Hardest Belgian Waffle Ride ever

It was 146 miles of hell, dirt, rocks, and relentlessly battering climbs.

But I didn’t do it.


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    1. I was the guy who did the on and then when they it was except for the only who and bam.

  1. Seth, I remember the 1984 Tour de Louisiane. None of it was in Baton Rouge, however. I think that Criterium was in Hammond, Louisiana on a very technical course around a small park and surrounding neighborhood. It may have been the year that we had to cancel most of the criteriums because some of the roads became too slick to ride when it started pouring rain. Also, I think some lady drove her car into a ditch in the height of the rainstorm because everything was so flooded she couldn’t tell where the edge of the road was. We abandoned that course after that year because of the condition of the streets when wet. These photos are from the ’84 TDL road race. The 45th edition of the stage race is this June. Come on down, I’ll tell them not to yell at you this time.


    – Randy.

    1. You’re right! There was only one crit and it was not canceled. Thanks for this link!

  2. You should have done it! It was horrendously hard!

    Nice podium talk with Jim! 😉

  3. I’m a loyal reader of The Wanky Times. However I couldn’t get through this post. Drifted off at 146. Too Long.

  4. As this was my first BWR, I cannot confirm if it was the hardest but it was certainly my hardest day ever on a bike. Looking back one day removed, I can say it was my favorite day spent on a bike. When can I sign up for 2017?

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