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The sad, dysfunctional fact about USA Cycling in general, and SCNCA in particular, is that they have failed at their mission to build racing participation for so many years that today no one expects anything less than complete failure. Excuses, finger pointing, and the status quo have become hallmarks of our local racing association, and we have fewer races, declining numbers, and the terrible race turnout to prove it.

On the one hand that’s a great thing. Dedicating your youth to bike racing is like dedicating it to meth without the thrill of a prison sentence and the reward of several coat hanger tattoos on your butt. On the other hand it’s terrible, because in some remote galactic parallax of red-shifted wormholes, bike racing is a good thing. Don’t ask me to locate it on a map or in any known episode of Star Trek.

The latest full blown collapse of representation, transparency, honesty, and democracy came (fortunately) in the one arena of bike racing that is the most meaningless of all: Masters racing. To make a long and boring story into a short and boring one, I would explain it thusly:

Old people got angry about trinket distribution. They are still angry.

The more interesting question for me is not how/when/and at what age the wrinklebags can compete for trinkets, but rather this: How can we lure more unsuspecting kids into bike racing? Everyone can identify the problems and no one knows the answer, except by the process of exclusion, to wit:


So, to help get the junior gears rolling–and it’s a small start–I’m going to donate a monthly Best SoCal Junior Girl Racer award in the amount of $200.00 cash, and a matching award for the best SoCal Junior Boy Racer, courtesy of the $2.99/month subscriptions that come in via this blog. It feels better using the money that way than on the beer I’ve quit drinking.

You can nominate your racer (so far there are a whopping total of two, proving that it’s harder to give away money than you think) by going to my law firm’s Facebook page and adding your nomination as a comment to the post announcing the awards, which is pinned to the top of the page. Include as much detail as you want; the more you include the easier it will make the decision. And yes, self nominations are fine!



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17 thoughts on “Junior gearing”

  1. This is a good thing. This past summer the Long Beach Freddie’s paid $10 of every junior racer at Eldo. By the end of the summer we had 20 showing up. Also the top racer received a new frame. Next year we plan on increasing the program.

  2. I see you take transparency serious and come clean on this entire blog having been an advertising vehicle for the Law Offices of one Seth Davidson… Great cause! (the junior cycling that is!).

  3. Kids shouldn’t be racing bikes. They should spend their time away from school trying to beat the system to get into mediocre colleges, ie, studying. With whatever free time is left boys and girls should learn to interact in social settings as social awkward males will not be tolerated in the business world in 2025. However, if there’s enough free time to pursue physical activity the only appropriate sport is golf. No broken bones for boys and no unsightly road rash scars for girls.

    I’m only halfway being facetious.

    1. Thanks! And the COF’s (cranky old farts) do have a place, but it should be at the end of a very, very, very long line.

      1. Robert Efthimos

        The nice thing about P123 racing is that the COFs can sometimes make themselves useful be delivering the young bucks to where they need to be and then getting the hell out of the way and assuming their place at the end of that very, very, very long line. Hypothetically speaking – it’s not like this is our 2016 race strategy or anything like that.

  4. Amen! It should be all about Jrs. Attracting more kiddos is job #1 if the sport is to grow and survive. It’s about time we focus on helping Jr Masters. They are up against Pro Masters and without help the Jrs will fail and move to another sport. That will lead to a downward spiral of Pro Masters racing and likely the end of the sport. Hopefully USAC and the local associations will follow your lead and help the Jr Masters.


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