Double header crazypants

On Monday night there was a traffic safety committee meeting held by the city of Rancho Palos Verdes. You think committee meetings are boring?

This one wasn’t.

It featured a guy who began by complaining about people taking pictures. The chair told him he was “out of order” which is nice speak for “shut the fuck up” and informed him that it was a public meeting, open to the public, held for the public, and publicly regulated under the Brown Act, which publicly regulates public meetings.

The guy was not mollified by the law because he was part of a contingent who demanded that the city put up signs saying “Bikes Must Ride Single File.” No matter that this isn’t the law, and no matter that the California Vehicle Code doesn’t prohibit riding two abreast, no matter that the committee has given extensive, detailed PowerPoint presentations on CVC 21202(a) and its exceptions, and no matter that the most fundamental principle of statutory construction is that the law permits everything that is not specifically prohibited.

In Rancho Palos Verdes these NIMBYs had come to the meeting to advise what they thought the law should be and to demand that the city put it on a sign. Right? Because after inventing a few new anti-bike provisions for the vehicle code they could follow it with signs that said, “No poor people,” “No Torranceites,” “No San Pedroians,” and of course “No people whose last names end in a vowel.”

It was clear that, having bought a second-hand home with an ugly garage on top of a hill and surrounding the whole faux estate with an iron gate and guard shack, this guy thought that the public meetings were private, too, and no amount of explaining that the meeting was “public” seemed to have any effect on him at all.

Because polysyllabic words and laws and facts kept getting in the way of his opinions, the guy followed up his outburst a few minutes later by showing the middle finger at what appeared to be the committee. When the sheriff’s deputy came over and told him he couldn’t flip off the committee, he told the deputy that he hadn’t been flipping off them, he’d been flipping off … me. For taking pictures.

I hadn’t said a word the entire meeting and when I looked back he threw a fleck of paper at me while raising his middle finger again for emphasis. There I was, back in Third Grade with the classroom bully showing me the finger, throwing spitballs, and daring the teacher to get on with her job. If you think it’s extraordinary that a grown man would go to a public meeting and show his contempt for public participation by flipping people off and flinging flecks of paper at his imagined enemies, you need to come to one of these meetings.

But what’s more extraordinary is that the very people who flipped us off, threw things, and booed Delia Park at the previous meeting when she described the catastrophic injuries of a friend belong to the same anti-bike contingent that opened the meeting with an appeal for civility and made pointed complaints about the militant biker bullies–never mind that not a single cyclist in any public meeting has insulted, attacked, threatened, or made an obscene gesture to anyone ever, and never mind that several cyclists began by thanking the committee for their efforts.

One first-time biker attendee later commented that “I thought you were exaggerating, Seth, but these people really are batshit fucking crazy.”

The discussion point of the meeting was colossally stupid. A handful of NIMBYs on Crest Road were seeking to apply the city’s event permitting ordinance to “organic” groups of ten or more cyclists. Unable to understand the law’s intent–regulation of large events that had a significant impact on the public right of way–these folks yammered on endlessly about how the law should be applied to local, unorganized, organic bike rides.

Under the ingenuous pretense of “safety,” though none of them had consulted any of the cycling groups whose safety is most imperiled in traffic collisions, and after having a prior petition to ban cyclists from the roadway being unceremoniously booted due to its patent illegality, they were now trying to regulate unorganized group bike rides in the hope it would make things somehow more orderly, i.e. get rid of bikes. When I asked one of the NIMBYs whether or not he would attend a free Cycling Savvy course to get educated about the law from the cyclist’s perspective, he told me he was “too busy” because he “had a 16-year-old who was just getting his driver license.”

Well, of course! No responsible father with a new young male driver in the family would possibly be able to make time to go learn the law and safe traffic skills that have to do with cyclists, especially the cyclists who allegedly cause so many traffic problems up on Rancho Palos Verdes Estates Wish We Were Palos Verdes Estates Crest Road.

The details of the ordinance appeared irrelevant to many of the NIMBYs, the main “detail” being no detail at all but rather its most salient feature: The ordinance specifically applies to “organized” events. Speaker after speaker on the cyclists’ side tried in vain to explain to the waxed-in brains of the NIMBYs that THERE IS NO ORGANIZER FOR THE DONUT RIDE. But they either didn’t understand, wouldn’t understand, or couldn’t understand.

It’s true that you can’t fix stupid, but in this case you couldn’t even shut it up. The committee, obviously perplexed by having to deal with something that made no sense at all, referred it for further “study by staff.” This will presumably involve someone sitting in a lawn chair watching groups of cyclists go by at 25 mph and trying to determine if they’re “organized” or “in a group” or “ten or more.” One fool suggested that group riders be required to ride with identifying stickers, a great idea that was used with much success in the late 1930’s.

A cyclist speaker offered the NIMBYs a thousand bucks if they could find the organizer of the Donut Ride, which one of the crazypants asserted was any person who mentioned it on their web site. Kind of like, you know, how you’re an organizer of the Super Bowl when you note on your blog its location, date, time, and the teams who are playing.

Almost three and a half hours later the meeting adjourned, but not before one guy spent several minutes complaining about committee member David Kramer’s “conflict of interest” because in addition to his duties as a committee member he was formerly an officer of Big Orange. We’ll set aside for a minute the fact that nothing on the agenda affects Big Orange as a club at all, another detail that didn’t matter because it so obviously contradicted this guy’s attack.

Lacking any ability to understand that Big Orange doesn’t have a single organized ride in RPV, and unable to do anything other than wave tax returns and Secretary of State filings, this bonehead repeatedly insisted that Kramer “recuse” himself.

Kramer repeated, as he always does, that the committee makes no decisions (ergo there’s nothing to be recused from), that all committee recommendations must be voted on by the city council which has the power to accept, reject or modify anything done by the committee, that the committee acts in a volunteer advisory capacity only, and that his activities as a cyclist have long been public, but the NIMBY didn’t care. All that the NIMBY could grasp is that Kramer is a cyclist, Kramer belongs to Big Orange, therefore Kramer has a conflict of interest. Of course with NIMBY logic, all of the motorists would have to recuse themselves from the committee, too, since no motorist could possibly be expected to be neutral on issues that affected cars. But in an absence of understanding and in a surfeit of ignorance, facts meant little, and one of the NIMBYs assured me outside the building that a lawsuit would be brought to remove Kramer from the committee.

“You’re not going to like that,” he said. I could only hope that he retained a very expensive lawyer with a huge, nonrefundable retainer.

In line with the NIMBY hatred of cyclists on Crest, riders recently reported a white Toyota Corolla buzzing, honking at, and harassing cyclists going up Crest in, surprise, single file. It’s hard to understand what they meant by civility, except perhaps this: Please shut up and go away from RPV.

The next day was Tuesday. I mentally flushed out the cremains of the night before with a good bike ride, one of those organic rides without a leader or promoter that’s been going on for over 30 years, and that evening I was back at another city meeting to witness another series of mindless assaults on cycling. This one was at Palos Verdes Estates.

At the end of the meeting I was accosted by a guy who claimed to be “Frank Ponce” and who “wanted to talk” to me. Imagine a pudgy bully whose hairpiece has been dipped in a bucket of chiGrecian Formula, clad in a two-for-one suit from Men’s Wearhouse, wearing an imitation of a fake Swiss watch and looking like he wanted to kill you.

Then imagine another guy, larger, blobbier, dumber looking (possible? yes!) who was also wearing a sandwich board with my picture on it and the caption “This Clown Wants More Signs.”

This clever fellow had discovered a picture that was on my web site and was now going to expose me as an advocate for bike signage. Plus he was going to call me a clown. Unfortunately, Mom’s allowance must have been a bit on the low side because the construction of the sign had the quality you normally associate with a cardboard roof used by a homeless person to cover his shopping cart.

How a person can strap on a homemade sign and duck-waddle around in public while calling someone else a clown is a metaphor for the wholesale absence of reflection, perspective, or self-awareness that the bike haters displayed at every turn. I was waiting for the Sandwich Clown to ask for gas money since Mom had perhaps kicked him off the couch for the evening, the best explanation for him even being out of the house.

Upon leaving the parking lot, Mr. Men’s Wearhouse, still furious that none of the cyclists would engage with him or take him up on his unspoken offers of a duel using tubes of Rogaine, taunted me as I walked by. Rumor has it that the fake watch consortium is going to set the wheels in motion to “revoke my law license.” It will be fascinating to watch the $99 suits tangle with even more words, rules, laws, and procedures, seeing as they still haven’t been able to read and understand CVC 21202(a) and its exceptions. Imagine their surprise when someone tries to draw them a stick-figure diagram of what an anti-SLAPP motion is and what attorney fee sanctions look like.

As I left the parking lot, catcalls ringing in my ears, it occurred to me that there it was again! Third Grade! Another flaccid wanker thinking that no one could possibly resist the idea of jumping into a verbal sewer with him. I kept walking, slightly pleased that with so little effort I’d taken up permanent residence into such a small and sand-filled head. And best of all, I was staying there rent-free.

The PVE City Council meeting itself was something of a clusterfuck. Because the council had seen the large turnout of cyclists in past meetings and been inundated by NIMBY emails complaining about outsiders/flatlanders/transients influencing their special snowflake on the hill, they sought to do an end-run by moving the time from 5:30 to 7:30 in order to conduct a workshop on traffic safety. It was never articulated as such, but the idea seemed to be to wear down the cyclists with an earlier meeting that would cut off speaking times. The plan only half-worked because the fire marshal had to stop people from entering after the room filled to capacity with cyclists.

While the tiny Men’s Wearhouse contingent had vociferously sought to rally the anti-cycling troops for the meeting, the packed-to-capacity council chambers were filled predominantly with cyclists. When asked to stand if they supported BMUFL signage, only a smattering of the 90+ attendees remained seated. If the plan had been to get all the concerned PVE residents out in force, it worked, because the meeting showed what we’ve known all along: Most residents don’t give two ratfucks about five new BMUFL signs and the only ones who oppose them are either still subsidized by Mom or are retired or are woefully underemployed or all three.

The workshop, although ostensibly held to educate the council as to this “complex” issue of four signs, seemed in fact to be Traffic Safety Principles 101 for the Completely Clueless NIMBYs. It was a rehash of many, many presentations I’ve heard in bits and pieces from the city’s traffic engineer, and it was all politespeak for “These BMUFL signs are legal, you dumbshits.”

But the problem was this: If the NIMBYs were so thick-headed that they couldn’t understand CVC 21202(a), and if they were so pig-headed that they refused to recognized the legality of BMUFL, how in the world was the workshop going to educate them about something as complex as “basic principles of traffic engineering”? Their go-to guy was a stooge in a sandwich board and a sub-literate, flabby realtor in a cheap suit whose Linked-In profile picture reminds me of a hubcap thief from the 1920’s. These people were going to be “educated” about engineering and the law?

No. They were not.

It was like having a civil rights lawyer address a group of Trump supporters on the illegality of segregation.

Civil rights lawyer: “Segregation is illegal.”

Trumpers: “But we hate black people.”

CRL: “It’s still illegal.”

Trumpers: “No, it isn’t.”

CRL: “Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954).”

Trumpers: “Can we change the law just for here? PVE is unique!”

CRL: “No. It’s the supreme law of the land and codified in numerous federal and state laws and the California Constitution.”

Trumpers: “We still hate black people. We still hate integration. We love segregation. We don’t understand why we can’t have it. We grew up with it. And we’ve lived here since 1984.”

The part of the workshop that did work was that it promptly concluded at 7:30, before even a fraction of the cyclists had gotten to speak out in favor of BMUFL signage. This served the city and the NIMBYs’ agenda perfectly: It delayed the decision on the signs even further, it forced the cyclists to come back again (and again and possibly again), and it let the BMUFL advocates know that the city wasn’t going to easily and quickly fold to the recommendations of its own attorney, traffic engineer, safety committee, and what one NIMBY at the last traffic committee meeting referred to as “transients.”

The other part of the workshop that worked out exquisitely for the NIMBYs was that the latter half of the workshop degenerated into “cyclists running stop signs.” No matter how many times the police say they have limited resources, no matter how many times people point out that stop sign violations are equal among cars and bikes, and no matter how many times people point out that stop sign violations have nothing at all to do with BMUFL signage, once the Dreaded Stop Sign Issue is raised, everything goes running down into the gutter.

It’s as if you convened a meeting to discuss space travel and no one could stop talking about stop signs.

Bike Advocate: “BMUFL signage is legal and saves lives.”

Men’s Wearhouse: “Bikes run stop signs!”

Bike Advocate: “So do motorists but that’s not the issue.”

Men’s Wearhouse: “Bikes run stop signs!”

Bike Advocate: “Yes, but today we’re here to discuss BMUFL signage.”

Men’s Wearhouse: “Norm is videotaping all the scofflaw bikers running stop signs!”

Bike Advocate: “Yes, we’ve seen samples of the high quality videos made by Mom’s Couch Productions. But today we’re here to discuss BMUFL signage, how it’s legal, recommended by the city engineer, and how it saves lives according the the NIH.”

Men’s Wearhouse: “Blobbly Bob is going to make another sandwich board showing bikers running stop signs!”

Bike Advocate: “I hope it’s a wide one.”



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44 thoughts on “Double header crazypants”

  1. Awesome write up, Seth. I wish I lived closer. Thank you to you and every single person that showed up for the cyclists. Rooting for you!

    1. I’ll settle for a cold glass of craft water. Every time I listen to these people hate on cyclists and show disrespect for human life, or think about whether I want to wander into their crosshairs again, I think about you.

      Which makes it easy.

  2. I got there late and got turned away…I continued south and went all the way home. Stopped in Oceanside to eat at Hello Betty! (a great restaurant) I rode this morning, being “retired” and all….also, I am so fat (“blobby”) that I can fit BMUFL in big ol’ print on my jersey. I don’t go real fast, though, but then that’s a good thing because all the rednecks can read my jersey.
    If you need a mole, I bet I can pass for a NIMBY and infiltrate/record all of their private meetings. I hate cheap suits, though….it’s either the designer shit or relax time in t-shirts and shorts.
    Jan sez “Hi!”
    Honey and Lucky say “Woof!”

    1. The hallway people stood there until 7:30, when it adjourned. Then we all went out for a beer. I craft-watered. Text me next time!! I won’t let you get away so easily.

        1. The NIMBYs are now claiming that it was a hostile environment and they were either a) afraid to come or b) they were intimidated while there.

          Yeah, intimidated because they want to take away our right to use the roads and because instead of battling it out on social media we actually show up.

  3. Amazing. I heard, with my own ears that Seth and BearClaw are considered bullies. I guess i’m going to have to look that word up…maybe i’ve been using it wrong. We’re happy. We LOVE PV. No anger, no throwing of paper bits…
    Wait…I thought the sandwich sign guy was on the cyclists side!!!..No??? I’d wear that sign proudly!!

    1. To the NextDoor folks reading this… we totally get that 99.9% of you are fine folks that want to get home safely just like us. Remember this is a tongue in check blog. We’d love to ride with you. You’ll find we have much in common. The reason these signs are so critical is that a select few residents simply enjoy intimidating us in the safety of their cars. The problem is that when this happens, the cyclist will always lose. We’ve got families that depend on us just like you. And we’ve made it crystal clear at every meeting in almost every speech that PVEPD has our full support when equally enforcing vehicular law. As a resident, I am totally with you that vehicles (cars and bikes) flagrantly running stop signs is a problem. But the issue before us now is how best to protect the legal users of our public streets. Come ride with us and reject yet negativity and lies on NextDoor. You’ll have a wonderful time and be welcomed!

  4. Your 3rd grade analogy isn’t accurate– If you showed up wearing a sandwich board sign in the 3rd grade, you got your *ss kicked. As someone else said, thank you for fighting the good fight!

    1. That guy with the sign

      I never wore a sandwich board sign in the 3rd grade so far as I can remember however after Tuesday night’s meeting my *ss was perfectly in tact.


      1. That’s because there were no violent cyclists at the meeting, and everyone respected your First Amendment right to stand there like a clod and look like a complete and utter fool. You entertained Facebook more than you will ever know.

        We did, however, have certain intimated invitations to “settle it like men” a/k/a “children,” and I’m happy to say that not a single cyclist engaged. I got to savor the taunts of Mr. Men’s Wearhouse, whose idea of intelligent discourse was yelling from the parking lot.

        This is the beautiful thing about free speech. It allows people with cheap signboards and groundless opinions to show up in public and look like complete idiots without any fear of being beaten, attacked, assaulted, or even insulted. It would be nice if the bike haters from RPV would also get the memo, but hey–reading is hard when you’re glued to the couch-TV combo 24/7 and when you’ve been raised to believe that your opinions are facts.

        And don’t be so afraid to use your name when you post. You’ll feel better about yourself, and you won’t get blocked.

  5. That guy with the sign

    “…instead of battling it out on social media we actually show up.”

    I showed up. I showed up with your ugly mug on a sign. Nobody seemed to want to ‘battle’ anything out with me. Least of all you. I almost got you mixed up with a church mouse. Come to think of it… not one single tampon holster said one word to me even though I stood in the hall surrounded by silky smooth twiggy legs for the duration of the meeting. Only then to have every other two wheeled wanker walk past me after the meeting. Eyes fixed on the sign yet nary a word be spoken. Oh sure there were a couple head shakes of disagreement but apparently no love for the spoken language. Wait a second! I stand corrected. ONE person did point to the sign and proclaim “Ahh.. c’mon… that’s not right”.

    It was a female.

    As for being larger, blobbier (is that a word?) and dumber well I guess 215 lbs at 15% bf would seem “blobbier” to a person that looks as if they might blow away in a stiff breeze. So I’ll give you that one. The bigger you nailed on the head. As for dumber… well.. once again you have lived up to my expectation of you with big talk from behind the computer screen. It’s so easy here isn’t it? Not so easy when you and your little sissy boyfriend Pussyclaugh have to actually see it in the flesh. What were we talking about? Oh yes… me big dumb guy. Many moons ago when I actually got IQ tested I scored a 142. I’ll leave that there.

    As for “moms couch” (an apparent favorite saying of yours regardless of whom you’re making assumptions) I can’t remember the last time I was on it. I’ve got a much bigger one in my much bigger house up on the hill. I would think that a guy that attended the currently ranked 15 law school would have more smarts than to assume such emboldened stupidity. Perhaps if you had attended and graduated the current number 8 school in the top 95th percentile you wouldn’t be in an apartment with so much time on your hands to write tough guy stuff online. I really was surprised to see that by the way. Good job Seth. University of Texas? I figured you for a top 50 guy… maybe. Again… kudos. (I really mean that)

    A couple other very nice gentlemen that I DID get a chance to speak with afterwards were Greg (Leibert?) and some other guy from MB wearing a suit and orange tie. Very down to earth dudes. Of course Greg denied any knowledge of Pussyclaugh’s online threats against local citizens but that’s ok. I didn’t expect different. Nice guy’s both.

    Well I guess I’ll wrap up. After all this is your insignificant blog not mine. In closing I will say this. In another life, you and even Barroclough actually seem like a couple a ok fellas. Well not Barroclough he’s a pussy. But you do. I know I know.. but don’t let it go to your head. It’s already quite large given your virtue for online drivel.

    Ride safe!

    1. Jack from Illinois (not my real name)

      You are a handsome and delightful man. Your sandwich board is very photogenic, too. I salute you sandwich man. You are huge in southern Illinois.

    2. Very sad to hear the NextDoor crowd spreading and falling for lies about intimidation. Let me know when you run across the Aug 8 ND note from the ND admin about a certain user posting a video of my daughter. I believe my “threat” went something like, “Go to hell. I hope you have the guts to attend the next council meeting so I can call you out publicly as the complete pervert you are.” Realtor boy simply thought posting videos about minor children was “voicing opinions”. Pretty sick, really. At the time, I was unaware of the ND issues around certain Bay Boys owning / renting multiple homes and therefore using multiple aliases to rile up the crowd. Realtor Boy’s problem is that he’s made it clear that the threat was apparently directed at him; but if true this simply confirms the multiple alias issue. Which is a problem, so more lies are spread to obfuscate the issue. Too bad NextDoor has turned into a sewer. You did make us chuckle, but please stop posting those signs around PVDW; it kinda defeats the purpose of the “too many signs” issue. You should come ride with us. We are all a little off kilter, you’d fit right in.

      1. Hey, I’ve also invited him to a ride. He’d fucking love it. You know how I know? Multiple comments on Ye Olde Blogge. That’s a dead ringer for someone who down deep wants to be like us but hasn’t yet gotten his head around wearing underwear in public and being a dork–although he does have the dork thing nailed from the sandwich board perspective.

        I think our next line of approach to all these NIMBYs should be: “Let’s go for a ride!”

        They’ll love us!

    3. Hmmm. Somehow this one escaped me and I answered your other signbrag post first.

      There’s a lot here to respond to, so let’s start with this:

      1. If you showed up Tuesday night looking for a fistfight or physical altercation, you really are a tool. No one on this blog has ever made a physical threat to anyone, ever. I don’t walk away from fistfights, I run. This is the first time I’ve ever seen you at any meeting. Kudos for getting up the gumption to come to one; I know I’ve never heard you speak. That’s what courage is, in my opinion, not challenging people to playground punch ’em ups. And if it will make you feel better, I’ll go ahead and grant you the victory in your fantasy fistfight. Let’s see you formulate an articulate argument and present it in a democratic forum to move the ball forward. That’s being a tough guy because it takes time, effort, and dedication.
      2. If you wanted a conversation, you must have been doing it with telepathy. I’m not in the habit of approaching crazy people with sandwich boards bearing my likeness, but that’s just me. Nor are most other people. Maybe beneath the sign you could have added, “I just want to talk to you. Not a tinfoil crazypants. Really.”
      3. There are going to be a whole bunch more meetings and I’ll be at most of them. Email me at to let me know when you’re coming and if it’s a conversation about BMUFL signage you want to have, you’ll find me ready and willing to have it. If you want to draw me into a fistfight, I’ll decline. Anyone who’s afraid to come to a public meeting because they think I’m violent or a fighter is a complete fucking idiot. I couldn’t punch my way out of the shower and that’s fine with me.
      4. Sorry you didn’t like the Mom’s couch comments. I guess humor isn’t your bag, but you gotta admit that nothing resonates more with people familiar with PV than middle-aged lunks whose only smart decision was choosing their parents. I think your comments about UT are almost funny, except they’re off the mark because you mistakenly think I’m proud of it. The school is a shit hole and how it’s ranked in the top 1,000 is beyond me. Also, almost funny crack about the apartment thing, but again you wrongly think I’m embarrassed by it. Yep, that’s where I live. Not even a little ashamed at not being rich and working for a living and renting. I’ve also only got one car. Hope that makes you feel bigger and better because we all know that the more money you have, the better you are in life. Wait a minute, actually that’s not true. Money really doesn’t buy happiness, cf. Beatles. But it’s funny that at age 60 or whatever you are, you’re still hung up on school pedigrees and GPA’s. No one gives a fuck; I know I don’t.
      5. You’ll understand that for a 142 IQ — kind of weird that you’d be that insecure to go and have someone tell you how smart you are — standing around like a mute moron with a homemade signboard kind of signals to people that you’re pretty much the opposite of clever. But appearances are often deceiving, and FYI, if you’re going to impress us with your huge IQ you need to start off with proper grammar and punctuation when you write. Otherwise you just look dumb. And I’m not saying you are dumb, by the way, just making fun of your need to tell us how smart you are.
      6. Yes, I’m an all right guy. So is Michael. So are you. Everyone’s okay, buddy, even Mr. Men’s Wearhouse and the NIMBYs of the Special Snowflake Town on the Hill. But you know what? It’s not enough to be an all right guy, or to have a big house or to have a 142 IQ or to shave your arms. You have to also stand for the right things or at least be willing to discuss them, as in this case, using facts and law. If you want to be more than an all right guy, why not set forth your 142 IQ analysis of why BMUFL signage is inconsistent with the law? Why it shouldn’t be done to help vulnerable road users, a/k/a cyclists? Why it’s not incumbent on 215-lb. guys in big cars to slow the fuck down and take care for our lives? The reasons articulated on your sign board aren’t convincing. The reasons articulated by Garrett Uno and Cynthia Zaragosa aren’t convincing. The babble spewed forth at the RPV meeting on Monday aren’t convincing. Maybe you could turn on the brainpower and show us the error of our ways? Because until you do, it’s just posturing. We’re on the right side of law, fact, and morality. And that’s not something that gets ceded to you just because you lift more weights.

      See? I’m engaging you. I’m ready to talk. But you gotta promise not to beat me up. Maybe we could even do it on a bike ride and you could either see it from our perspective or better yet give me some riding pointers.

      Finally finally … thank you for reading!

  6. I’m gonna go and break into that guy’s house and steal that sandwich board.

    That sandwich board belongs in your family history archives.

  7. Oh, man do I love local politics. All this acrimony over a few signs. Loved the hostile guest post. If you made it into a movie, no one would believe it.

    Pro tip: don’t take the bait and respond with such a high word count. Not only is it time consuming, it doesn’t help.

    1. Their weak spot is references to Mom’s couch, or as in Sandwich Man’s case, Mom’s Inherited Couch May She Rest in Peace. My weak spot is even a semblance of an ephemeral hint of a vague suggestion that their might be a real person behind the shaved arms and playground dares.


  8. I commend all of you for going to bat for all cyclists. It seems like a LOT of shit to go through just so people obey the laws and stop mowing down cyclists.

    We here in Southern Maryland have to deal with our own breed of Brain Dead Booger Heads, but it seems that you all out there have a much higher density of them than we do.

    I just take it for granted that we have BMUFL and Share the Road signs all over the place.

    1. We identified part of the problem as basic illiteracy. Thank you for giving such a fitting name to the other half of the equation, brain dead booger headism. It is awesome.

  9. Does “That guy with the sign” know that folks train, ride and race their asses off for years to distinguish themselves on this blog. Kudos to That guy with the sign. Now all you need is a bike. You already have the nickname. I will even buy you a beer to celebrate.
    Cya out there, That guy.

  10. The bicycle is the most efficient means of transportation ever invented. Drivers need to get over their hate for cyclists running stop signs. Bicyclists have a LOT more situational awareness than automobile drivers do. There are no A-pillars, headrests, seatbelts, mufflers on a bicycle. Hundred plus horsepower engines….. When’s the last time you were texting while pedaling your bike? I never infringe on anyone’s right of way, driver or pedestrian, at a stop sign or redlight. At the most I will BLOW that stop anyway and go behind them, no harm done. And I don’t just blow thru stop signs without slowing before and checking if it’s safe to do so.
    These people that are so against cyclists need to look at their inner selves. They are most likely speeding in a 4000lb vehicle that they REALLY aren’t properly trained to handle. It’s far too easy to get a drivers license in this country. And a 40 mph speed limit up Crest Rd is WAY too high considering the couple of blind turns and diminished mental capacities of a lot of the residents of that neighborhood. Cagers need to just drive sensibly and legally and give a smile and respect for every cyclist they are fortunate to come across. And they also need to get a bicycle or 2 or 3 of their own, preferably from the Bike Palace- an independent shop that’s as OG and legit as they get. The Bike Palace has its quirks…. but they got Cannondale and Specialized-or can order it- what more does anyone need????

    1. Agree 100%. And the underlying problem is that they don’t have a bike to blow off steam. I’d buy them one but doubt they would ride it.

  11. I’m reading this in a houseful of like 50 screaming kids and people (family party), and I heard nothing for the past 10 minutes reading this and the comments. Engrossing. Sadly this makes me feel better about my everyday “battle” with drivers… It’s nothing like this where I live. I’m sorry it seems so adversarial.

    It’s so funny to me how predictable people are. Those on the wrong side of this issue (aka bullies) resort to name calling and e-wang contests. Did that guy seriously post his body fat percentage and IQ in a post about cycling safety issues? Who does that? Oh wait…guys who wear sandwich boards in public ready to get in a fist fight with the first guy who talks to him. And all this because they may be inconvenienced for upwards of 10 seconds driving home. My faith in humanity is running on fumes…

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