Or in the words of someone else …

Here’s how another writer put it:

Tired of people pulling in to the Donut peloton? Did you know there was a hit and run on PVDE last weekend? Tired of this bullshit? Then do something!

Bring lights. Wear regular clothes. Malaga Cove Fountain, 6:20PM, followed by 7:30 Council Meeting, where we will be reading verbatim a study to the council – no need to prepare remarks – everything will be provided. No need to stay for the whole meeting – read for three minutes and leave. This was the study that convinced the Traffic Safety Committee and that the City Council didn’t even bother reading it – so we will read it to them.

What do we want? The same thing we asked for this summer:
1) Residents to stop killing, maiming and intimidating cyclists
2) PVEPD enforcement of the three-foot law
3) Sharrows
4) BMUFL signs

Despite three deaths, testimony from hundreds of concerned citizens, direct threats on cyclists via NextDoor, and daily examples of unsafe driving by residents oblivious to vehicular law, City Council ignored the unanimous recommendations of City Staff and Traffic Safety Committee. They ignored science. They ignored studies. They want you to wait two years before taking action recommended by the National Institutes of Health.

PVE cyclists of all ages are the first constituency in the history of the City that has asked for common sense safety protections and been denied. Resident parents are afraid to let thier kids ride to school (367 kids at our school… one lonely bike in the bike rack). Residents are afraid to ride the streets. Myriad invitations to ride with us have been ignored by City Council, City Staff and PVEPD. PVE streets are unsafe for cyclists and anyone who thinks otherwise is in complete denial.

The City Council vote graphically demonstrates that the city does not care about cyclist safety. Question: How many tickets for violations of the Three Foot Law have ever been written in city history? Answer: Zero. Yet every day drivers drive dangerously on PVDW, endangering mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers with families who depend on them. Cyclists of all ages are scared.

The Council’s reaction: Stop signs, stop signs, stop signs. Despite nearly all cyclist testimony beginning with “We fully support PVEPD equally enforcing vehicular law.”

Residents yell “I don’t care” in the city hall parking lot when they are informed your only agenda is returning home safely. They try running you over and intimidating you. This has got to stop.

The time is now for Protest. Here’s the best part: You will simply ride as the city residents have asked: single file, complete stop at all stopsigns, foot down, use hand signals, proceed as an individual when safe. Drive your bike as if it were a car. #cvc21202.



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10 thoughts on “Or in the words of someone else …”

  1. “…as if it were a car.”

    So, phone in hand and start texting & checking facebook. Apply makeup. 😮

    Good luck and stay safe.

  2. Seth, does your cycling community [and friends thereof] have enough clout to vote these City Council members out? Maybe not all of them, but if you said “Vote for anyone but …” could that at least say “Look what we can do when we’re united; we voted this chump out … you could be next”

    1. Nope. That’s why they ignore the deaths and the overwhelming number of people who are begging for signage and sharrows. A tiny minority of voters almost always outweighs a huge number of non-voters.

  3. I ride like that all the time here in NorCal, and unless waived through stop by a car (98% of the time; they seem to appreciate that I signal and am ready to stop), I touch down and obey the law. Even cops waive me through. We are nowhere near the level of hate you have in PVE, for which I’m grateful, and if I ride like this is PVE level of hate, I’m treated mostly really well. As a woman who rides alone 95% of the time, I take all the precautions I can to protect myself.

    I will be with you all in spirit and hope that someone on the city council will get it and support you riders. That level of hate is frightening, and that the city council bows to the cagers’ whims even more so. Damn.

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