The date is October 22

August 23, 2016 § 14 Comments

That’s on a Saturday. At 6:00 PM. In the brewhouse at Strand Brewing Co.

Which is in Torrance.

In California.


After that night at Naja’s where we stormed the bar during the Worthless Series, hung up Toronto’s spray-painted bedsheet and declared victory, we never thought there would be a second one. And then after the second one where the bar manager ripped us off and filled “our” patio with Ohio State and LSU fans and “someone” showed up with a 7-foot inflatable, uh, sausage (which was later seen dancing down the otherwise respectable streets of Manhattan Beach), we knew there would never be a third. Finally, after the inaugural South Bay Hall of Fame and star inductions of Tony Cruz, Nelson Vails, Marilyn Sonye, and Ted Ernst, we knew we’d never be able to top it.

And what do you know?

Now it’s Number Four.

The Fourth Annual South Bay Cycling Awards, a/k/a the “Wankies” is coming to a brewery near you. As usual, we’ll offend the shit out of three or four people. And we’ll make a dozen or so people pinkly happy when they waltz off the stage with their Wanky Award. A couple hundred others will vaguely remember having had a good time and not being arrested, all in the same night.

In any event, this is THE event. Seals will be clubbed. Wankers will be anointed. Friends will get to see each other for the first time since last year with clothes on. All grudges will be checked in at the door except for one or two I’ve been nursing and which are now full-fledged and able to eat on their own.


As usual it will be free. We’ll celebrate another year of not being @heathevans44, of not being @si_peterking, of not being @jennyvrentas, and mostly of not doing this …


… and calling it fun. (Yes, that’s the lovely physique of @heathevans44, dude who wants to run over cyclists in his car. Can you say ‘roid rage?)

This year the South Bay Cycling Awards will also serve as the launching pad for the SCNCA’s various racing honors. So after we’ve handed out all the Wanky Awards and all the SCNCA prizes, everyone will literally have gotten a ribbon. There will be no losers.

Except for @heathevans44.

See you there!



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