2015 lessons

I am a slow learner. But I’m getting there.

  1. Suck wheel.
  2. Wait.
  3. Eat three times a day (not three + snacks).
  4. Super light climbing wheels work.
  5. Fruit is better than chocolate.
  6. Keep the knives in the kitchen drawer razor fucking sharp.
  7. Nothing reverses aging.
  8. The rider who moves first almost always loses.
  9. Don’t ever be the strongest rider in the break.
  10. Better to let the winning move go and hope it gets brought back than to go with a winning move from which you can’t possibly win.
  11. Numbers and data are generally your enemy.
  12. Ride less.
  13. Hurt less.
  14. Go all in at least once a week. But not for very long.
  15. Everyone gets dropped.
  16. If you’ve been riding and racing for ten years or more, you don’t need “base” anything.
  17. It’s easier to lose and maintain weight loss with less variety in your diet.
  18. Follow only great wheels.
  19. Practice descending inches off great wheels.
  20. If it’s not fun you’re doing it wrong.
  21. Lightweight, yes.
  22. Aero, yes x 3.
  23. Share. No one was born doing this.
  24. “What’s your name?” is the nicest thing you can ever say to a new face.
  25. Remembering it is the second.
  26. If you expect repayment, it’s not a favor.
  27. Does your wife care who won the climb or where you are on Strava? Neither does anyone else.
  28. Bicycles are for transportation.
  29. Everything eventually wears out, including you.
  30. Greet the day, clean your chain.
  31. Noel will get back on his bike one day.
  32. It’s not worth fighting over.
  33. “Good job!” doesn’t cost anything to say.
  34. No one asked you.
  35. After you die, there is no after.



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26 thoughts on “2015 lessons”

  1. Great list! I think it speaks to most of us. I especially like #27. I only get a polite nod from the wife whenever I complain about someone stealing my KOM. KOM what?!

  2. nice. “Fruit is better than chocolate” is my nightly mantra – now going on 3 weeks. It’s a damn fine lie that has allowed me to drop 5 pounds and also eliminate morning sugar hangovers.

  3. 1. #7, as a friend’s mom said “I earned my wrinkles and I’m proud of every one.”

    2. #15, everyone who tries… And with that, fear is a bad reason not to do something.

    3. #20, Yes, yes, yes! If you’re not having fun, you are doing it wrong (very true with track)

    4. #32, I would say: choose your battles carefully. Occasionally, it is worth it, not often.

    5. #35 isn’t new this year. You knew that last year.

  4. I don’t need to clean my chain because it’s brand spanking new. So, I would add “check chain for wear.” Meanwhile, I have a new chain, and a new cassette, and a new chain ring. I feel chastised that I messed up my perfectly good SRAM Red cassette which costs over $300, butI am secretly proud that I rode my bike enough to wear it out.

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