How they got here

This blog is hosted on WordPress, which has some pretty cool features. One of my favorites is the “search term” function.

This keeps a record of every search term that has been used to guide people here, and how many times that term was used. As a tech savvy blogger I’m supposed to use this information to optimize SEO and once I find out what that is, I will. In the meantime I use it for humor.

There has a been a clear trend towards “cleaning up potty mouth” here at CitSB. The search term lists for 2011-2013 were so vile and nasty that I decided not to post them, although they were off-the-hook funny.

To think that you could type in “jock sniffer cycling wanker” and get to my blog is, well, awesome, and trust me when I say that’s super G-rated compared to some of the other search terms.

Click here to see the the PDF of 2015_search_terms, all 11,814 of them, that people used to get here in 2015. I bet you laugh. My personal favorites are #519, #571, #700, #779, and of course #838.



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23 thoughts on “How they got here”

    1. Dude … 2012 was hilarious beyond any words … wait, hilarious exactly per the words.

  1. Big Data! I see that one can also get here by searching for “Fields” but “Dickson” doesn’t. *lol*

  2. Ok, New resolution. Type in wacky search phrases, then scroll to page 87 of the results to finally find this site…click it. Wait 12 months for hilarity to ensue upon next list publication. Nevermind, I can’t top what the internets have already provided:
    319: “searching for second hand pit bike please if they do deliver to auto please cheat” (Some things are worth cheating for!)
    411: “thong bike crotch women captions” (I just can’t think what to type under this thong bike crotch women picture.)
    719 “gun purse baskin-robbins coach” (you need a coach for that?)
    989 “we be crawlin onna rode like a armadillo” (you should get a coach for that!)
    1051 “people going crazy murderously” (you need to search for this? Just look around!)

  3. There sure are a lot of scatological and/or jockstrap searches that bring people to your blog. People are weird.

  4. After all that… WAAAAY down at the bottom, there are still almost 12,000 “unknown search terms?” That scares me even more than the rest of it.

    What’s the deal with all the barefoot cycling?

    1. It’s the latest thing in St. Petersburg. Long story about the UST’s. Maybe I can explain over a glass of craft water.

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