Most of Life Wasted on Strava: Lane Reid
2014 HTFU Award: Phil Tinstman
2014 Larger than Life Award: David Perez
2014 Best Spouse/SO: Sherri Foxworthy
2014 Ian Davidson South Bay Rider of the Year: Kevin Phillips



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16 thoughts on “A nice sentiment”

  1. Yeah,Seth. I note that you’ve not won anything, sadly, and so want to second the writer’s sentiment that you are a Regional Force for Good.
    I nominate YOU for that award.

    1. As much as I love dirty play, backroom shenanigans, and general skulduggery, getting nominated and winning awards at my own event is too sketchy even for me. I was nominated for various awards, but the only one I deemed worthy of keeping was Wanker of the Year.

      Refer to the Rulebook for additional info.

      1. So few people outside of Texas know that!
        Subscribing was truly a wise move on my part.
        Thank you!

  2. Once again, evidence that Seth unites the universe of cyclists! I am the mystery girl who GJIT talked to on Hawthorne. GJIT was wearing a SPY kit, so I had a feeling he may know the infamous wanker. As a result of my “name-dropping” (and kind note from GJIT), Seth has connected 2 cyclists in the swirling sea of cycling anonymity!

  3. Wow! If you’re helping the world end half wheelers, that alone is worth celebrating! I don’t understand why more people don’t understand the dangers of the practice, but somehow it seems to be missed in the current Cycling 101 classes.

    And I just looked up Caring Cuisine, it looks like she has a great gig going. Prepared food that looks healthy and tasty at a reasonable price. How often does that happen!?

  4. Yes, I’d also like to thank you Seth for the many entertaining stories that keeps me connected to my beloved So Cal. I live in Florida now and I get home sick. Your stories keeps my memories of LA alive as if I’m listening to my brother recounting his adventures.

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