The bravest among us

The worst thing that can happen to you isn’t being tortured and killed. It’s having that happen to the people you love.

You’d think that no matter how testy things got between the Lunada Bay Boys on Mom’s Couch and cyclists on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, there would be a line in the sand that even spoiled, failed, class action defendants wouldn’t cross.

You’d be wrong.

The latest spitball in the classroom melee over the world-shaking, hard to answer question of whether or not it’s okay to kill cyclists with your car was flung by the anonymous goon who maintains a hatesite dedicated to attacking everyone and everything that challenges the white supremacy of the PV Peninsula.

And of course, being a bully and a coward (but I repeat myself), he attacked a child.

Let me back up.

The Lunada Bay Boys on Mom’s Couch really is a thing. In a recent Daily Breeze article in which the LBBOMC were sporting afro wigs and blackface on MLK Day, one of the alleged perpetrators was defended by … his mom:

According to the lawsuit, a local surfer named Anthony Beukema wore blackface and an Afro wig to the protest, telling organizer Chris Taloa, “You don’t pay enough taxes to be here.” Beukema could not be reached, but his mother vehemently denied the allegations to a reporter.

In addition to defending the public coastline that they’ve stolen from the people of California, which is right in line with what their soul-brethren in Rancho Palos Verdes Estates are seeking to do with Crest Rd., i.e. convert public roadway to private property so that bikers can’t ride there, the Lunada Bay Boys on Mom’s Couch have taken up the anti-bike cause on the peninsula as well.

One local realtor has gone on social media sites such as NextDoor and proclaimed that if cyclists get killed when disobeying traffic laws, it’s simply Darwinism at work. It makes you wonder what this must mean for his real estate pitches (“You’ll love this house. Great view, nice pool, friendly neighbors unless your kid’s on a bike then they will kill you.”) A small cadre in PVE have even brought into the cycling discussion such ideas as the Hajnal Line, and have pointedly suggested that that the reason PVE is so nice is because it is so white.

By now you’re probably wondering, “All this over a couple of bike signs?”

Answer: Yes. Oh, yes.

Anyway, at the last two PVE City Council meetings, one of the pro-bike speakers spoke, followed by his 12-year-old daughter. A few short weeks later the kid had become a target, with offensive and false comments posted about her on social media, comments so awful that the NextDoor admin took them down and even (Gasp!) admonished the poster.

So we’ve descended into 21st Century Online Hell, where grown men defendants sleeping on mom’s couch and their enablers are actually targeting children who dare to approach the lectern at a public meeting. And as repugnant as that sounds, well, maybe it’s not.

The first lesson in civics reminds me of this Japanese proverb: The nail that sticks up will get pounded down.

There are no risk-free public lecterns, whether you’re a kid advocating for safe streets or the parents of a soldier killed in the line of combat. Democracy and the defense of free speech mean that in order for good people who stand for justice to be heard, we must also hear the voices of Westboro Baptist Church.

It’s painful on a personal level when a surf gang member of the Lunada Bay Boys on Mom’s Couch attacks your kid (but less painful, perhaps, when you consider MMX’s question, “Have you seen them surf?”), but as a parent and a citizen you’ve already won. Your kid has stood up to the bullies, just like this kid did, and when the Palos Verdes City Council had to take a vote on making the streets safer, they voted to make the streets safer.

Take note of that, Boys on Mom’s Couch: The city council sided with an articulate 12-year-old and rejected the rantings of droopy, failed, defendant old men who are guilty of the worst crime you could ever commit in California, i.e. crappy surfing.

The Kooks on Mom’s Couch were too fearful and outnumbered to show up at the council meeting, and they lost. Their only recourse was to make some ugly videos, spew a little hate, and yell at mom to pick up another tub of ice cream at the Malaga Cove Ranch Market. And a sixer.

We teach our kids that sometimes the right thing is the hard thing, but maybe we’ve lied to them a little bit: The right thing is always the hard thing. The right thing is the Gandhi thing, the MLK thing, the Lincoln thing. It’s the path everyone wants to take until they note it’s overgrown with weeds, and each blade of grass is the serrated edge of a knife.

Like every leader, this kid has made the rank and file who support her dig in. If she’s willing to go to the lectern and advocate for safer streets, the nameless hundreds in her corner are willing to dig in, too, from the elected officials to the police to the Lycra-clad to the overwhelming majority of decent people in PVE who are sickened by these clowns.

Doubt me? Just watch. ‘Cuz three feet, fellas, it’s the law. Even in good old PVE.




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34 thoughts on “The bravest among us”

  1. Just wow. I’m always amazed how some people will behave when faced with others who will stand up to their stupidity. Well done!

  2. White-boy surf “gangs” in affluent neighborhoods have always mystified me. Down south here we had the “Bird Rock Bandits” in La Jolla who were giggle-worthy until they killed pro surfer.

    1. Surfers here, too, have been killed by rock-throwers from the cliffs. Just a little fun, you know.

  3. I’m thinking the 12-year-old has already achieved more than habitual masturbaters on mom’s couch, lame surfing club, are likely to achieve in their whole entire lives.

    1. Hahahaha! Yes, she has won, and so have her awesome parents by raising a kid with an iron spine.

    1. Yes, but if you jack with our children you’ll have to penetrate the ranks to get there, and you won’t necessarily be repelled with love.

  4. On Next Door LBBOMC, I mean Lunada Bay there is a discussion going on titled “Ridiculous placement!!! 3ft. It’s the law signs” with 128 replies. Love to know what the LBBOMC are discussing.

    1. Here’s what they aren’t discussing: “How can we all publicly admit that we attack children?”

        1. It’s like wading through a thousand yards of shit to get a single kernel of corn.

  5. Michelle Landes

    So brave hope she is rising above with her head held high!! ❤️🙅🏼

  6. About the police dept that has been lackluster in going after the surfer gang: The federal lawsuit brings the feds into the picture. The PD needs to take note of what the LACO Sheriff’s Dept has been going through after messing with the feds. The whole dept getting taken over for a number of years, the ex-chief now facing a second trial and a future with long jail time. This could be you.

  7. isn’t it amazing how these galvanizing moments just occur? They just can’t be planned out and you never know what the ‘audience’ will pick up on and it all just gels and momentum suddenly changes in a direction perhaps no-one ever expected.
    So awesome this came from someone so young and likely has learned of a power they never suspected they had. Pure magic.
    Thanks for sharing this Seth and thanks all who have a dog in this fight

  8. My take away from surfing is that you dont really understand what chaffed nipples are all about until you try to surf. Whatever became of the Falcon and the Snowman guy anyway?

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