Bike leaning up against wall

Do you have bike leaning up against wall?

I do.

Different reasons for bike leaning up against wallage:

  1. Broken parts of bicycle.
  2. Bicycle fashionableness extinct.
  3. Tires of immense flatitude.
  4. Angry husbandwifeness at excessive bicycle times.
  5. Give-uppishness from falling off bike incident and resulting big fearishness.
  6. Drinky pants time interfering with happy pants bicycling time.
  7. Brokedickishness from repeated stompitude.
  8. New hobby times like hot yoga or cold fusion or sushi fusion. Or new juicer machine.
  9. Baby times with big poops, daily squawking and no sleepy times.
  10. Fuck this-ishness.
  11. Tummy growth exceeding parameters of old kit, crammed into looking sausage-like.
  12. Fact realizing of own suckiness.
  13. Cager fearishness from punishment passing and buzziness.
  14. Intensive care unit-wise.
  15. Dick City depressionism.
  16. Lazy pants sleep-in-ishness.
  17. Fun pants stay-out-too-late-ishness.
  18. Old deflationary IDGAF thinkyness.
  19. Muscular strain such as fascium buttassicus.
  20. Deadishness.


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    1. Yes, but how do you get back. A couple of months in that direction . . then the question is can you come back?

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