The Atheist Training Bible for Old Bicycle Racers, Chapter 20: Proper rest is key

I admit it.

I’m tired, tired like a worn out shoe. (*Note: In Chinese “worn out shoe” is colloquial for a prostitute, so as Knoll would say, there’s that.)

I’m not just physically tired from cycling, blogging, and blogging about cycling, but my brain is also pooped. Focusing on withholding Strava kudos has been tough this year (0 given so far), not to mention the exhausting self-recriminations that come from failing to analyze a single byte of data.

Mostly, though, I’ve been ground down by my charging schedule. Every day I’ve had to swap and recharge batteries for the rear-facing GoPro, recharge the Serfas Retinakiller, recharge the NiteRider Eyeblinder, recharge the Diablo Seizure, recharge the Cycliq Collisionwitness, and every Saturday power up the front derailleur battery and then the rear derailleur battery, and make sure that the wireless earbuds are also fully charged so that I can hear bits and pieces of Lesson 26 (“You Are Almost Becoming A China Hand”–true title) in between the howling gusts of non-CatEars-blocked-wind that chop up the recording.

When I think back on the records I didn’t keep for this past racing season, it’s clear that I rode too much, achieved too little, and was blatantly snookered out of several top-20 finishes at Telo, including the infamous lap-cheating incident that resulted in me getting into an argument with a person posing as a dog on Faceboook.

But there are more indicia that it’s time for a break. Death threats from the Lunada Bay Boys on Mom’s Couch, Molotov cocktails lobbed into the apartment swimming pool, and suspicious packages covered with white powder have gotten me down, not to mention having to listen to angry Crest residents complain about “domestics” getting their windshields broken by the heads and bodies of oncoming cyclists.

Fortunately, now is the perfect time to rest and I began my off-season on Wednesday, coinciding with a viral infection that has kept me prone and covered in funny-looking sores. During this time I’ve been able to plot the perfect off-season schedule. If you’re suffering from burnout, take a look and feel free to copy if you want to. It may be just what the witch doctor ordered.

  1. Wednesday: Sleep. Eat ice cream. Light 1-hr. spin on the trainer for off-season recovery.
  2. Thursday: Sleep. More ice cream. Make a special energy shake with peanut butter, almonds, milk, raw eggs, cocoa powder, and bananas. Run to bathroom. Light 1.5-hr. spin on the trainer for off-season recovery. Run back to bathroom. blender_food_2
  3. Friday: Get up at 5:00 to prepare for 5:30 AM German lesson with Silke. Learn the different ways they say “whipping cream” in Austria. Moderate 2-hr. spin on the trainer for off-season recovery.
  4. Saturday: Attend Swami’s ride as team soigneur. Drink coffee. Read confusing articles about Chinese grammar, in English. Alternate light-medium-intense 2.5-hr. session on the trainer, conclude with 30-min. cooldown for off-season recovery.
  5. Sunday: Birdwatching + coffee. 3-hr. session on the trainer. Easy except for last 115 minutes, spin at the beginning for off-season recovery.
  6. Monday: Holiday Ride. Full gas, 3.5-hr. cool down for off-season recovery.
  7. Tuesday: NPR. 2-min. intervals x 30, light 4-hr. spin on the trainer for off-season recovery.
  8. Wednesday: Return to normal race preparation of 18+ hrs./week profamateur full-gas training schedule + intervals, sprunt workouts, long distance/high intensity mileage.

I’m already feeling pretty rejuvenated and it’s only Friday. Take a page from the training Bible and pray. Hard.



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27 thoughts on “The Atheist Training Bible for Old Bicycle Racers, Chapter 20: Proper rest is key”

    1. I don’t actually have a trainer, but I imagine that if I had one I’d really be super dedicated to it and stuff.

        1. It’s actually a Fly 12, the front camera. I should do a detailed review. It works fine, no complaints at all.

  1. Spending quality time indoors…on the trainer? Sounds like the punishment is just beginning.

  2. I had to stop and go to Cat Ears to fine out what the heck. I love how Cat-Ears trademarked (uh-huh) the terms “Classic,” “Tour,” “Pro,” and “Elite.” The noise reduction is actually an excellent idea but they look so dorky I couldn’t.

    1. I am only coming down to scrape up the bits and pieces of LA riders who think that because they got 15th at Telo they are now ready to smash San Diego’s finest. Plus, it’s my off season weekend so I have to rest my legs for the remaining 363.25 days of the year on which I plan to do intervals + tempo + sprints + weightlifting + climbing repeats. Plus LSD.

  3. I think it was you(Friday around 11:00) who I watched from a cross street rocket by at race pace so I don’t believe a word of the above. “It’s all true except the parts that are not” Right?

    1. Not me. I’ve been in retirement since Wednesday. The only thing I was doing at 11:00 AM this morning was working.

  4. I’ve heard cyclocross is a wonderful way to rest/recover/rejuvenate from a stressful CBR summer schedule. Who needs day spa when you can have SoCalCross 😉

    1. Yes, it is slow-paced, easy, non-competitive, and relaxing. Most crossers do three or four races to make sure they get enough exercise.

      1. Yep one short step away from the looney bin (but much better for your anaerobic development)

  5. Glad you are getting some well deserved off season rest. Perfect timing given the open sores in umentionable spots, death threats, and UPS packages full of white powder residue. I hear some places go hard year round. That would really suck.

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