No, I haven’t

It’s often that I run into someone, especially at races, and they say “Man! You’ve lost weight!” They are thinking this:


To which I say, “No, I haven’t. I’m the same weight as the last time you saw me.”


The disease is STRONG in this one. Four measurements a day with all manner of strange and meaningless averages.
Endless weighing but the result is always the same …


Given up on four times a day but the average doesn’t change …


Broken nutsack correlated with weight gain …


Let’s just do once a day and call it good. Okay?
Same. END

29 thoughts on “No, I haven’t”

  1. Can you say anal?

    Or if I did something like that ….. when my wife rolled her eyes …… I would cast this exercise as a scientific experiment using statistical analytic averaging …… or ……….. wasting time?


  2. Same here except it’s like 195. Like it’s been painted there. Can’t budge it. Eat tiny meals all week, slide down to 194. Eat bar food for a week, I’m up to 196. As long as I stay below Clydesdale I guess I’m okay. But then, I’m not racing.

    1. I think he’s needing an SQL database and a web interface hosted at penguin…….

      1. As long as it fits on my clipboard and can hang on the nail pounded into the wall over the shitter I’m good with it.

      1. 🙂 it’s what Hani uses to do vast analysis on complex structures that I have no chance of understanding…..

  3. I may have weighed myself this year, can’t recall. Possibly did last year but I can’t remember the number. I have my OCD tendencies but weight is not one. That’s a great set of records there tho Wanky; vive la difference.

      1. Ok because at the end of page 16 it looks like you got confused and tried to use your arm as the pencil.

  4. Michelle Landes

    Holy moly consistency much! BTW we weigh the same and I’m 5’7 sad face😰

  5. The burning question is, how often do you calibrate your scale, and have you factored the gram deviations off zero?

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