South Bay Cycling Awards 2015–THANK YOU!

  1. Thank you Dan Martin for creating by hand the most original and beautiful awards ever. These were a labor of love and a work of art. Everyone lucky enough to win one has something that they will be able to treasure forever.
  2. Thank you Derek Brauch for brainstorming with your amazing wife Jami to create the backdrop with Joe Yule’s design logo so that we had something the Oscars can only dream about. And the red carpet was a completely pro touch.
  3. Thank you Marc Spivey for putting together an off-the-hook music list and then patiently sitting through the entire presentation and running the sound. Thanks as well for the slide show that showcased the people of the South Bay.
  4. Huge thank you to the Executive Committee of Dan, Derek, and Marc: meetings, hit lists, nominations, voting, getting stuff together, getting stuff done, you guys are best. You’re the ones who dreamed up these awards three years ago and who have made it bigger, better, more fun, and more awesome every single year.
  5. Thank you Joe Yule for your beautiful art design; what a tremendous logo! You are the premier designer in the South Bay, in California, and in my opinion, the world.
  6. Thank you Tony Manzella for the posters that graced the entrance, that graced the event, and that we used in the goodie bags for the winners.
  7. Thank you Phil Tinstman for your generous donations from SPY Optic. The glasses, earbuds, and socks made the goodie bags! And a huge thank you for making the trip up from North County.
  8. Thank you Ole Smokey Mountain Moonshine for graciously donating moonshine jars to the winners. We’ll arrange to have the moonshine delivered–amazing stuff and thanks for supporting us for two years in a row.
  9. Thank you Michael Marckx for graciously introducing the hall of fame inductees with such heartfelt and meaningful words. You are a true friend, a great speaker, and one hell of a smart guy. Can’t wait for BWR 2016!
  10. Thank you Steve Tilford for coming all the way from Kansas to share your wisdom and your expertise on the bike. Riding with you was an unforgettable experience and a clinic in the sport from one of the greats. Thanks for inspiring us with your pro-cycling message!
  11. Thank you Chris Gregory for assembling the invitations and the mailing, for the hall of fame figurines, for the amazing cakes, for the gorgeous necklaces for previous years’ winners, for being willing at any moment to do anything, for showing up early and staying late, for always having a smile, and for the great award presentations.
  12. Thank you Lisa Conrad for for your gracious and excellent award presentations, and for being ready and willing to help at the drop of a hat.
  13. Thank you Sherri Foxworthy for your THIRD year of service at the South Bay Cycling Awards, and for classing up what started as a shitshow in a bar!
  14. Thank you Stephanie Lin for gracing the stage again for a second year and for doing such a great job learning how to put on those … you know!
  15. Thank you Jami Brauch for being superwoman and doing the hall of fame invitations, helping set up and break down, organizing the t-shirt sales, making sure things happened when and how they needed to, and always being there with a hug and your boundless good cheer.
  16. Thank you Trey Smith for the pro sound system that allowed people to actually hear what was being said!
  17. Thank you Phil Beckman for the world class photography.
  18. Thank you Jonathan Paris for helping with the set up, with the chocolates, and with the world’s most unforgettable giant baby seal piñata. Talk about making the show!
  19. Thank you Performance Cycle and Marc Mansolino for filling the baby seal with hundreds of dollars of the BEST cycling swag.
  20. Thank you Tara and Rob Unversagt for running errands, bagging the goodies, helping carry Marvin’s “artwork,” and being the stars that you are.
  21. Thank you Marvin Campbell for the best prop, I mean work of art, ever to grace an awards ceremony! That monster, I mean beautiful thing, will go into one of the giant steel rectangular display cases out behind the brewery to be treasured forever!
  22. Thank you Michelle Landes for the flowers and for never panicking! They were the hit of the evening.
  23. Thank you Coulter Turchin and Carter Williams for being such ripped fantastic flower and candy presenters. The women will treasure your studly embraces forever!
  24. Thank you Marilyne Deckman for helping with the invitations and the flowers and for your infinite good cheer.
  25. Thank you Kristie Fox and Susan Varee for doing the hard work of managing t-shirt sales, distribution, and service!
  26. Thank you Dan Chapman for bringing your beautiful artwork and sharing it with us.
  27. Thank you Craig Eggers for sharing your fantastic project, A Pint for a Pint, helping raise blood donations for the Red Cross.
  28. Thank you Casey Macguire for working the projection and doing it with a broken wrist and an unstoppable smile.
  29. Thank you Nelson Vails, Suzanne Sonye, Tony Cruz, and Ted Ernst for gracing our hall of fame inductions and taking time out of your busy schedules to be with us on this special night.
  30. Thank you Joel Elliott and Rich Marcello for giving us use of The Strand Brewing Co.’s new facility. Thank you Joel for the impact wrench, and thank you Rich for the great suggestion about beheading the baby seal! Winning! And  Joel I promise that next time we will align the grain on the plywood.
  31. Thank you Eric Anderson for the use of THE TRUCK. Sorry you had to show up at work in my Prius; I hope you parked a long way off from the company parking lot.
  32. Thank you Dave Worthington for coming to the event and sharing the posters and info about Mark Scott. And now you know that Strand Brewing is not located at Telo any more!
  33. Thank you Peyton Cooke for showing up the day before and assembling the backdrop.
  34. Thank you to all the previous years’ awardees who came and cheered!
  35. Thank you Dave and Lynn Jaeger for accompanying Jim and Nancy and encouraging them to come to the event. I know it was a long way and a hard drive for them, not to mention the heat. Their presence made the whole show worth it!
  36. Thank you to each finalist who showed up, to the deserving winners, and to the gracious nominees who didn’t win but who clapped and cheered anyway!
  37. Thank you Michael Norris, Bob Spalding, and the other icons of the South Bay who couldn’t be there last night–you were with us in spirit!
  38. Thank you Yasuko Davidson. I love you.

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13 thoughts on “South Bay Cycling Awards 2015–THANK YOU!”

  1. Thank you Seth, for being such a complete Wanker. Don’t think for a minute that the voting for Wanker of the Year was rigged. The candidates were all very deserving but the foam rose to the top of the beerglass. So Cheers, because without you none of this would be possible.

    1. 1. 2015 Best Spouse/SO: Jim & Nancy Jaeger
      2. 2015 Best Old Rider: Tim Gillibrand
      3.2015 Best Young Rider: Jules Gilliam, Summer Phillips, Makayla MacPherson
      4.2015 Greatest Advocate: Jim Hannon
      5. 2015 Most Happy to Help Others: Craig Leeuwenburgh, Bob Spalding
      6. 2015 Best Event: Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
      7. 2015 Best Bike Shop: Helen’s
      8. 2015 Best Sponsor: GQ6
      9. 2015 Best Club: Big Orange
      10. 2015 Most Fun: Peta Takai
      11. 2015 Most Improved: Dan Kroboth
      12. 2015 Crashtacular Fred: Kristabel Doebel-Hickock
      13. 2015 Strava KOM: Brian Perkins
      14. 2015 Group Ride Champion: Cameron Khoury
      15. 2015 Belgian Award: Gavin Hoover
      16. 2015 GC Award: Robert Efthimos
      17. 2015 Best Female Racer: Emily Georgeson
      18. 2015 Best Male Racer: Cory Williams
      19. 2015 Wanker of the Year: Seth Davidson
      20. 2015 Ian Davidson South Bay Rider of the Year: Rahsaan Bahati

  2. Thanks for a delightful event! Extra kudos for the Hall of Fame choices – that was truly a treat. Very well done!

  3. Sure, Dan’s awards are nice and pretty and handmade and perfect. But they’re too small and lightweight to beat somebody to death with.
    But the fact remains, whatever came up after last year’s giant inflatable penis was going to measure up short…
    Great party! Thanks for everything!

  4. Topless podium boys! Blushing female award recipients! What a bash!


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