People just want to help

It turns out that even though most Palos Verdes Estates residents have no idea why we’re protesting, why we’re attending council meetings, and why we’re up in arms, other people understand exactly what’s going on.

For the record, dear PVE folks:

  1. We want five (5– that’s an integer after “4”) Bikes May Use Full Lanes signs installed per the recommendations of your traffic safety committee, traffic engineer, outside consultant, and city attorney.
  2. We want sharrows.
  3. We want enforcement of the 3-foot passing law with the same vigor you enforce stop sign violations.

Pretty simple stuff if you can read, and frankly, pretty simple stuff even if letters and words are not your forte.

Anyway, after the first climb on the Donut Ride this past Saturday, some dude was waiting at the top of Crest with actual donuts and cash. He is one of those guys who knows how to read words and stuff, and he came out in support.

But then, the double wow, as if donuts weren’t enough: $100 cash donation, which we’ll spend on pizza this coming November 8th, when we attend yet another city council meeting to help convince the PVE elected officials that they made a mistake when they voted down the signage two meetings ago.

Thanks for the support, Donuts and Cash Dude!



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23 thoughts on “People just want to help”

    1. That piece on Jobst Brandt was great! Not only do I remember that Gavia Pass poster, I have read Jobst’s wheel book a number of times just because it was so damn interesting.

  1. The Donuts and Cash Dude is Mike Piper, a longtime cyclist and all-around great guy. He raced years ago in NorCal, then in SoCal for SBW. More recently he’s been a PenCC member. He’s also a top-notch photographer.

  2. Incredible dude!

    Good thing this isn’t called the “Flog Ride”, otherwise he’d been waiting there with a whip.

    This fellow reminds me of the ex-schoolteacher who installed a water fountain in his front yard on Stunt Road just for cyclists.

  3. Arkansas Traveler

    I find that often just when you’re about to give up some kind soul like Harrison shows up to restore your faith in humanity. I love it when humans be human!

  4. Here’s a cool comment emailed to me by Mike Piper, posted with his permission:

    Hi, Seth

    Never met you. You are leading a crusade against the cagers who don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. I have lost several friends on the road. None of them have ever run stop signs. Most were hit from behind or left turns. I would like to speak at the PV meetings but I could not be as civil as others. I would be telling the city council to cover one eye and tell me how many fingers I was holding up. There is much more to say. But being I am an OF and it’s time for bed … Keep up your blog. I have shared the link with Dave Capron, Steve Lubin, Dave Brink, Sam Wall, and David Mulica. You might have not have heard of these people, but they were my best memories in the cycling world. And many more. You are a great writer and I wish I had your cycling skills and riding skills.

    Mike Piper

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