Strava announces anti-doping policy

The popular social media running-cycling app Strava announced today that it has instituted an anti-doping policy, effective immediately.

“We’re going to go back and re-analyze every segment ever recorded,” said CEO and co-founder Michael Horvath from the company’s San Francisco headquarters. “First we’re going to use a proprietary algorithm we’ve developed to match every single segment against our proprietary Body Type Database. If the number doesn’t match the body type, the segment will be automatically flagged.

“Once flagged, the member will get an ‘Uh-oh, looks like you’re a fuggin’ cheater!’ email, and have a five-day window to lodge an appeal with the new Strava Performance Integrity Team. SPIT will review the appeal and then make a final ruling.”

When asked how many segments would likely remain in Strava’s global database of 15,923,281,066 recorded segments, Horvath responded “About six.”



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21 thoughts on “Strava announces anti-doping policy”

  1. Paul Thober (not my real name)

    Uh-oh. I have four Strava “KOM”s all attained with meteorological doping, i.e. with a 30+ mph tailwind. I might add that there isn’t an “M” within 25 miles of any of those segments. Should I call Travis Tygart and come clean?

    1. No need to call. You’re already on their list. Get ready for unannounced, 24-hr. whereabouts meteorological testing.

  2. My driveway is about 100 yards long and steep….getting home is no problem, as I go ‘down’ the driveway, but leaving poses a problem. I ‘accidentally’ posted this as a Strava segment, and, well, I was driving my truck ‘accidentally’, so I think Strava is going to red flag me, As the time (6.2 seconds) and my body type (actually, I don’t think they have invented a name for this body type yet) most likely are incongruous (that’s a lawyer word)…Can I blame this on a supplement?

  3. I’ve started using map my ride where a person can be free, to do what they want to do, with out judgment from those pesky anti doping dudley do rights.

    Look out for my line of dope-smasher luxury cycling wear, coming to a cycling ‘training’ blog soon. I hear there is about to be an opening in the market.

  4. in today’s SF Chronicle “Strava is concerned about the Health and Integretity of all its Team players and is forming another department to socialize SHIT issues.”

  5. has a little syringe next to dopers names. Strava should do that.
    However, I see that Meeker has a syringe but Leogrande does not. It doesn’t seem to be very accurate but at least they are doing something.

    1. So funny, in a sad, pathetic, depressing, absurd, ironic, humiliating kind of way.

  6. While they’re at it why don’t they red flag those achieved in group rides, motor-paced, or possibly a Nibali team car.

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