Bike Racing Survey Analysis

It pays to have friends in high places, and barring that, to have friends who are really, really, smart.

I got an email from Heidi Christensen the other day offering to analyze our bike racer survey. The survey had been put together by Joe Camacho at Velo Club La Grange, and although we had the canned Survey Monkey results it was gibberish, which is mostly what you’d expect from a bunch of monkeys.

Heidi, however, is a pro, and she took the raw data (I’m still not even sure what raw data is … uncooked? Does it go with a Paleo Diet?) and put together this eye-popping analysis.

Thank you, Heidi, and CHECK IT OUT HERE!!




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17 thoughts on “Bike Racing Survey Analysis”

  1. Scanned for the moment, tucked away and saved for future reference.
    Thanks to all involved, good work.

  2. Heidi Christensen

    Who the hell puts that many charts into a report?? Thanks for the kind (so far) words. Glad I could help; hope you can pull something useful out of it.

      1. Heidi Christensen

        You are very welcome. Like I said, glad I could help. Sorry I didn’t give you due credit in the summary intro; I didn’t really know where the survey came from.

        The questions were fine, although we might think about tweaking them a little if you repeat this next year. 🙂

  3. It’s nice to have friends, period. You seem to have a lot of friends that have a wide variety of talents. And Heidi is right up there! I LOVED the summary: short, concise, all information in a clear, easy to digest the format. I’m very impressed. The details were great too (and useful for many involved parties), but the summary is gold.

  4. I think a good question set, in hindsight, would be about masters 30+ racers: how many junior-age kids do they have, do they ride bikes at all, do they ride bikes with mom/dad on the road, do they race, if not then why not, et cetera.

    1. Agreed. There’s also a whole world of bike racers out there who are young and totally into it and who will never do a USAC race: Fixed gear riders.

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