Sunny day up

Today was a sunny day.

In the morning I rode my bicycle.

I went on the NPR. It is what some NIMBYs in Rancho Palos Verdes call an “organic ride.” I did not see any pesticides.

Some people went very fast. Roberto, Evens, Steinhafel, Eric A., Head Down James, Davy and etc.

Some people went very slow.

Most people went so-so.

It was a lot of fun.

On the way to the coffee shop Eric flatted. We stopped to help, which means we stood around and cracked jokes.

Then Major Bob flatted. More jokes and etc.

At the coffee shop Major Bob bought me an iced coffee.

I drank it quickly because I was hot.

It tasted really good.

I chatted with Lisa and Michelle and Jay and Matt. They were happy and smiling. Everyone was smiling. No one was mad. We laughed about handcuffs and spitwad battles and the back seat of a cop car.

Then I rode home with some friends. Ramon, Christian, Greg, and I pedaled up the hill.

On Basswood I got a flat.

Greg changed it quickly for me, he is super fast, and a few more jokes were cracked.

I came back to my apartment and took a shower.

Then I ate some eggs.

They were sunny side up, too.



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7 thoughts on “Sunny day up”

    1. It’s just as much fun when you’ve been lying about training and racing for 34 years, as have I.

  1. Nice.

    Though my broken ass is healing nicely, my broken clavicle isn’t and I’ve started P.T. which is good and makes it hurt less.

    Later on, I’m going to do something that is against all that is holy and ride on a trainer. I found out something, riding the un-holiest of unholy’s after not being on a bike for a month, made me very happy.

    To further blaspheme, I will be riding around in an imaginary world, which I have to admit makes riding the UHOUH a lot more fun after the initial joy of pedaling again fades away.

    Bummer about the flats, glad you are lucky enough to surround yourself with people more competent than yourself, so you did get your hands dirty.

    Dreaming of the day the wind in my face isn’t coming from a fan.

  2. Were there.goat heads in all the tires? Lotsbof flats. It’s goathead season. The city can be asked to sweep the road. If it is a city they can be great and get right on it. Better if they destroy those suckers for good. Bike shops love goat heads.

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