The Empire Strikes Back

Now that the City of PVE’s traffic safety committee has recommended the radical and revolutionary step of putting up a couple of signs that say “BMUFL” and “3-Feet,” a group of residents has proposed banning bikes from certain public roads within the city.


I will be charitable and assume they don’t understand that the streets in PVE are public and that bicycles are legally allowed to ride on them. I will be charitable and assume that they don’t understand that municipalities cannot preempt the California Vehicle Code. I will be charitable and assume that they haven’t thought through the ramifications of a few  angry citizens seizing public property.

But I won’t be charitable when it comes to the cycling community.

Here’s why: On July 12, at 6:00 PM, there will be a city council meeting at Palos Verdes Estates council chambers, 340 PV Drive. Cycling and the approval of the new signs is not on the agenda.

However, opponents of the signage, who also advocate illegally restricting cyclists from public roads, have already met with police and city officials. Postings on social media indicate that some PVE residents are going to virulently oppose any affirmative steps taken by the city to make cycling safer, or to increase enforcement of California’s 3-foot law.


Happily, I’m one of the targets in all this. Two members of the Lunada Bay Boys On Mom’s Couch Gang showed up at the protest ride and introduced themselves as “Rich dudes,” then interviewed me and did a great job of proving that I was wrong when I said that none of the roads in PVE were wide enough to accommodate a car and bike side-by-side. After heckling our protest ride, they put together a video and proved pretty clearly that a very short portion of the road we were on was 18 feet wide.

They neglected to note that it was only a couple of hundred feet long before it immediately narrowed down to a substandard width, and they agreed that the 3-foot law needs to be enforced. Bizarrely, the street that they have proven to be wide enough to accommodate bikes and cars (for a few hundred feet) is now part of the very same section of roadway that the angry residents are trying to ban cycle traffic from.

Moreover, they didn’t think my blog was funny, which is weird, because I try really hard to write a fair, balanced, ordinary bicycling blog that is non-controversial. Why? One simple reason: My mom sometimes reads it and I would be mortified if she ever saw me write words like “fuck” and “shit.”

But back to the Lunada Bay Boys On Mom’s Couch. They deserve props for caring enough about the issue to show up, scream at peaceful protesters, video it, spend two weeks and all 56 of their combined IQ points editing it, and then share it from an email called And I mean that. They do care. They may be unemployed bums, but unemployed bums have a whole lot of choices about what to do in a day, and choosing to counter-protest is pretty healthy for democracy, certainly more so than another drunken day harassing women and vandalizing cars at an illegal rock shelter built on protected public state shorelines.

The bicycling community now needs to build on the success we’ve had with the traffic safety committees in PVE and Rancho PV. What does that mean?

It means it’s time for usto show up.

The city council will allow concerned members of the public to address the signage issue even though the council won’t be voting on it at this meeting. This past Wednesday 17 cyclists made polite, sincere, and intelligent appeals to the PVE traffic safety committee. That needs to happen again on July 12, and again when the council meets to formally vote on the recommendations. You can rest assured that the PVE residents who don’t want the 3-foot and BMUFL signs installed have already met, spoken, and emailed every single council member, the city manager, the city engineer, and everyone on the traffic safety committee.

If you can’t make it, fine. What about your husband or wife pr boyfriend or girlfriend or kids? If you can make it, why not bring your husband, wife, or kids with you? The roads may be in PVE, but PVE doesn’t own them. To the contrary, the city takes hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to pave and maintain them. They are our roads, too.

Democracy isn’t Facebook. It’s not Twitter. It’s not email or Reddit or NextDoor or campaign contributions and it’s sure as hell not this blog.

Democracy is you, your family, and the most precious resource you have: Your time. The elected officials in PVE are like elected officials everywhere else. They show up, struggle with problems, and try to find the best solutions for the least price that results in the most happy constituents and the fewest angry ones.

In short, if they’re doing their jobs even remotely correctly, they compromise.

We can be part of the compromise, but only if we collaborate by showiung up. I know that Tuesday is Telo training crit day and Eldo training crit day and there are lots of better places to be at 6:00 PM, but we can’t be heard by the people who matter unless we’re in the chambers with our names on a speaker card.

Please show up and help. Ironfly, South Bay Wheelmen, BCCC, PV Bike Chicks, and especially the members of the Double Secret Probation Cycling Committee, i.e. Jim Hannon & Eric Bruins & Mike Norris. LaGrange will be sending people, and they’re not even in the South Bay–they’re coming because public access to public roads isn’t a joking matter, and safety in PV is crucial to every cyclist on the coast.

We need you.

You will be empowered by the engagement and you’ll gain a ton of respect for the council members and the police. You’ll also gain respect for the people who oppose safer and better streets, and who think that bicycles are a plague. They may see the world differently, but they care enough to show up and make their case. They want their city to be a better place, and to them that means fewer bikes.

They care.

Do you?


PS: If you’re planning on attending the Tuesday, July 12 meeting of the PV City Council, please note: 1) Although the meeting starts at 6:00 PM, public comment won’t begin until 7:30, and probably not until after that. So no need to be there at 6:00. 2) The council will be voting on the signs at their next July meeting; this meeting is an opportunity for us to communicate to the council that we support the signage and want them to vote on it at the next meeting. Hopefully you can attend both meetings.


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19 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back”

  1. Your City is on the cutting (shooting) edge of the hottest issue today: use of municipal regulation to deprive or target certain groups, producing greater potential for (1) fines and city income; and (2) violent confrontation. Think other Munincipal regs where no walking in street if a sidewalk exists.

    Elsewhere but on many people’s minds today: Oppressive city/municipal regs aimed at black noncompliance for a pre textual offenses create an indentured class who, once stopped for incredibly minor or nonexistent “crimes”, go a long way to fund the municipalities’ expenses with excessive fines (or fill their debtors prisons).
    Combine it with people owning a gun and you’ve got a whole lot of fear and trigger-happiness.

  2. I’ll try to be there despite health issues. Is “July 6” a typographical?

  3. Seth…count me in with the Rebel Alliance. You & Gerry know my story. How do I request to make comments at the chamber meeting (or should I wait until the voting session?) I’m forwarding this post to the hundreds of my non-cycling club friends who ride to support finding cures for cancer, arthritis, and other life altering diseases that distinguish not between elite cycling club members, professional cyclists, normal citizens, and yes even members of the Lunada Bay Boys On Mom’s Couch Gang. – CarlF

    1. Hi, Carl. Thank you! Just show up, fill out a card, and speak. The points should be concise, especially if there are a lot of people. We’re suggesting the following format:

      1. Thank the council for taking on this tough issue.
      2. Thank the police chief for helping de-escalate tensions.
      3. We support removal of the “Bike Laws Strictly Enforced” signage.
      4. We support the 3-foot signage.
      5. We oppose Share the Road signage.
      6. We support Bikes May Use Full Lane Signage.

      Short and simple! What important is that the cycling community see this as a long term issue, not one that will be resolved after a meeting or two. The price of riding our bikes on the Hill is involvement in the political process.

      Democracy happens when people show up!

  4. On the posted July 12 PVE Council Agenda, I’m not seeing anything regarding cycling :
    In fact, it’s _closed session_ until about 730pm.

    Is the plan for us to speak during this segment ??
    “Communications from the Public – portion of the agenda is reserved for comments from the public on items which are NOT on the agenda.”

    1. Hi, Tom. Yes. The bicycle signage issue will be placed on the next July meeting agenda. On Tuesday we’ll have a chance to speak and explain to the council why we support the BMUFL signage; they will vote on it in a subsequent meeting–hopefully people will be present there, too. I will.

  5. If you’re planning on attending the Tuesday, July 12 meeting of the PV City Council, please note: 1) Although the meeting starts at 6:00 PM, public comment won’t begin until 7:30, and probably not until after that. So no need to be there at 6:00. 2) The council will be voting on the signs at their next July meeting; this meeting is an opportunity for us to communicate to the council that we support the signage and want them to vote on it at the next meeting. Hopefully you can attend both meetings.

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