More traffic safety committee stuff …

The Palos Verdes Estates traffic safety committee has its monthly meeting tomorrow, July 6, and bicycling is on the agenda.

The big question is whether the city should take down the punitive “Bicycle Laws Strictly Enforced” signs and replace them with “3-Feet, It’s the Law” and “Share the Road” signs.

Personally, I think they should paper the whole fuggin’ city with “Cagers who harass bikers will be drawn and quartered!” but that may not happen. And I guess it is progress that instead of threatening everyone on two wheels with “strict enforcement,” which frankly sounds like you’re going to be bound with leather straps and beaten by a dominatrix wielding a cat o’ nine tails, the city is going to put up some finger-wagging “3-feet, folks” and some saccharine “Let’s be friends” signs.

Yeah, progress. Because a couple of dozen extra signs are going to change the behavior of motorists in a city that has, for decades, tolerated the violence and illegal shenanigans of the Lunada Bay Boys, none of whom, by the way, are boys, and all of whom are rumored to be saggy, baggy, flabby, middle-aged farts who still live on Mom’s couch.

But I digress.

The good thing about the PVE “Can’t we all just get along by putting up a few signs?” project is that it seems to be accompanied by a realization that bicycle riders need to be taken into account. WOW!!! The agenda even says that the signs are the part of a bike master plan that’s in the works.

It’s the master plan verbiage that should give you hope, and more importantly, a reason to show up at the meeting.

I know it’s late, I know you’re weary, I know your plans don’t include me; but we’ve got tonight babe, so why don’t you stay (at the traffic safety committee meeting)?

C’mon. Please?



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13 thoughts on “More traffic safety committee stuff …”

  1. I’m still waiting for the dominatrix with the Cat o nine tails. Oh, good times!

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  3. Sharrows Sharrows Sharrows. Those are the one of the few easily recognized pieces of road markings that says clearly “Bicycles can use the full lane” and obviously implies “Share The Road” which, while better than the punitive signs of the past is still a little ambiguous. I have had cagers which interpret that as Single File on the Right so I can share the road and pass you.

    Anyway, it does represent progress, and I think a key piece of text from the engineers letter is “many of whom are PVE residents”, so it isn’t simply outside cyclist rabble rousers.

    Good Luck!!

    1. Yes, this was amazing. Hey, they’re only people. Why NOT kill them and laugh about it?

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  5. “Share the Road” signage is lame and effectively useless.
    It is interpreted as optional “suggestion”.
    A typical motorist will think, “duh, I am already sharing it with other vehicles”.
    We are already bombarded with such high density of road signs, that I think the majority are simply ignored, anyway.
    Marginal gains, perhaps.

    1. I don’t share my wife. I don’t share my bike shorts. I don’t share the fuggin’ road.

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