September 7 at 7:30 PM

September 6, 2016 § 22 Comments

There will be a traffic safety committee meeting at the Palos Verdes Estates city hall tomorrow at 7:30 PM. The traffic safety committee has recommended that the city install six signs that say “Bikes May Use Full Lane.” The full agenda is here; the address is 340 Palos Verdes Drive West, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274.

Sounds like glacial change that couldn’t possibly be controversial.

However, a handful of NIMBYs think that this is outrageous and will spoil the peninsula. So, in typical NIMBY fashion, they have cobbled together a petition that urges the city to delay putting up Bikes May Use Full Lane signage even though such signage has been approved by the city’s traffic safety commission and is completely legal. I’ve heard but can’t confirm that there is also a petition to limit cyclist usage of certain sections of public roads. This isn’t on the agenda, but we’ll see at the meeting if that’s in fact what some of the NIMBYs are advocating. I won’t urge you to show up and make your voice heard. Everyone has their own to-do list. Families, kids, jobs, fantasy football, and the all-important rest time for the next big group ride. I get it.

But for those who think that democracy only happens when people show up, please take a few hours out of your lives to help the traffic safety committee do what it already knows is the right thing to do.

And the right thing to do, as a very first step, is to install signage that will encourage motorists not to behave like this 14-carat asshole driving in Palos Verdes Estates who almost killed one cyclist and almost injured many more yesterday:



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  • We’re lucky to have you and the Big Orange folks out there. Appreciate the advocacy on behalf of all of us.

    • fsethd says:

      Thanks. The NIMBYs have an awesome flyer that totally trashes me and this blog. Anonymously of course! So pro and civic-minded, from stem to stern.

      • channel_zero says:

        Pics or it didn’t happen 🙂

        I love local politics. It provides endless insight into how people view the world. That’s entertainment!

  • BC says:

    Two agenda items: Old business #2 is BMUFL signs. We are FOR the City Staff’s recommendation that is supported by 5-0 votes from the TSC and CC. Don’t stress about the locations. #5 is the Roadway Safety Master Plan. We are FOR continuing with the plan, simple as that. Thank the TSC and PVEPD for their time. SHORT (30 second) speeches are good. Silently sitting doesn’t count.

    Be nice. Our opposition is led by 1) Mr. Lunada Bay Boy himself, Mr. Darwin-will-take-care-of-cyclists, and 2) The Unnos, who use the phrase “Ensure the quality of life in PV” and desperately encourage the City to illegally ban bikes, but have no problem whatsoever driving on the streets of your city.

  • Trish Bakst says:

    PV is far far away from the west side on a weekday, rush hour evening. And I work in Encino. But I have it on my calendar and will make the effort to be there if my work skedge will allow for it.

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  • gcziko says:

    Sounds like a job for Signage Dude.

  • How much clearance do you think the cyclist has if you stop frame the viedo at 1:08?

    • TomH says:

      The typical “action cam” wide angle lens distorts distances at close range, and objects are _MUCH_ closer than they appear.

      The car is likely less than 2 feet from cyclist seen in video, and the cyclist with rear-facing camera was probably within 1 ft :-O

      The wind from a 40 mph car at 1 ft distance could easily toss a cyclist under the wheels. I takes a good amount of bike skill to stay upright in those conditions.

      • fsethd says:


      • Sausage™ says:

        You should see Tommy’s reaction (the rider on the yellow bike behind me) when the car came by. It gives you a pretty darn good idea how close that car came. I still have the source file and will upload soon.

      • Sausage™ says:

        Oh and I misspoke in the video (I was a little frazzled). The car was going way faster than 40mph. We were doing about 38mph when the car passed us. See, Strava is good for something after all!

  • kimfue says:

    I’m down in the LAX area tomorrow so I’ll do my best to make the meeting.

    Kim Fuess

  • sibex9591 says:

    Good Luck. I am sure the council will do the right thing.

  • Kris Hull says:

    Even if you don’t get the signs, you can still wear the shirt: (I don’t really make any money on these, it all goes to the company that prints them)

  • Serge Issakov says:

    During my the pass a car in the oncoming lane goes by!

  • […] Cycling in the South Bay’s Seth Davidson urges everyone to come out to support bike safety efforts in NIMBY haven Palos Verdes Estates at tonight’s Traffic Safety Committee meeting. […]

  • Edwin says:

    In case anyone somehow missed this:


    Sky apologized.

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